"I heard that Su Mo is good at a secret method of dragon range. How can he know dragon Taoism?"

"More than that"
Jueying said, "The dragon doesn’t know the secret method, and this person knows it."
Zong Feiyu also came out and said, "Su Mo, a senior, also released the dragon yuan god’s occult technique in the battlefield of Shura!"
"I didn’t entangle myself from the Shura battlefield at that time, not because I was afraid, but because I realized that he was eccentric, I wanted to leave as soon as possible to report the matter to Zongmen."
The actual flying fish didn’t recognize the origin of the secret method of lamella at that time.
He was really surprised by the lamella. When he returned to Zongmen, he searched many ancient books and asked Zongmen Xianwang to really know the secret method of lamella.
Qingyang Xianwang looked moved.
The vast majority of monks naturally don’t know this yuan god hermetic.
However, as a fairy king, he has long heard about this meta-mystical method of the Dragon.
This secret method can never be released even if his race gets the cultivation method without the dragon yuan God!
So this Su Mo identity may really have some problems.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and fifty-four Search the soul
Yunzhu smiled slightly. "If you rely on a few dragon secret methods, you will find that Sumo Dragon is not too ridiculous."
"I believe that many monks in the field have mastered some secret methods of other ethnic magical powers, and even some people in my fairy domain have practiced magic methods. Are these people all aliens and magic methods?"
This truth is extremely simple.
But there is a convincing power in saying it from the fairy mouth.
The original noisy crowd gradually calmed down.
Many monks reflect that if they follow this standard, I’m afraid they will be labeled as aliens.
Feixianmen, Dajinxianguo, Yufeng Temple and other true immortals are frowning slightly and puzzled.
They are targeting Su Mo and Yun Ting Su Mo are rivals.
It stands to reason that Yun Ting and them should stand aside.
I didn’t expect Yun Ting to help Su Mo speak.
This also calculate, after all, Yun Ting small county king always scruple there is always a surprise.
But what did Xian Yunzhu say this time?
"Second brother, can you help me talk?"
Yan Yang Xian Guo Xie Qingcheng saw Su Mo trapped in several major forces and could not help but worry about Xie Lingyin secretly.
Schelling shook his head slightly without speaking.
The situation is getting better and better. Qingyang Xianwang Xian wants to stay out of it.
Among the seven major celestial forces, there is Zixuan Fairy Country, Fairy Cloud Bamboo, and Su Mo’s side for the time being.
There are three major forces in Qinxian Mengyao: Feixianmen, Dajinxianguo and Yufeng Temple. Shanhaixian Zongmufeng Zhenxian also wants to fall into the well.
This means that among the seven heavenly forces, Feixianmen, Dajinxianguo, Yufeng Temple and Shanhai Xianzong have become joint gestures!
Even if he does it here, it won’t help.
Because Qin Xian Meng Yao’s attack this time is obviously well prepared, there are more than 30 true immortals in the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen alone!
If the situation is out of control, the two sides will start to do it, and it will not be cheap here!
Moreover, although Xianyun Bamboo helps to speak, if there is a conflict, Xianyun Bamboo Root can’t have a big fight among the four major forces in a courtyard.
That is to say, the four true immortals in Gankun Academy will face dozens of true immortals such as Feixianmen, Dajinxian Kingdom, Yufeng Temple and Shanhai Xianzong!
There are also shadows, swords, spring breeze, swords, immortals, dreams, Yao, feng, zhenxian, these top real immortals.
More importantly, Xie Ling heard that Yuehua Sword Fairy seems that Su Mo is not harmonious.
If this matter really no one can protect Su Mo, it is doomed!
"This is a serious matter."
Feng Zhenxian Shen said, "It would be an insult to Shenxiao Palace if an alien was mixed into Shenxiao Fairyland and let him participate in the Tianbang Competition."
This sentence of Feng Zhenxian is even more powerful, and it will directly pull the Shenxiao Palace in!
Qingyang Xianwang’s look remains unchanged and he is still silent.
Yang Rexu said, "You have said so many things, and there is no definite evidence, but you are just guessing yourself."
Meng Yao smiled and stared at Su Mo and said slowly, "It’s not easy to want evidence. If you search his soul, the truth will come out!"