"The blood beast eats the golden beast and swallows the ancient beast, and all of them are the most violent three people. This is a terrible thing."

The tenth demon race trysts glances are all see the panic and surprise.
This is crazy. I’m right when I first arrived here. There are three young demon families who respect him. I’m afraid there are two.
Either disappear and fall into the hands of the strong ahead; Or step on the young statue of bones! Climb forward!
On this day, on the tenth day of the ancient road of the demon race, the sea of gods flooded with Kunpeng for nine days!
At the same time, three days have passed since the 20th mythical era of Terran Ancient Road.
The Black Emperor Duan De made unremitting efforts, and they found many opportunities. The chaotic fairy land is getting closer and closer to a mountain like a fairy lying on its side.
"It’s really vast to find the mysterious realm of this mythical era all the way, even the materials for the disposal of Dao Ye have been collected."
The Taoist priest smilingly took out a piece of meteorite from the deep pool and was very satisfied with the trial harvest.
I have to say that their party’s treasure-hunting methods are first-class, and the world can dig more active methods to help dogs and noses. Even three drug kings who are hiding deeply have been dug up and picked.
Along the way, they dug up the jade for nine days, dug up the ancient medicine king, and sat on the top of the mountain to realize the mark of the Great Sage, but after all, there were more exciting things to attract them.
Chaotic fairy land is nothing compared with these. You know, there are four young people here who are also looking for opportunities. This accident is naturally exciting.
"The immortal lies on his side. The terrain is extraordinary. The land where Zhongzhou Fairy House is imprisoned is the opposite. The black emperor judges that the chaotic fairy soil is mostly buried here."
Li Yu’s foot source, the pattern of the gods, interweaves vertically and horizontally, and in an instant, the trend of Gankun’s combination of two and one can penetrate this special terrain.
See the mountain peaks here like statues, the mountains have been long since ancient times, and the mountains are like a dragon crossing the east and west cliffs. If Jin Peng spreads its wings and soars, if Xuanwu is dormant and thick.
The mountains are magnificent and magnificent, but there are strange places, such as miasma, and Gu Teng’s giant trees are full of mountains. And it’s so quiet here that I can’t hear any sound and silence ratio.
Even their footsteps were clear and broke the peace.
The mist is surging from everyone’s side, but there is a trace of chaotic gas flowing deeper than mystery.
When I got here, everyone was shocked. This place is very special. The chaos and fog surge will make the front partition look like a world of its own.
"Chaos fog silk appears mostly here, and it will be excavated."
The big black dog grinned and couldn’t wait. Even a piece of waste and chaotic fairy land outside the sky was a treasure, which became their resource area, let alone such a piece that had never been born? More precious
Since ancient times, this fairy land has been mastered by the strong, such as the great Buddha, the silent Buddha and the cruel emperor. It is very likely that this fairy land also has a great heel and is worth exploring carefully.
In the previous step, Li Yu transferred the whole piece of Gankun Turin to move, giving the gods the essence of water and surging like water. All the peaks were shaking and sacred than the glow of the sky.
"The Tao has been long since ancient times … the shape is immortal … the body is long …"
In the light and rain, there are chanting echoes that penetrate the mountains and valleys!
Obviously, it’s extraordinary here. As soon as it’s provoked, it makes people jump in the fog. Zhongshan and Sichuan are all engraved with avenue runes, which makes people fear.
"Life and death! Turn the past into the present! Reverse the heavens and the earth to reproduce the myth! "
Li Yu’s great drinking and source-seeking skill has combined Zhongzhou’s dragon-seeking skill with Donghuangyuantian’s skill, and a terrible power broke out.
There was a loud noise, and the whole star image was ignited. Several planets gave off blazing light, and the streaks were intertwined in the universe and fell to this fairy-lying mountain.
The stars are connected into a huge god, and the lights are dancing in the sky, like an emperor chanting and sitting in the depths of the universe to suppress people.
These energies and tides are intertwined, which makes the gods move slowly, emitting an ancient and grand majesty, as if everything can be destroyed and covered in this mountain.
Knock! In an instant, the sky was pierced like a broken drum, and a chaotic light beam seal was washed up all over the mountain. The secret earth has been broken for a long time!
"What happened? Isn’t there a relic of the ancient heaven excavated in the mysterious realm of the mythical era? "
This kind of weather shocked everyone and did not hesitate to get close to it to witness a chance.
"The breath we had to find the classics is quite similar is that a chaotic fairy land! Someone beat us to it. "
Emperor azure poetry fairy look a moment with a sense of urgency glances together toward the fairy land was born.
Even if they didn’t start it themselves, they should have a piece of it! Such opportunities are naturally not missed.
"Said chaos fairy soil? Qi Tiansheng did not lie to me. There is indeed a great connection here. "
"I have a hunch that this secret native is the king, and no one else has such power and means."
On the other side, the overlord fiend is also induced. They are not far away. With a cold smile, they set off for a race.
Soon, many figures appeared in the mountains and valleys, and people looked at the chaos, fog and ups and downs, all of which were shocked.
When they saw the source technique, they couldn’t help but jump in their hearts. It was really that there were terrorists behind it or that the five outstanding figures in the ancient road were the most powerful!
"There are more and more people, which just allows them to explore the road."
"Afraid of what rob nature who is better than us? Even if they get it, they can get it back. "