Chapter 21 Wyndell Dichinson Yashan II

One side of the staff officer asked, "General Pavilion, what shall we do now? Is it to continue to attack the Qing army in Nanbu or to return to the army? "
ōshima Yoshimasa slightly suppressed his anger and said, "Now the Qing army must be ready to attack Chenghuan Post. Even if we Huiyuan all the materials back to the post, I’m afraid they have all been reduced to ashes, and the Nie Shicheng Department must be prepared. Maybe Shanyijun’s army is now in trouble. Order the first brigade and the second brigade to March at full speed! Directly into the mountain behind Nie Shicheng’s department, a colonel will form an encirclement, which will definitely kill me! "
At this time, Cheng Huan, the Japanese army stationed in the Japanese army, was completely defeated. Looking at the mountains of materials, Zhang Yi was greedy, but only a few dozen people could not take anything away here.
Zhang yi sighed, "Xu Huaijin led the second team to search and see what valuable materials we can take away faster!" Others set fire to me separately and burned them together with their ammunition. "
After a while, a raging fire burst into the sky. At this moment, Xu Huaijin rushed to say, "My Lord, a large amount of gold has been found in the northwest corner!"
Zhang Yi’s heart vibrated and asked, "Where?"
Xu Huaijin said, "My Lord, there are at least more than one hundred boxes of gold, all of which are small goldfish. I think there are at least nearly two thousand! Come with me. "
Zhang Yi was overjoyed and ordered, "Tan Feng led several brothers to stand guard and others followed me!"
In a blink of an eye, Zhang Yi followed Xu Huaijin to the place where the gold was put. It was just an inconspicuous cabin. Xu Huaijin had ordered people to move all the gold out and saw a wooden box about two feet long, one foot wide and one foot high. Zhang Yi casually opened a wooden box and saw that there were seven layers of gold bars in it. The number of gold bars was estimated to be not 70.
Zhang Yi casually took out one and ordered it. There are about seven or two weights. There are more than one hundred boxes here. I am afraid that I will need two thousand gold. Zhang Yi thoughtfully shouted, "Take all the boxes to the war horse immediately. A war horse will tow two boxes of ropes and we will retreat immediately!"
All seven hands and feet quickly watched the wooden box, all seven hands and feet quickly watched the wooden box, and soon the things were packed. At this moment, Tan Feng came running and shouted, "My Lord, the rapid Huiyuan of the Japanese vanguard cavalry is now less than five miles away from us."
Now the fire has gradually weakened. Zhang Yi, look at the notorious Japanese camp. Suddenly, my heart is cold and the conduits are not good. I have been busy enough. When the Japanese see it, I will go back to rescue the fire. I am afraid that the Japanese ōshima Yoshimasa will think of this. If his main force continues to invade our camp instead of Huiyuan, Nie Shicheng and others will be in danger.
Thought of this, Zhang Yi shouted, "I ordered the team to hurry back to Yashan adults along the shortcut. I’m afraid it’s dangerous. We’ll go back immediately and give them a knife from behind the Japanese army. Maybe we can solve the siege of Yashan!"
Xu Huaijin frowned and said, "My Lord, if we go back along the shortcut, the Japanese cavalry will face each other. I’m afraid there are not three hundred of them. Once they are entangled, we’re afraid we can’t get away eagerly …"
Zhang Yi shouted, "I can’t care so much. Everyone is ready to break through the Japanese cavalry and must hurry back to Yashan!"
After saying that the reins in the area rushed in the direction of Yashan, only a few minutes later, the Japanese cavalry in front had discovered that the reconnaissance battalion had stopped and spread out its formation to wait for the arrival of the reconnaissance battalion.
Zhang Yi waved his sabre and shouted, "Cang Lang killed!"
Ten brothers behind him drank a "kill!" With the sound, the whole team rushed directly towards the Japanese cavalry. At this time, the Japanese cavalry mid-team leader was also filled with anger. Whoever looked at his family should be burned, and his anger could not be calmed down. The Japanese cavalry mid-team leader drank a drink and both cavalry charged at each other.
"Ah …" Cavalry mid-team leader Yang Tian roars.
Nie Shicheng watched the battle nervously in Nanbu camp. For example, today, the cavalry had already broken through the Krupp heavy artillery fire blockade, and the horse was about to rush to the camp. Nie Shicheng didn’t expect the Japanese cavalry to be so fierce and fearless of death. The heavy machine gun blockade of the Green artillery still charged and still arrived near, and the heavy artillery had long since lost Nie Shicheng’s cold drink. "The cavalry battalion will give me the Japanese cavalry to suppress before the camp, so that they can be rushed by infantry!"
