At this moment, Pang Yu and others are all white, because the situation has shown everything, and Wei Ji is about to succeed.

Although things didn’t work out for them, Pang Yu didn’t care that he could firmly hold his position as a master elder brother in the second peak of Gengjin. Besides his own strength, proper limit’s mastery is also a great factor.
This proper limit’s mastery of the roots will not be able to unconsciously leave a mysterious impression in the hearts of all people. When people ring, they will be afraid to rush to continue to accumulate.
He is very clear in his own heart. Although he has hit the elixir the most times and his mana is the most thick, if he really fights and fights, he thinks that he may not be able to bring several younger brothers.
Xu ruogu and others are worse than pangyu in this way, so they feel that this situation is not in their hearts, but they also know that things can be changed at this moment, and it is also white to give up.
The pressure from the courtyard didn’t stop once, but it just disappeared after a series of impacts like waves for seven times.
Pang Yu and others naturally retired for seven times. At this time, they were more than ten feet away from the courtyard where Weiji was located.
At this moment, a red and black magic gas suddenly filled the whole courtyard. If there is spirituality, this magic gas will continue to evolve for a while, and it will be ferocious and fierce, as if it were going to swallow everyone up. For a while, the beautiful maiden jumped out of the graceful dance and looked around as if inviting everyone to dance together.
In addition, there are fierce realms, gorgeous palaces, graceful sounds,
All kinds of visions are just a trance, just disappear and the sky will clear up again, as if the strange situation had never happened.
But watching the monks from the sidelines feels that it has been a long time, and the weak-willed person is still immersed in the previous vision, showing all kinds of expressions and staring blankly; Those who are firm-willed or profound in cultivation, such as Pang Yu and Xu Ruogu, have their own secret methods to wash their spirits and let them feel strange emotions, so that they can’t have the slightest impact on their own cultivation.
"Big Brother, look at this vision just now. This achievement is not our golden kendo, but the magic way!" Xu Ruogu, the second brother, first spoke to Pang Yu around him and said, "Isn’t this the practice that Brother Wei practiced by himself before getting started?"
"Maybe! Teacher Wei, in some cases, you also know that overnight building foundation is also very powerful before getting started, and the practice skills are certainly not bad. "Pang Yuxiao replied," But I think we will know the specific situation soon. "
Pang Yu and Xu Re-gu don’t think it’s wrong for their own Xiandaomen to practice magic magic solution. After all, it’s not the time when the fairies and demons were absolutely opposed. Moreover, the truth is that all factions understand the truth. This situation has already appeared many times before the Five Elements Sect.
Not only that, but there is also a kind of joy in their faces, because they also know another thing, that is, the person in charge of a pulse of kendo can be controlled by a kendo practitioner, and even if it is accomplished, it is no longer a kendo brother Wei Ji’s manifestation. This vision of then is not a sword, which means that Wei Ji won’t be able to stay at the second peak of Gengjin, and he can choose a mountain on the side of the pulse to form a pulse by himself!
This kind of situation is based on common sense. Pang Yu and Xu Ruogu know that other brothers-in-law are naturally very clear, which means that they and Wei Ji will compete again. The original jealousy, dissatisfaction and other emotions have all disappeared. Although it is said that all the people have worked hard to come up with means before, they have also announced the situation, but they don’t care much about it. After all, there is no need, and no one will be willing to go looking for trouble to take the initiative to offend people.
At this moment, their attitude towards Wei Ji has taken a big turn. Originally, they were trying to contain it, but now they are trying to make friends. After all, it is a good thing to have a strong support outside!
Who avoid is don’t know because he is the servant knot Dan his other disciples don’t know how many times in the heart, at this moment he is immersed in joy because of the resin demon Lin Zhao resin then-false and true two-phase Dan formed perfectly.
"Such a vision is not only true and false, but also life and death!" Wei Ji has seen all kinds of experiences, but a lot of knowledge is not bad. It is clear that life and death are powerful. At that time, he could not help but sigh.
"This is normal! The corpse gas is a symbol of death; And blood gas is also angry and condensed. It is also natural that Lin Zhao brothers can understand this way. "Then Fu Shan, a zombie, interfaces at this moment.
