Canadian faces are somewhat similar to Uighurs and tend to be Mediterranean whites.

Li Zhichang judged that the other party was more likely to be a Syrian from that often war-torn place.
With one exception, those abnormal foreigners seem to intentionally surround brown men’s bags.
Bai Susu watched these exhibitions with relish, while her roommate Sun Jing was bored.
Unconsciously, they arrived at the poster exhibition area. These are ancient cold weapons with different styles, including armor, spurge and bow and arrow.
These are the eastern and western patterns worn by some ethnic minority fighters, and the introduction words are extremely special, which can also make people look at them with relish.
Bai Susu’s eyes finally fell on the ancient sword and found that there was no text introduction, which made him curious.
Looking at the inscription on the style surface, Bai Susu suddenly thought of a poem,’ Haoran machine has rested a few sticks to restore the inscription’
This should be the sword of ancient monks.
I remember that she saw a collection in the library, and there was a description of Fa Jian in it.
Shaanxi Iron Nine Jin Take songkhla Furnace Loess Taofan Fierce Fire Rong Iron Juice Noodles South Zuo Tiannian Twenty-four Speaks and Twenty-four Cinnabar Wine Group One Pill Furnace Cast Iron Juice … A large vat of Sheng Yongquan sword cast the water in the jar, thundering and singing …
There are only a few hundred words, and the forging process of the sword is cumbersome and rigorous. At the same time, it can be seen that ancient monks attach importance to the sword.
Yes, it was also said that the habit of forbidding martial arts in the Yuan Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty and forbidding Wuhan people to bear arms and wearing swords by Taoist priests has long since been annihilated, but it has replaced peach swords.
Said that this sword is probably hundreds of years old.
It’s a pity that she is shallow in knowledge and can’t tell which school this sword belongs to, such as Zhengyi League, Gao Xuan Department, Dong Shen Department and so on.
Actually, she can’t tell the difference, even if the museum invites scholars, they can’t tell which school it is. The rune inscribed in the sword is not the school recorded in the literature, but perhaps which secret road it is.
Because you can’t tell the calendar, there is naturally no introduction.
At the same time, Bai Susu found that there was a young man next to him who seemed to look at the long sword and was familiar with it, but he didn’t know it at all by looking at the side.
At this moment, the whole exhibition hall suddenly went dark, and then suddenly a shot was fired.
Sun Jinglai is usually careless and fearless, but she can’t help shivering at the moment.
The panic is that it’s dark and there’s a gunshot environment in Dyeu.
Bai Susu was particularly calm and pulled Sun Jing as far as possible and told her not to move.
Actually, this kind of situation is more prone to accidents.
The museum is not crowded, and the probability of such a small stampede is still very small, just for fear of being accidentally injured when running around.
The museum must have emergency measures even if the main source is cut off.
A few minutes is less than a few tens of seconds to restore light.
Followed by the sound of broken glass in the gun, it was close to them
All this happened unexpectedly, and even if Su Su had such a reaction, she still had to leave it to fate.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long to recover.
Followed by the arrival of the police is not to clear the crowd.
A dozen things were stolen from the museum, some valuable and some worthless. The only thing Bai Susu noticed was that the long sword had disappeared.
The riot is too loud and there are guns to hide. It will definitely be reported in the news.
After coming out, Ms. Sun’s face was still white. After all, a dozen people were said to have been carried out just now, and I don’t know if anyone died.
Bai Susu’s face is very white, too, but she is very white when she comes, and she can’t say whether she is frightened or not.
She always felt that the disappearance of that long sword was not simple.
Li Zhichang casually walked down the street. In front of her was a beautiful woman with outstanding figure, a sexy trench coat and sunglasses, and a full-fledged urban beauty.
He has been with each other for hours, and the other party has been to the flower shop, crossed many streets and roads, and often entered the next store.
What’s more, the other party also took a taxi and sat on the third ring road of the bus, which was visited by the other party for a short time.