More than 300 people in the cavalry battalion rushed to the Japanese cavalry to blink, and the two Indiana Jones stirred up together. This is because after entering the era of hot weapons, it is no longer common to see cold weapons killing. Together, the two armies are not 700 people, and the sabre is dancing wildly, and the horse screams are cut off. Although Nie Shicheng’s troops are brave and brave, they can be said to be outstanding soldiers, but the shortcomings of the Japanese cavalry war immediately appear. Only three rounds have left more than 300 cavalry, while the Japanese cavalry has nearly 400.
Nie Shicheng’s heart is dripping with blood. These are all soldiers who have followed their own bloody battles. They are all blood in their hearts! In just a few minutes, his cavalry battalion was scattered by the Japanese cavalry in the charge. Alas, if Zhang Yi’s reconnaissance battalion were around, a few charges would definitely suppress the Japanese cavalry back to the Ba Gen training cavalry. That’s a first-class skill compared with the Japanese!
Just when Nie Shicheng was heartbroken, a scout came running pale and shouted, "The military gate is not good!"
NieShiCheng nu way "panic! There is no law at all. What’s the matter? "
The scouts replied, "The military gate is not good. The camp at the northern foot of the mountain has been broken by the Japanese army. Instead of returning to the army to rescue their camp, the Japanese army came to our camp!"
Nie Shicheng smell speech frightened to disgrace what’s the matter? He saw that the fire in the direction of Chenghuan Post has already started. At least Zhang Yi’s sneak attack has been successfully launched. Even if the left-behind Japanese troops were not attacked by the Cang Lang Brigade, they wouldn’t have the energy to get angry. Why didn’t the Japanese rescue the camp?
Nie Shicheng also came without much consideration and shouted, "Li Gang immediately led the deputy Zhongying to the northern foothills. It is necessary to crucify the Japanese army in the northern foothills for me! Order the left battalion and the right battalion of the training army to strengthen the offensive for me and shoot all the shells out for me. After the shelling, charge the Japanese army and be sure to defeat the enemy in front of you! "
Chapter 22 Wyndell Dichinson Yashan III
Suddenly, the artillery fire of the Qing army on the two wings of the mountain became more violent. After a burst of artillery fire, the Qing army left the camp and the right battalion commanded and attacked the Japanese army.
Nie Shicheng is in a hurry. If you can’t defeat the Japanese army in the north, you are afraid that these five battalions will be confessed here. But in front of you, this Japanese army is really not trying to chew this hard bone!
Chenghuanyi leads to Yashan Avenue. Zhang Yizheng, led by the brothers of Cang Lang Brigade, flew like lightning and saw that the distance from Nandaying was getting closer and closer. At this time, he heard the sudden guns at the northern foot of Yashan.
Zhang Yi’s face changed, and his heart was white. It must be Nie Shicheng’s short radius to stop the northern foot from attacking the Japanese army. If we don’t stop the Japanese army in the north, we are afraid that there will be danger of annihilation.
Zhang Yi shouted, "Brothers make a detour to the northern foot of the road. Let’s go straight behind the Japanese army in the north and take him by surprise!"
After that, the horse ran towards the next avenue.
The Japanese Deputy Battalion leading to Nanlu Avenue is in full swing. The Japanese army is launching a fierce offensive against the Deputy Battalion by dint of numbers. The Deputy Battalion has lived in a highland and fought back four times in less than half an hour, but the Deputy Battalion has also suffered heavy losses. The main battalion of more than 600 people can maintain its combat power now, and the soldiers are less than 400. There are dead bodies everywhere in front of the hillside.
Li Gang just led a sentry to charge the Japanese army, and his right arm was also shot by the Japanese army. The battalion commander hung down to Li Gang’s ear and shouted, "It’s not enough to lead us to stop the ammunition in a hurry. The shells are about to run out. It’s hard for us to resist the foreign ghost offensive without artillery suppression. What should we do!"
Li Gang roared, "If you can’t hold it, you’ll have to run out of ammunition and give it to the old man to fight for a bayonet! If the position loses the Japanese artillery, it will face the military door! Even if the deputy battalion headquarters dies here, it can’t let the foreign ghosts advance half a step! "
Opposite ōshima Yoshimasa’s heart is also secretly shocked. Although the military quality of the Qing army is slightly worse than that of the Japanese army, this fierce and fearless spirit is not bad! Several times, the Japanese casualties have been four or five hundred, which is just a sneak attack on the entire Peking University camp. In the face of 3,000 Japanese casualties of the Qing army, there are no more than one hundred people. Just one battalion force has brought such heavy casualties to itself. The gap between the hatchbacks is so obvious.