Xu Shilin cried outside.

Chen Yan said, "Chinese and Shilin will be outside the house. We will wait for you for an hour. If you still don’t come, I will take Shilin away."
An hour passed quickly.
Chen Yan took Xu Shilin’s hand and said, "Shilin, let’s go."
Xu Shilin looked at the closed door and nodded, "It’s Master."
Chen Yan wiped a tear at Xu Shilin and said, "Shilin don’t blame your father for not coming out to see you. Maybe he has his reasons. You can’t force him to come to Jinshan Temple again. Maybe your father would like to see you."
Xu Shilin said, "I know Master."
Chen Yan took Xu Shilin to Leifeng Tower.
The whole tower was shrouded in enchantment.
Chen Yan tried the enchantment with his hands, and he was very strong. I have to say that Jinshan Temple still has some details. The old monk in Fahai has a lot of treasures.
This is the difference between a clan brother and a casual practitioner.
The younger brothers can inherit the wealth of their ancestors and do everything on their own.
"Bai Niang, I brought your son to see you," said Chen Yan.
Bai Nianyin came out from the tower. "Is Chen Yan really my son Shilin?"
Chen Yanxiao said, "You know I don’t lie. Shilin is just outside the tower. Talk to him. Shilin is just outside the tower. Your mother will talk to you. I’ll pick you up after an hour."
Xu Shilin flushed with excitement and nodded, "It’s Master."
A wall separates two worlds.
Although mother can’t meet, it’s enough for lady white snake to talk.
Arihiko turned away from leaving Xu Shilin alone outside the tower.
Xu Shilin left Leifeng Tower in less than an hour.
Ulrich felt Xu Shilin coming along without looking back.
Chen Yan asked, "Why don’t you talk to your mother for a while?"
Xu Shilin shook his head and said, "I think I have a lot to say to my mother, but I don’t know how to say it. I want to practice martial arts. I want to be strong. I must save my parents in the future."
Yan Chen looked at Xu Shilin and felt that his little body was full of fighting spirit. With fighting spirit, Xu Shilin’s physical potential could be stimulated.
Teaching Xu Shilin kungfu at this time is definitely twice the result with half the effort.
Chen Yan said, "I’ll teach you martial arts when I get back. Let’s go home."
Xu Shilin and Chen Yanhua left Jinshan Temple and soon disappeared from the sky.
When Chen Yan and Xu Shilin came, they were walking because Chen Yan wanted Xu Shilin to know that it is hard to go was before, so that Xu Shilin could travel around to increase his knowledge.
Flying directly when I go back is the belief that showing martial arts in front of Xu Shilin can inspire him to become stronger.
Xu Shilin’s talent for pure filial piety is a "literary star". Where is Chen Yan curious about Xu Shilin’s martial arts?
Chen Yan can find the most suitable Xu Shilin to practice martial arts in accordance with his aptitude and not let him take the slightest detour.
Xu Shilin may be able to complete Chen Yan’s hundred years in ten years before he can complete his spiritual path.
After all, Chen Yan crossed the river by feeling the stones, while Xu Shilin took the spacious avenue. The two roots can’t be compared.
Back to Qiantang county
Chen Yan said to Xu Shilin, "Shilin, come back to me three days after you go home. In these three days, you can calm down and practice martial arts as well as reading. It is best to be physically and mentally clean, not sad or happy. Only with such martial arts can you advance by leaps and bounds."
Xu Shilin nodded, "It’s Master."
Chapter 353 Mark is free from vulgarity after ten years.
Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is easier said than done.
Teacher Gao can make ordinary brothers become talents and strong ones, while vulgar teachers can make geniuses bury their talents and become stupid.
Maxima often has bole, but not always.
Say this is the case.
There is something special about Xu Shilin. He is a real genius, but his talent is definitely one in a million. If Chen Yan wants to teach him to be a super strong person and surpass himself, he must cultivate his heart and not be careless.
Xu Shilin practiced at the age of five.
The first six years are to lay the foundation.