She is one leng "day? Too soon, huh? Are you sure? "

"You have to do this if you are sure." I paused. "The day after tomorrow is the fifteenth day."
"Then can’t it be changed to the day after tomorrow?"
"What?" She doesn’t understand
I smiled and patted my ass. "Because I miss my girl …"
This is a reason that is not a reason. Shen Qing carefully touched it for a while and nodded. "Since you have decided, it’s up to you … I guess it’s almost time to do it!"
"Well, let’s all have a rest when we get back. Let’s crack the star chart tonight." I said, "Don’t let anyone near that basin until you prepare a basin of clear water and sunshine. We’ll talk about it then."
She also stood up and paused. She smiled at me. I won’t treat your girl badly after I ask you to help me get things done.
This sounds awkward. If she means Qiu Tingting, it makes sense. What if it’s Ye Huan? The more I think about it, the more complicated it is. Is this her hint or some kind of threat?
"What do you mean?" I stared at her.
She is not white "why are you looking at me like this? I mean, what’s wrong with me helping Tingting later? "
"You help tingting? How to help? "
"If she needs funds, I’ll work with her. If she needs projects, I’ll introduce her. We are classmates and good friends. What’s the problem with making money together?" She looked at me calmly.
"Oh … that’s what I think …"
She smiled. "You and I say it’s Miss Ye? I don’t know her well, and she doesn’t need my help! "
I smiled and said nothing.
What does she seem to understand? "Lin Zhuo, you and Tingting … are not together yet?"
"I’m not in the mood to discuss this with you." I glanced at her. "I’m hungry. Let’s eat."
The workers in the factory have all gone on holiday, and the dining hall is closed, but the small kitchen is still running with our party’s food. I have to say that this master Sashido is good at cooking and quite delicious. It is said that this man is the Song brothers’ brother who used to be the chef in a four-star hotel in Taiyuan. After Shen Jia invested in the construction of this pharmaceutical factory, the chef was also dug up by two cousins with high salaries to be responsible for the diet of the brothers and guests.
Shen Qing loves his cooking.
At lunch, as if we hadn’t eaten for three days, we destroyed three lotus leaf cakes, a plate of scrambled eggs, a plate of braised pork ribs, a plate of steamed mandarin fish, a plate of vegetarian baked bean curd sticks and finally drank a pot of Hu spicy soup.
GAI look for "elder brother miss shen you what’s the matter? Maybe the mountain just came back after crossing? "
Shen Qing burped and patted his heart. "What is crossing?"
"She’s joking with you," I said. "Go back to rest when you’re full. Remember to let you prepare something."
She got up and smiled at GAI and Feng Yong. "I’ll go first. You are slow."
"Miss Shen, go slow", the goods are different.
Feng Yong looked at me doubtfully after the American girl left. "What did you two do at the top of the mountain? Look, this means a lot of physical exertion. Are you two running in the maze? "
"Poof!" GAI spat out a hot soup. "Laofeng, you are so awesome that you dare to say anything!"
Let me see Feng Yong’s "Why should I go if I’m not full and continue to eat?"
Feng Yong smiled, "Come on, I get it. I eat!"
GAI wipe your mouth "forget it, I don’t eat elder brother, do you want to go back to rest? Let’s go first. "
I got up, picked up chopsticks and put a lotus leaf cake in Feng Yong’s plate. "Eat more so that I can have the strength to blow me off with those two foreign ghosts and do their boss’s business."
Feng Yong embarrassed smile "elder brother rest assured I will".
I had a rest for the afternoon.
I came to Shen Qing’s residence later, and she was staring at the basin of water on the rooftop.
"What are you looking at?" I’m curious, "Is there something wrong with the water?"
She looked at me. "No, I was thinking about something. Do you think we should take those pearls out?"
"Those in front of the mirror?" I thought, "What do you mean? Is that somewhere else? "
She pointed to the seat next to me, then moved the basin aside, put her small box out on the table, opened it and took out a small bag from it and handed it to me. "Look at these."
I opened it and saw that there were six night beads inside!
"You brought it?" I frown. "How can you Shenyang have so many treasures? Where did all this come from? "
"Don’t ask me, these six beads were left by my great-grandfather and said that they would come when the nine songs were sealed in the future." She said, "I just thought that seven and these six were hidden in the backbone of a four-dimensional structure, so there are thirteen. Isn’t this a coincidence between the North and the South?"
"Are you saying that the star chart array should have these night beads with the stars?" I asked
"Isn’t it?" She smiled. "Besides these eyes, what else can we have to deploy? And that’s a nine-song wishful ordinary array. Can ordinary objects hold it down? "
"I can’t help it." I returned the bag to her. "I think it’s possible. Let’s see what happens after we crack the star chart later. If it’s as you said, we’ll take the seven night beads with us that day."
"Well," she looked at the sky, the moon got up and went to a corner, took out a black cloth bag, untied it, took out the star chart and looked around at me. "What should Lin Zhuo do? Please teach me."
424 jade silk silk
I got up and walked over to her and looked at the scroll in her hand. "Are you sure this is a star chart?"
"confirm!" She nodded.
"Well," I dragged her to the basin to look at the sky and the moon. "The horse will arrive at Haishi. You can open it now to confirm-if it’s all right, then the water will spray on the four corners of the painting."
She looked at me for a while. "Lin Zhuo, I’m curious about the star chart. You’ve never seen it. How do you know how to crack it?"
I smiled faintly. "I’ve never seen the real picture, but I’ve seen your fake picture. At that time, I guessed a thing or two by moving my mind. If this picture in your hand is the real picture, it won’t be long before the whole picture will change slightly, and then it will reveal the sub-picture secretly in this clear water by moonlight."
"Can all these hexagrams be calculated?" She looked at me in surprise.
I nodded. "I want you to fix enough hexagrams and have all the secrets."
She smiled with satisfaction. "I understand that it’s really a long experience to be with a master. You should always pay attention to it and always get knowledge."
"Don’t flatter me," I said quietly. "Look at the picture first to make sure it’s true."
"Good" She carefully unwrapped the scroll and slowly unfolded it with me, showing it little by little in front of us by the light of the ancient star chart.
"Is it true?" I asked
"It’s true," she looked at the picture excitedly. "This seal … this secret symbol … this material … yes, that’s it!"
"This is a high treasure of astrology," I said with emotion. "Now it is our specialty … the leader Shen Jiaqi sent me to see it."
"Are you afraid that I will bring it back to America?" She stared at the picture. "Don’t worry, although the Shen family is of white blood, we won’t forget that we are the treasure of the dragon people. We will protect it and leave it in Chinese sooner or later."
"Are you so sure?" I looked at her.
"Of course," she said, "This kind of treasure, China, is neglected. It will be taken away by the Japanese sooner or later. Over the years, a large number of secrets of China’s martial arts have flowed into Japan. In a few years, China people should go to Japan to learn authentic martial arts from them. Do you know that many of my collection of classics are copied from Japan, and those China’s martial arts are quoted at a sky-high price?" She gave me a look. "It’s a terrible example. This is a lonely forty years ago. The Japanese entrusted a North Korean diplomat to be a middleman and bought it for fifteen But when I went to copy it, the Japanese family offered me a price of millions of euros. They also said that they would give it to me because I was an American. If I were from China, I wouldn’t let me copy it even if I gave them more money. "
I was shocked, "Is there such a thing?"