Anyway, whatever.

No one has no heart …
Nothing really treats Olga as a [human].
His heart is full of blood, his mind is full of "evil", "savage" and "ferocious" …
Even if it is "abyss will" there in the judgment.
This is an Olga individual
He is also a purebred [abyss demon]
Not the so-called [human]
All this, all this.
To also be a kind of recognition …
And strength will change your horizons.
Past time
At one time, Ortega was also called "Traveller", "Rebirth", "Tong Zi" and "God" … all of them were rare, powerful and hard to find …
With its own strength growing stronger.
One thought is enough to sweep away everything in the reversal of vastness.
Those are still rare things in the past
For him
It’s true. It’s a bit of a rotten street
It’s not rare at all.
If he wants to, those things are ordinary things that can be mass-produced by assembly line.
Just like those who found it difficult to engage in [lower plane] and [middle plane] when they were still in the weak period … Now he can trample them at will if he wants to talk.
can say
Strength will change everything …
What you will find difficult is the goal.
There is often a reason.
That is, you are too weak, and you are not strong enough to let your thoughts flow smoothly …
Because of this.
The stronger the strength.
Olga felt more and more
Although it is just two words.
But the weight contained in it can represent the sum of everything.
That is all truth and rules are far less than anything, and they are also the most practical and eternal [truth] …
The one in front of you
Just a little sigh
After hearing this, Olga.
Of course, a casual smile is a kind of response
But his heart didn’t take too seriously.
In just a lifetime, it has changed from an ordinary [human] to a demon Lord?
It sounds really difficult.
It’s really difficult to do actual exercises.
But with this level
Except those who are born with everything and are born noble.
How many of them are really smooth along the way?
It can be said
It is already a process from "possible" to "impossible" for an abyss Lord to grow up.