"You …"

The dove’s fingers were bathed in the sea, showing a look of anger.
Did you play this card? I cann’t react at all
A few magic thoughts flew to Muhai Dantian.
Mu Hai loosed the dove eagle, and he was afraid of going so far, and the other party was scared to death, so there was no place to get the magic thought.
Dove eagle saw MuHai didn’t move secretly relieved.
"Pick up my fiend and punch me."
Say that finish MuHai like a shell toward the dove eagle.
The look in dove’s eyes is changeable. Cover this one and cover that one.
Finally, bow to the ground and form a ball.
A gentle flap hit the dove’s face.
There is no pain this time.
Don’t play like this!
The dove eagle touched her pounding heart and looked at Muhai resentfully.
Several demons flew out from the top of the dove’s head and rushed into the Muhai Dantian.
These waves of magic energy growth made Muhai smile a little.
Then it is Muhai’s various means to make the dove eagle parry.
Contributed a lot of magic thoughts to Muhai.
By the time the dove eagle contributed 2 magic powers to Muhai, there was no good meat in her body.
His face is swollen like a pig’s head and his body is swollen.
But these are skin injuries, not fatal.
"You are dead!"
I received that I lost my magic power. Muhai grabbed the dove eagle’s arm and squeezed it. His arm instantly shattered.
"Ah …"
A terrible scream echoed in the iron box.
A fatal crisis hangs over dove’s mind.
No, I can’t die. I can’t die here
"Uncle, forgive me!" The dove eagle begged for mercy.
"From the moment you tried to kill me, you were doomed to die today!" Muhai light said
Then Mu Haili squeezed the dove eagle and the other arm was soft and hung there.
"You can’t kill me!" Yu Ying said
"Ha ha!" Mu Hai remained unmoved and continued to grasp one leg of the dove eagle.
"I’m a hermit. If you kill me, you’ll be hunted down by hermit if you flee to the ends of the earth."
The dove eagle breathed out her background for fear that she would be destroyed by Muhai if she spoke slowly.
This a MuHai stood there.
Hidden Fog Gate is an extremely powerful practitioner in the Dragon Kingdom, with hundreds of thousands of brothers, each of whom has a monstrous nature. Can you fight it yourself now?
But at present, the hidden fog gate has not been born.
Muhai was almost killed many times when he was chased by a hermit.
There are many ways to hide the fog gate, and it is hard to prevent it in the past life.
But this was a lifetime ago.
One goal of Muhai in this life is to destroy the hidden fog gate.
A hermit can do anything without access to resources.
Seeing that Muhai didn’t move, the dove eagle took a long breath and got up and stared at Muhai with a high profile.
"Your small strength is good. I can help you introduce the hidden fog gate. Don’t forget your brother and me then."
In spite of the severe pain, the dove eagle looked proud for a second and he could see Muhai’s grateful tears.
But he was disappointed …
Chapter 61 Say something from the heart
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Chapter 62 Uneasy
The dove eagle showed a proud look regardless of her severe pain.
In fact, he is pretending that he wants to get out of here today, and he has to soak up the sea to survive, but he can’t beg for death
Dare to waste my arms? How can such a person stay alive?
It’s a second. The dove eagle’s eyeball protrudes and it’s difficult to breathe.
He was caught by MuHai cling to the neck "hidden fog door? What a thing! "
"Click …"