The Buddha smiled grimly and said, "How dare you keep your mouth shut when you are dying? Xiao Yu, even if you come in person, what can I do? I can crush a group of waste with my backhand. I’ll send you to kill them!"

Around, several Godsworn Jiuquan roared, magic weapons danced, magical powers rolled towards the center and nullified.
Cold-blooded Yamaraja, killing monks and other people spit blood and are crumbling.
"Xiao Yu? Hum, if I can’t wait for you this time, I’ll take your dog’s head! "
The Buddha cold hum a way
He just killed Xiao Yu in this design, but he didn’t expect that the roots of hard work and others didn’t appear. Instead, he killed the monks and others and chased him up.
But killing these people is a big blow to the universe.
The words just fell into the void, and suddenly there came a cold hum, cold and terrible, full of pitfalls. Several monks in this area felt the hair stand on end like falling, and the Wan Li ice cave was cold to the bone.
The face of the Buddha changed and he shouted, "Who?"
"Kill you!"
A golden hand fell from the sky and turned its palm upside down. Gankun’s palm and finger contained a number of legal principles, and the blood was twisted and murderous, and it was taken directly to the Buddha.
The Buddha’s face changed dramatically, and he roared, and thousands of fists were blasted out at the moment when his arm vibrated with lotus flower, and he greeted the big hand.
But not at all.
The big hand fell and hit him directly, and the blood flew out with a bang.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-six Immortality opportunity
Xiao Yu fell from the sky and covered everything with a palm of his hand. A palm of his hand looks like nothing fancy, but it gives people an escape feeling, blocking the four corners of Gankun and destroying everything.
Poof, the Buddha was broken without humming, and his body turned to blood, fog, shape and spirit were destroyed
"The public is coming!"
Killing monks and other people drink a lot and look excited.
The group of Godsworn in Jiuquan was furious and exclaimed in succession, and dispersed in all directions.
"The venerable one died and was beaten to pieces by Xiao Mojun. Run away!"
"The Red Devil! He is the Red Devil!"
"Run! This is a vicious man who once killed and fled!"
This group of monks in Jiuquan all fled in panic and had no resistance at all.
In the grave, the demon king of Xiao said too much. The number of killings in the bloody desert forced Xu Gong to kill, and one person tried to destroy one million, which was simply the embodiment of the ancient troll.
When this group of people fled in panic, Xiao Yu’s body shook, and behind him appeared a cold light that was bigger than a huge magic shadow, and the black fog instantly swallowed up the past.
Marginal black fog covered the sky like an inky sea, from which came waves of panic and screams, as if something terrible had happened.
Ah ““
When the screams echoed and didn’t last long, the black fog quickly dissipated and roared towards Xiao Yu’s body, eventually dissipating his body surface.
Fiona Fang was silent for thousands of miles, and everyone disappeared. There was no breath, no body, no life, no death, no body, as if it had been swallowed up by life.
The monk who killed the living looked frightened and his throat rolled.
What kind of killing is this?
This is their public strength, so many strong people have disappeared, and no one is left.
This strength is simply shocking qR1.
In the distant Jiuquan military camp
Sun Delong’s face changed and he took out a jade brand. First, the jade brand was full of light, and then several cracks suddenly appeared. Finally, he slammed and turned pale and collapsed.
"My hundred thousand troops are finished."
"How is that possible? Is there a heaven and man on the other side? "
"Is the prince with red hair? This is impossible. How can his strength be so terrible? "
People with horror.
Thousand machine male also face a clot and then suddenly sneer at a conceited way "marshal don’t worry about all the vulgar people who have my flute demon king just can’t afford to turn over the waves"
Sun Delong looked at Qian Jigong with strong spirits and said, "It will be enough to be relieved to say that the public is superior to others."