Then then Wang Xian, a zombie, smiled and said, "You can swim freely when you shuttle between reality and reality; The rotation of life and death is often shattered, and it is rare that the two are perfectly unified together. So then it is really enviable! Although I finished Dan before you, it was only a matter of time before you overtook me. It seems that I have to work harder and try to lengthen this period as much as possible, otherwise this tone in my heart is really hard to get out! "
Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, is naturally full of ambition. He wants to release his mood at this moment, but the reality is that he still absorbs some blood spirits when the elixir is formed at the last moment, so now he can look embarrassed and say, "It’s a pity that Brother Blood Spirit was injured!"
Taoist Xue Ling made a sacrifice this time. Wei Ji naturally wouldn’t just look at him like this. After a slight turn of mind, he came up with an idea. This idea not only can make Taoist Xue Ling do his best to get back to the past, but also can bridge the contradiction between them. "Since the bloody injury is caused by you, you are responsible for solving it!"
Chapter 393 Shocked
Chapter 393 Shocked
"Yes, please show your master!" Resin magic Lin Zhao should immediately without the slightest hesitation.
"Don’t I have another flower to look for?" Wei Ji, who doesn’t jump the word in the wrong novel network, said at that time, "That certain flower grows in The Hunger Island, Boyue Lake in the east of Chu State, but where it is rich in blood and gas, the effect is better than that of Zhong Volcano!" You will go there with Blood Spirit to help him recover his strength and pick a flower to fix his face and bring it back! "
"Yes!" Resin magic Lin Zhao should be again
"Blood spirit, do you think it’s so good?" Who avoid then ask to the blood road flyover.
"I have no opinion!" Road flyover Blood Spirit is somewhat dissatisfied with his injury at the last moment, but he complains in vain that there is no such thing as war, but he can gain more from his own heart.
In fact, Taoist Xue Ling’s idea is good. Taoist Xue Ling’s promise to be so happy is also quite a bit ashamed. After all, if he hadn’t finished a low point, he would have helped him recover his strength at this time. It’s really two words! After all, blood gas is different from other things unless some special places are really dead, and Weiji obviously hasn’t made a big devil’s idea of killing the country and destroying the country.
After a little meal, Wei Ji continued, "It’s hard to get closer after your source is damaged this time, but it’s not too slow for your spirituality to rise solely by nourishing blood and gas. Before you leave, I will spend material resources, refine ten-channel symbols, realize and help you practice."
"Thank you, master!" Road flyover blood spirit heard so eyes is a bright rush to thank you.
"All right!" Wei Ji waved his hand and said, "My other disciples and nephews are coming to congratulate me, so we don’t have to delay. However, it’s not appropriate for you three, Xue Ling, Fu Shan and Wang Xian, to have a few dark cards. You should all enter the Zhu Xian Array first!"
Said the who avoid the body will come up with a strong than black light.
Road flyover Fu Shan and Wang Xian, who have seen such a bloody spirit, are all familiar with it. As soon as they entered the black light, they disappeared with the black light.
At this time, there are three people left in the chamber of secrets: Wei Ji, the resin demon Lin Zhao and the head of the seven emotions, Tang Tianchi. The soup Tianchi is shrouded in the seven evils and seven emotions network, forgetting myself and refining the seven emotions devil to practice. Wei Ji does not disturb him, so he left it in the chamber of secrets, and the resin demon Lin Zhao went out together.
Out of the chamber of secrets, Wei Ji’s hands were pinched with a tactic, and at once, the colorful spirit clouds in the courtyard were shot out of 13 arch bridges, each of which was dozens of feet wide with colorful light. These arch bridges fell in front of Pang Yu and others in the future.
Article 13 corresponds to the thirteen brothers who entered the second peak gate of Gengjin. Although it is said that some people are not in the mountains but have gone to the mountains for experience, their followers have not finished the mountain. They just want to see how many supporters these brothers have through this situation.
It’s a must to take charge of the second peak of Gengjin, but it’s much bigger, but whether you participate in this competition or not, you can’t be an urgent person. It’s necessary for you to have enough weight to grasp the situation
Wei Ji himself joined the second peak of Gengjin, although he also communicated with many other disciples, but after all, there are very few dozen good people naturally, but I am afraid that if I am determined to be with myself, there will be no one. The thirteenth arch bridge represents myself, but it is prepared by those who have insisted on neutrality in their classmates for years.
