It’s time for the crazy donkey to run wildly, and it has become much more peaceful and slowly slowed down.

Then a jogging figure appeared on the side of the donkey and there was a faint aroma coming into the nose. Isn’t it wood at first sight?
See wood young sergeant saw eye breathing hair messy baldness is show river and then reached for the corn cob directly into the donkey’s mouth.
Got corn delicious wood stroking to comfort the stubborn donkey, and then stopped chewing and eating with a snort.
Ouch ~
He Gongdashu rolled the donkey’s back with a long breath as if he were falling apart all over. He looked at the young sergeant with a grateful smile and said, "Oh, how much …"
Before the words were finished, the wood turned and walked towards the horse.
He Gong immediately drank the northwest wind and was stunned in situ.
But for a moment, the thief donkey beside him gave him a sniff with disdain, and then he lost his real master and rushed to the young man with a fart!
"This …!" He Gong froze for a moment, but I didn’t know to reveal an intriguing smile.
Yi Xiang Hou Tianqiao Road
At this moment, smiling at the young sergeant sitting on the stone side of the horse by the river fair road seems to see the baby.
It seems that he has been stared at by He Gong for too long, and some of them are sympathetic. The wooden young sergeant frowned and looked at the strange old man’s eyebrows for a moment. He untied the waist water bag and silently handed it to He Gong.
He Gong looked at the water bag in his hand and paused for a moment. Then Zhan Yan sighed, "It is rare for a man to set his mind on it!"
Then he took a sip and returned the water bag. At the same time, he took the opportunity to ask, "How old is Xiaoyou?"
It is very cold for the young sergeant to hang his waist silently without answering the water bag.
Seeing this, Duke He pointed to the young sergeant’s forehead and then asked, "Little friend, is this … this natural?"
The young sergeant still speaks so much that he doesn’t even look at him.
It happened that the donkey’s "high spirits" shouted at one side, which made the atmosphere very embarrassing.
Not far away, I sat on the stone king’s three legs and smiled. "I said, don’t ask the old man. My brother is a wooden gourd, understand?"
"Wood …?" He Gong Zhan Yan smiled. "This wood is good and appropriate … appropriate."
Then he refused to give up, even more unbelieving, and asked, "What’s your name, Xiaoyou?"
Sure enough, it’s still sunny, asking for the moon
Seeing this river, the duke locked his eyebrows and touched his shiny baldness.
He paced back and forth for two steps, then immediately patted Shu Mei, a bald man, with wide sleeves. "Hey, little friend, look at me. Is it rude to say nothing like this?"
The young sergeant looked up at the old man with his eyes open and his arms smiling, and then he’ oh’ as if he were going to say …
But before HeGong surprises for a moment, the wood is gone, and Wen has once again bowed his head and wiped his broadsword!
This time, he gong finally got anxious and grabbed the young broadsword and threw it aside.
Wooden boy slightly confused eyes he pointed to the waist Dao sink a way "every iron … shall you blade? Talk! "
See young sergeant still said not only that, but also went to pick up the broadsword, closed his eyes and sighed.
"Hey ~ Although flowers are fragrant, they are hard to remember …"
Chapter 79 Black Knife Wood Yan Evil? East China Sea Yin Qi
"Hey ~ Although flowers are fragrant, they are hard to remember …"
He Gong, beside the overpass road, saw the young sergeant shake his head and close his eyes and sigh.
Soon after, he opened his eyes full of wrinkles and looked at the eyes. He picked up the broadsword and still silently said that the young sergeant was not angry and said, "You … don’t belong here. Let go and follow me!"
The young sergeant suddenly held the broadsword and locked his eyebrows and shook his head.
The rear four brothers in arms are eyeing up at the same time!
At the moment, they have changed their previous laughing attitude and show their war spirit.
The corporal has squinted at the knife hand and warned, "Old man! Our soldiers have always been vulgar, but you are a scholar and an elder, and you should know the crime of robbing the army … you have to lose your head! "
Apparently, the corporal and others seem to be crazy to take away their knights in the martial arts!
You know, this is a big crime of decapitation. Don’t say that the other party is an old student. Even if the king is old, you can’t take away a single soldier in the army without a soldier!
River male eyeing up four people stared at the sight of young sergeant asked "don’t you want to know who you are? Just want to live like a log …? "
"Wood" holding broadsword wooden expression seems a bit hesitant.
Although Wang Santui was holding a steel knife, he kindly woke up and said, "Old gentleman, I advise you to be sensible and go!" The wooden skull is even whiter than the white clouds. You don’t have a name or surname, but you only know how to take care of horses and animals. It doesn’t know anything. You are a scholar. How can you find a servant to take care of animals? "
Obviously, he is mistaken for the river, and he is looking at the’ wood’, so it is easy to command horses and donkeys.
And he gong was shocked by all the soldiers, with a big sleeve and a sword, and he was rushing like a tide!
Gangfeng howling firm but gentle like waves and rivers, drinking high!
Whoosh ~
Firm but gentle royal ghosting burst into the sky and disappeared in an instant.
"My mother ~ sword … sword fairy! ?”
All the soldiers looked up in horror like a dream.
Ang ~
Suddenly the donkey barked very happily!
A strange wind blows like thunder and lightning, which directly overturns four people.
I saw a donkey’s mane flying like silk, and its hooves were born, and the wind thundered and flashed away!
"Ah ~ donkey! Donkey … "
"Lie trough … donkey his niang can also fly! ?”
When everyone saw that the donkey was stepping up to heaven, he was so surprised that his mouth opened wide that he almost fell to the ground!