"Uh-huh." The two little guys kept nodding.

Help them put on their cotton-padded jackets and pick them up.
"Wife, I’ll show the children around. Are you coming?"
"You are quick to go, I won’t go." Ding Qiunan sat on the sofa doing needlework and didn’t lift his head back.
Xiaoheilai was lying on his stomach in the nest, and when he saw the host dressing up his two young masters, he strolled over.
If the young master wants to go out, he must follow.
Li Chu came to the gate next door with two children and little black. The rich boss might be behind the door. When he saw them coming, he opened the door.
After coming in, Li Chu followed him to the Intermediate People’s Court with her child in her arms.
"Dad, what are we doing here?" Xiaowenhui asked his arms a little uneasy
This courtyard has been uninhabited for a long time, and there are weeds everywhere. Plus, it is dark, and there are lights in the main room and the east wing room. It is normal for children to be afraid of the shadows in the courtyard.
Li Chu held the child in her arms and tightened her arms. "This place is also our home. Dad smiled at this uncle to clean up the room for us. After finishing it, this place will be very beautiful."
Xiaowenhui nodded her head. She is also her own home after she knows it.
Into the east wing of the Intermediate People’s Court, it was pulled over. The BRICS Li Chu saw that the moment didn’t resist a swearing.
"Shit, did you steal the palace floor tiles?"
The second rich boss said that after the main house was paved, Li Chu recognized that there should not be much.
But in front of him, it is obvious that not only can the main house be paved, but he feels that the courtyard can be paved.
The room is full of yards and there are hundreds of samples.
Each piece is more than 60 centimeters square.
"Hey, hey, Dr. Li, the total is 132 yuan."
"Rich boss, tell me the truth, how did this happen? If it is really something from the Forbidden City, I dare not ask for it."
If there are few things, Li Chu will dare to continue so much. If something is lost by mistake, he will definitely trace it to the end. He doesn’t want to get involved.
"Dr. Li, we know there is something there, but even if you lend us a courage, I dare not go there and steal, or I will lose my head."
Li Chu didn’t believe a word he said. He put the child on the ground, reached for a brick and knocked.
It is indeed a kind of metal, but he doesn’t understand it, but it sounds right. He hasn’t heard of any other kind of brick that can be fired like this
Because there is a light in the room, the two children are not afraid, learning from their father’s curiosity, touching the floor tiles in front of them and reaching out to knock.
Li Chu glanced at the children and looked at the rich brothers. "Well, don’t hide anything. Tell me how these things came from or I won’t dare."
"This …" The rich brothers looked at each other.
They are a little dumbfounded. There is something wrong with these things opening the way
There are some things they dare not say, for fear of something going wrong.
But look at Li Chu. If you really don’t talk, it’s estimated that you can really let them take it away.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Tumbling
Hesitated for a long time before the rich boss carefully said, "Dr. Li, these things really don’t come out from the inside."
Li Chu Gherardini looked at him "ok, then you take things away".
After that, he squatted down to pick up the two children and said, "Don’t work, I’m afraid."
The two brothers were really numb. Seeing that Li Chu was about to leave the house, the rich second responded fastest. He quickly said, "Dr. Li, I told you not to be busy."
Li Chu stopped at the door and looked back at the rich second child. "I hope you’d better tell the truth and don’t kill my patience again and again."
The rich middle child nodded desperately. "Don’t worry, Dr. Li, what I said this time is absolutely true."
These things are what we don’t want to say when we receive them from those people, and we are also afraid of knowing what trouble more people will cause us. "
"Those people?" Li Chu asked some doubts.
Rich old two just wanted to continue to say that he was pulled by his brother.
"Alas," the rich boss sighed, and he said directly, "The thing is, Dr. Li, these things are actually what we received from those red armbands because of how they came …"