Those neutral talents are worth wooing. Although it is definitely not easy to woo these people for so many years, Wei Ji didn’t expect to catch them all. He believes that it is not difficult for him to do this by means of means.
Pang Yu and others are all abnormal people. When the five-color Xiangyun arch bridge falls like this, they still don’t know what it means. But at this moment, in their eyes, Wei Ji has lost its competitiveness and naturally can support one of them.
Each of the nine in-laws in the field secretly showed their strength. Although Wei Ji may not support the most powerful one among them, it is obvious that if the strength is weak, it will not be supported by others.
Their secret greeting naturally led to the movement of the registered younger brother behind them. Seeing this situation, the rest of the younger brothers naturally became white, and they also differentiated and moved.
It’s only a moment when it’s said very late. Long queues lined up at the colorful Xiangyun arch bridge and headed for the palace in the clouds.
Who avoid very colorful YunXuan large array Lord although in the courtyard, but for the outside world is clearly.
Although it may not be completely accurate at this time, Wei Ji believes that the general trend can’t be wrong because he knows that his fellow brothers will definitely exclude him from the threat because of the corpse demon Lin Zhaojie Dan.
When I swept away Wei Ji, I found that Pang Yu, the first elder brother, was the most powerful and numerous after his introduction, followed by Xu Ruogu, the second elder brother, and Su Guo, the fifth elder brother. He kept all these in mind, especially those people’s appearance, and secretly moved the secret technique to ensure that they would not make mistakes in the future.
However, his biggest concern is not that these four teams are not led by a brother-in-law. One of these four teams is particularly outnumbered by his elder brother Pang Yu. Although he has not yet confirmed that this team is the neutral side, this is not difficult. You can know it with a little attention afterwards.
See PangYu leader is going to go to his yard, such as who avoid natural won’t again big directly called his two maids to meet together.
Who avoid this five-color Yunxuan large array power is extraordinary, although it is condensed clouds, but stepping on the surface is not the same as the field. It is even more urgent for those brothers-in-law to woo who avoid it.
But when Wei Ji walked out of the courtyard with two beautiful maids and saluted them with a smile, they all froze.
The reason is very simple. Because Wei Ji’s breath is not doubtful, it is the breath of the foundation, and because Wei Ji has not concealed his own cultivation, people like Pang Yu and Xu Ruogu can more accurately feel that Wei Ji’s cultivation at the peak of the ninth floor of the foundation has not even broken through the tenth floor!
Seeing this Pang Yu and others can’t help but feel glad that "fortunately, the word ShiShu didn’t export, otherwise it would definitely be a laughing stock."
However, they also clearly know that the previous situation of condensing the elixir is not their illusion, but it is real, which means that the person who just condensed the elixir is not a bogey, but someone else
It is no stranger for foreign monks to come to Zongmen to attack then Pangyu and others by spirit, because this has long formed a very perfect charter. Like these people, it is not necessary to do something in advance for the five elements, and this person is no exception, even if he teaches his friends and nephews.
When PangYu somberly, but he is always deliberate before you move, and naturally he won’t easily come to a conclusion before he finishes figuring out the situation, so he stopped to drink in situ and asked, "Teacher Wei, what happened?" But you brought an outsider to Jiedan? "
"Ha ha-"Wei Ji smiled and answered "Don’t I know the rules in the master elder brother’s clan? How could you do such a thing? That Jiedan is also the second peak of my Geng Jin! "
“?” Smelling so pangyu’s face is moving, and all kinds of memories run over like wheels. Think back to the absent brother and try to determine who married Dan before them!
The rest of the people naturally do the same, and they are still wondering if they have offended him in the past.
However, Pang Yu and others are surprised by this situation, but they are not flustered. For them, if it weren’t for Wei Ji’s knot Dan, other theories about who knot Dan are all so-called because they can be in charge of the second peak of Geng Jin, they must be registered brothers. Unless there is a coincidence, they can compete for the mountain. Otherwise, they can get another pulse!
"oh? Which Martial Uncle is it? Please let Brother Wei know? " At this time, the second brother Xu Ruogu suddenly said that the rest of his brother-in-law also followed suit.
"You brothers and younger brothers don’t know each other yet. Come in and talk about it!" Who avoid didn’t answer directly, but stretched out his hand to the people from the family yard, please go.