They made a desperate dash for some doors.

However, as darkness enveloped them, their speed was greatly limited, and their vision was blurred. There were several dreamlands in front of them. Just looking at these rooms, their eyes were confused and inaccessible.
These people are screaming and their eyes are red and they are struggling violently.
Boom! Boom!
A burst of harsh light suddenly broke out, and the magic weapon was sacrificed. The light shone brightly and nullified the past in the dark.
I can’t see my fingers in the dark, and I can’t see anything when the evil wind whistling.
When the light enters here, it is hard to escape. When it goes out, it is swallowed up and torn in the dark. It is dark and unpredictable.
Bang bang bang!
These magic weapons have sent out a crackling sound, and the light burst into clouds of dust.
Then all these people screamed, and the sound was harsh, and their bodies melted, as if they had suffered a terrible disaster.
"No, I don’t want to die. I’m already in the ninth heaven. One step away and I can step into a new world. I don’t want to die. My life is up to me!"
Suddenly, a man suddenly yelled, and his whole body was shining and burning like a burning meteor, and he rushed to the distance with earth-shattering light.
Inn Xiao Yutian’s eyes have been watching the movement in all directions. These people are naturally full of violent roar, but his eyes are shooting and seeing a light in the dark. There is a middle-aged man with blood gas burning inside.
The man’s power is higher than that of others, and he struggled desperately in the dark to get rid of all this, but there was still nothing to bang-his body suddenly exploded.
The light dissipates, the darkness directly covers the earth, and the world is gloomy, and everything is hard to see.
Even if Xiao Yu has an eye for heaven, it is difficult to see through the mystery in the dark at this moment when the darkness is completely shrouded.
This darkness seems to cut off everything.
Weird and scary
"Hoo hoo!"
There seems to be a deep breath and heavy footsteps coming to the street outside. The inn shakes slightly and the evil wind outside becomes more intense.
Xiao Yu eyes fixedly staring at all this.
The metaphysical crisis seems to be getting closer and closer to him, and his eyes of heaven have also reached the extreme. There are nine layers of eddies in his eyes, and gold lines appear in each layer of eddies.
He finally saw it clearly!
Xiao Yu’s hair blew up and gasped, and his body took a step backwards!
Outside the window, a huge scarlet eye stared at his eyes tightly, and there were several mysterious blood veins filled with thick resentment, cold and death, which were shrouded in darkness that most people could not find.
It was only when his eyes of heaven operated to the extreme that he suddenly found this huge eyeball.
It’s dark behind the eyeball and I can’t see anything clearly.
I don’t know if the owner of this eyeball is square!
The eyeball turned and seemed to notice that someone was watching him, revealing a bit of doubt and leaning towards the inn with a oppressive breath.
The eye tightly staring at the window looked toward the door Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu’s face suddenly became uglier than ugly. Long hair covered Yan Gen and she didn’t know what to think.
He tried to keep his mind calm, not looking up at the eyeball and pretending not to notice anything.
The scarlet eyeball stared at him tightly and suddenly wanted to rush towards the inn, but at this moment, a faint light suddenly emitted from the outside of the inn, which made the eyeball hurriedly retreat to show a look of fear.
This eyeball inn stared at Xiao Yu’s eyes tightly in the distance, and suddenly the eyeball went away after a moment of terrible light flashing.
Xiao Yu body cold sweat rolling raised his head.
His eyes flashed through the window and looked out again.
It was dark and I couldn’t see anything.
The saber-toothed tiger shivered and its teeth trembled. He didn’t know what happened just now. He felt that there was a terrible death machine attacking it, which made its soul seem to be broken.
It was soaked with sweat and frightened. "My Lord just seemed to have a smell of death … Did you feel it?"
Xiao Yu eyes swept the tree-lined nodded his head.
"How many times have cloudy days appeared?"
Xiao Yu suddenly asked
Saber-toothed tiger shook his head and said, "No one knows when this village appeared. It has appeared many times on cloudy days."
"Isn’t there a solution? I heard that there are many experts hidden in this ancient village, and they can’t help it?"
Xiao Yu asked
"I didn’t face all the dark resistance and I couldn’t escape."
Saber-toothed tiger said
Xiao Yu suddenly fell silent.
In his mind, he also recalled that he had just seen that huge eyeball covered with lotus flower, including rage and murder, which was unforgettable at first glance, but it was simply creepy and unforgettable for all beings
It’s almost like a year has passed since the darkness enveloped the outside. It’s louder than the long evil wind. Some buildings were blown down in the evil wind and boomed …
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-five The night passed.
The evil wind is stronger, the night is darker, and the buildings are blown down, and then the screams disappear faster than the screaming in the dark.
In the vast darkness, no one knows what unknown things are hidden
The whole ancient village fell into absolute silence, and everyone was shivering and afraid to go out in the village.
Xiao Yutian’s eyes still scanned him quietly outside through the window for a silence.
A moment later, he suddenly asked again, "Will this happen to every armor in this ancient village once?"
Saber-toothed tiger shivered, holding his head with his front paws and afraid to look up.