I stared at him. "I’m ashamed to see wuyue after you."

Section 15
He laughed or "show me around your office."
I took him to the top floor.
As soon as I got out of the ladder, two little secrets, and the little eyes all swept over, I saw the people around me stupefied.
I caught a glimpse of them and felt a little ashamed. How can I say it’s also the chairman’s secret? How can I have no autonomy? I don’t know anything about reserve.
Zou Chen smiled at the two men and said, "Give me a cup of coffee with less sugar" and then followed me into the office.
"Good horse is coming" is different from each other.
I can’t help but roll my eyes. That’s a quick answer.
As soon as I entered the office, I muttered, "If you don’t recruit little girls, they will die. They are already like anthomaniac. He is in such a state, and it is estimated that he can’t sleep when he goes back late."
A man was a little worried and said, "I have you now, and I want to provoke you most." Then he pulled me into his arms and said seriously, "The engagement news is that I have let Ouyang Xue out."
I struggled out of his arms and walked to the French window.
Zou Chen followed me and stopped me in my arms. "I owe Ouyang Xue a lot and I don’t want to hurt her. If she really wants to get married, I will give it to her, but I don’t love her." He whispered in my ear, "I can give you the world, but I can’t fill your marriage now." After a pause, he added, "I know it’s selfish, but I can’t control myself …"
"If you really get married, I will leave." I interrupted him, which was my last line.
He put his hand around my waist and tightened it slightly to say "good"
I leaned against his chest. "I love you, but I can’t draw a line. I hate third parties. Maybe my mother wouldn’t have committed suicide if my father hadn’t had another woman outside, and I wouldn’t have a stepmother who was bent on killing me."
His lips brushed my cheek without saying a word.
I want to love someone without self-esteem, but I can’t be a man without a bottom line. I think so, too. I can always hide him in my heart, but I can’t allow myself to be someone else. He and Ouyang Xue were boyfriend and girlfriend, and I was forced to find my own reasons at that time, but if he got married, it wouldn’t work. I would leave even if I was in pain.
I turned my eyes and looked at him. His eyes fluctuated with tenderness, but his mouth smiled a little bitter. I don’t know what he owed Ouyang Xue, but I still know a little about Zou Chen. He is a man who values friendship.
He gently kissed me on the forehead. "When you give me some … just wait for me when you don’t do anything."
I put my arms around him, and I really didn’t know what to say at this time. I listened to my heart and hugged him quietly for a while, and knocked at the door outside, so I let him go.
Xiao Liu knocked at the door and came in. She eagerly put two cups of coffee on the public table and smiled, "Director Lin and Zou please slow down", and then she looked at Zou Chen before retreating.
Liu Yi Jr. quit Zou Chen’s kiss and fell. He was a little eager to hold me at the desk.
"Don’t … don’t be here, um … someone will come in later." I pushed him, and his kiss burned in my ears with a low smile. "What’s wrong with you … I’m always so out of control."
"Cut … difficult to OuYangXue didn’t satisfy you" said this tone is poking fun at can be acerbity in my heart.
Zou Chen held my face and stared at me straight. "Maybe you don’t believe that I really have a problem in that respect."
I blinked my eyes and didn’t know what he meant.
He chuckled at the corners of his lips. "I tried it with her, but it didn’t work once."
"So you’ve been honest with her." I couldn’t help feeling cold and thought that I wasn’t on the same channel with him.
Zou Chen was choked by my words, and his expression was a little in distress situation.
"More than once?" My breath is even worse.
But he laughed and bit me in the ear. "You are so cute."
"I love your head." I pushed his head with a palm and glanced at him contemptuously. "Stay away from me."
"Hey, I didn’t make it with her once. What are you angry about?" He couldn’t understand and hugged my waist and wouldn’t let go
This is the difference between men and women. They think it’s nothing if they don’t have a real knife and a real gun, but women are calling for their intimacy, so they should have seen and touched it. What’s the difference between doing it and not doing it?
I can’t get better at the thought of him rolling with jane doe.
"We’ve only been true twice," he said with a series of strokes, "and it was a long time ago."
I have an impulse to tear him apart when I look at his face.
"I’m sorry, sir. I’m afraid we’ll have a rough time after I’m obsessed with cleanliness in that area." I bit the word and pushed him to slide the desk.
Zou Chen’s mouth was still smiling, and he saw my angry face. He seemed to be very happy. Just as I turned to go behind my desk, he picked me up and I hung up and was immediately pressed against the sofa.
Chapter 136 Don’t lock me out again
Zou Chen’s mouth was still smiling, and he saw my angry face. He seemed to be very happy. Just as I turned to go behind my desk, he grabbed me in the middle and I hung up and was immediately pressed by him on the sofa.
"Zou Chen, what are you doing?" I couldn’t help looking at the door. He followed my eyes and looked at the door with a low smile. "I’m afraid someone will come in … then don’t yell."
How can this man be lazy again?
"This is the office. You are not allowed to mess around."
"It’s not like we haven’t tried." He laughed and attacked my chest with evil.
"Ah" I frighten frighten a.
And he made a fake move and put his hands on both sides of my body. His face suddenly became very serious. "Believe me, I didn’t touch her again." Then he pecked at my lips and sat up.
I am shocked by this.
He pulled me up with one hand, smoothed my dress, and stroked my ear. "I have some things to deal with, and I may be late."
"You … come back later?"
"Well, don’t lock me out again." His tender feelings almost melted me away.
I can’t help but nod my head.