While Luo Yu swept away the puzzled Wei Shang, Yu Obstacle, Yoga Man, Jin Er and Yin Er one by one. "Saving Shoushan is bound to be the same as originally planned, but it needs a little change. I have Xuanlongyu who can quickly rescue Shoushan, but it will take several hours to recover …"

Ranging from los feather finish jade barrier has some surprise nasty shout a way "a few hours? Kohane, don’t you know that you can’t recover this refined gas even in January! On the way back to gas Dan quick recovery … "
See jade barrier the feeling be nasty call yourself’ kohane’ feather with a smile.
Before he finished, he interrupted, "It is very difficult to refine Dan, which is extremely rare and needs to be reserved."
Seeing this, even Jia Nan, who has always been silent in Leng Yan, is puzzled. "If you don’t return to Qi Dan, how can you restore your spiritual strength in the sea of Qian Shan?"
Los feather saw eye geometric constantly close to knot Shanhaiwei he also don’t explain.
Wake up again, Jade Barrier and others say, "Relax and don’t resist feather’s own arrangement."
Everyone is puzzled. Only Xiaofan seems to have thought of what Luoyu is going to do. It’s just that silly joy.
At this moment, Luo Yu has shouted at the four weeks, "Shan Haiwei listened to orders not to resist eye closure!"
For Luo Yu’s words, although some people are confused, they still choose to believe and close their eyes according to their words.
After all, they all know that this crisis will never be targeted, let alone make fun of everyone’s lives.
In a short time, the death guard roared like a wild animal and was about to rush to the top of the mountain, when the top of the mountain suddenly twisted.
Then several people, such as Qian Shan Haiwei and Wei Shang, disappeared without trace!
At the same time, the huge Xuanlongying has roared and soared!
Boom ~
The beaten dragon’s tail lashed the quartet like a huge iron whip, and instantly it would dare to get close to dozens of dead guards, flying dozens of feet away and being fragmented in the middle.
It hovers and flutters in the middle of the huge dragon mouth, and it has already cracked, but it still doesn’t forget to spit out, and the violent dragon has died out, and I don’t know how many roaring evil spirits have died out.
A blue figure with a pike on his shoulder and a wind scarf is proudly standing on the back of Xuanlong, hunting in the clouds and galloping away to the north.
Qian Shan ShaQi rising evil people face upwards roar intertwined like hell.
Chapter 547 Xianmen Wanxian Town Shoushan Fierce Shadow Body
Outside Zhuxian Gate
With the sudden change of the sea in Qian Shan, there is only one lonely star left in the illusion of the star map!
The situation has already shocked and eclipsed the tens of millions of monks outside Zhuxian Gate. Unbelievable!
They don’t know that the recent map shows that Qian Shan has recovered a great situation, but … will Qian Shan fall for a moment and the stars will fall one after another?
Looking at the only star left that represents the central star of Shoushan Mountain, they seem to feel that the evil clan of Mo Ling is close at hand and want to break through the fairy gate!
The array of flying ships moored in the strait is constantly changing into a long snake array.
And the front huge six pterosaurs wonderful Shui Rou is look dignified qing nine fairy said?
After the dragon ship’s deck came from Kyushu Wei Zheng, whether it was four wings or two wings was full of Kyushu Wei.
Look at this formation, it seems that it has entered the sea of Qian Shan!
Cliff Qiushui Zongsuo
Qiu Shuihuang is looking at Zhuxian Gate, which has long since disappeared. There are some explanations at the door. "Is the posture of Yanyu Pavilion to help Qian Shan?"
Elder Yi, who was half a step behind him, shook his head and vetoed, "It is impossible that even if the door is delivered again, so many monks will enter. It is suspected that the sea snow and frost in Qian Shan will make the boundary collapse!"
Qiushuihuang nodded silently.