The doll machine suddenly lit up and the game music sounded again.

"It takes a drop of blood to start once"
Ding dong!
"I want to grab the Federal Presidential Palace. Can you do it?"
"Please give his name and age."
The man said.
There was a silence in the doll machine. "I can’t grab this person."
"What, isn’t he an ordinary person?" The man asked.
Grab the doll machine and say, "Because you have evil thoughts in your hearts."
The man turned to look behind.
"Change the machine" old sound track
The man went to the willing trial machine and said, "I want to judge a person."
May the trial machine suddenly rumble.
"Respect the customer, please tell me who you want to judge the sinner."
The man whispered, "I want to judge the federal president."
"I will judge this person by law" is willing to try the machine.
"What? The former federal judge has a felony, and you have tried him. Why not try the president? " The man asked.
I hope to judge the machine and say, "Although he is good at playing tricks, it is in the interest of the people. He is not a villain."
Several people looked at each other.
"Damn" old sound track
"It’s really strange that we killed him so many times and didn’t kill him." Another old voice said, "Now even this strange thing shelters him."
"How many times have we changed presidents by the same means in federal history? Why do we always fail this time?" Another old sound track
"The key problem is that more and more people are falling for him."
"Zhang Jiasheng and a new generation of killers defend him."
"And that scientist is the most hateful."
"If this continues, whatever bill he wants to sign will be implemented," an anxious voice said.
"Let’s go and arrange an assassination. It is said that cats have nine lives. If they don’t die, I will keep killing them."
"Is it true or not?"
These people said that they left this remote block separately.
"So your function is like this?" Gu Qingshan unbelievable way
"Yes" is willing to judge the machine.
"What about hell?"
May the trial machine say "please pay attention to our number"
"I saw 1, 12, 23 and 47 respectively."
"The number of machines dealing with all the dead matters ranges from 1 to 10."
"We can not only handle everything, but also have some entertainment functions."
"This is to relieve the work pressure of ghosts and gods and improve the quality of life of ghosts and gods."
Gu Qingshan asked, "What about the machine that is responsible for fighting hell and dealing with the dead?"
"It’s a pity that all his partners were damaged except our four machines."