A group of hungry wolves just rushed into the flock. E Lai and Hao Blade took the lead in the past. It is impossible to stop flying wolves from riding without fortifications.

On the other hand, the people who lead them are also E Lai, and this momentum is too strong. It is impossible to stop these people from attacking the temporary defense line just now, and they have not even stopped them.
"Mom! Get out of here This is a flying wolf ride "E Lai dark scold what’s going on? How can a flying wolf ride appear in this place? It’s killing me. It’s not a fart. Get out of here.
At this time, E Lai suddenly had a flash of light in his head, and the king went there. Can he lead the flying wolf to ride with people? At this time, even if the flying wolf rides elite, he may not be able to notice where the king went. After all, the king took a hundred people to pursue, and then he took people into the forest.
E Lai was so connected that he thought of such a plan of dividing the soldiers into two ways: "This way!"
E Lai took the remaining people running in the other direction, and Hao Blade and E Lai spared a small team of 100 people because of an emergency.
Mu Li noticed two traces in the back, but it’s a pity that he also didn’t take it seriously because it was a deserter’s scattered team. Plus, he wanted to harvest hundreds of people who were left behind, so he didn’t pay attention to it. Later, he would harvest again, so he let it go. This killed hundreds of people
Misguided by E Lai in front, Hao Blade and E Lai went crazy after the drunken escape in front, which also brought them trouble.
Fully chased for dozens of miles before E Lai chased the leader, a man covered in blood.
Hao blade a look at a person suddenly feel bad "bad we got the king root is not here! He went after the main hall and the second hall. "
"What? Damn it! " E Lai also saw the man covered in blood and excited.
"Can’t come at this time, I’m afraid the king has chased the main hall and the second hall. I won. Hahahaha!" E Lai laughed wildly. Flying Wolf riding really deserved its name. No army could escape in their hands. I still didn’t escape, but it doesn’t matter. The king should have succeeded.
"What’s your name?" E Lai took a deep breath and looked at the man coldly. I hate that he was played.
"After the team falls, the front team will kill me back!" Hao blade didn’t have time to talk nonsense with them. He was also worried at this time. I didn’t expect to be fooled at this time. This is really desperate.
With a sledgehammer, E Lai didn’t follow, but looked at the person in front of him coldly.
"I am the first valiant soldier on the throne of E Lai", covered in blood, E Lai looked proud.
"Oh, you’re the Fei Lian, right? It just so happens that my name is E Lai, but I’m a little general Wentian. E Lai … E Lai casually waved a sledgehammer and looked cool. It doesn’t make sense to chase him at this time. Let’s take care of this guy.
"Hum! You are so confident that you can win me without help! " Covered in blood, E Lai showed a bloodthirsty smile, but the other party did not look down on himself too much.
"To three hammer is enough! Three hammers will kill you! " E Lai said coldly.
At this moment, the first hammer has arrived in E Lai, and the sledgehammer suddenly smashed. He hates this guy to the extreme.
Covered in blood, E Lai has turned his back on his life at this moment. Do you want me dead? I want you dead, too.
It’s a pity that he never dreamed that E Lai’s hammer came out instantly. This is a root, a flying hammer covered in blood, and it was smashed into patties before it came.
"It seems that you can’t kill three hammers and one hammer is enough." E Lai picked up the one-thousand-pound hammer-faced meat pie without looking at it. He has no interest in the dead.
General Shao said it’s absolutely right. It’s not enough to be brave. Or was someone tricked him? E Lai shook his head and killed him again
"Kill back and kill back!" Flying Wolf Riding Crazy Screaming Hao Blade with people immediately rushed back to kill Nai. There were too many soldiers, which seriously hindered Flying Wolf Riding.
"What’s the matter?" Mu Li chased a soldier and shouted that he didn’t know what had happened in the back.
"We’ve been tricked. The king’s root is not there!" The soldier quickly explained that he rushed over without stopping.
Jose from immediately head dizzy what! I cann’t believe I got caught. Damn it, I was set up. Those roots are not routed, but divided into two ways
Jose from consciousness thought of just a trace of those deserters is them, there is no reason to have routed troops so soon "come with me! They are over there! "
Jose from the in the mind to calculate a position immediately tearing voice shouted damn! I didn’t expect this time to be played.
Di Xin now no one behind to suddenly a happy when it’s god help "ha ha ha! I didn’t expect God to help me. I won the teacher this time! "
Kong Xuanhe and Jin Peng are still fighting fiercely. The two large arrays are powerful. Although Kong Xuanhe and Jin Peng can temporarily suppress the two large arrays, it is extremely difficult to break them. They don’t have the abnormal sealing technique.
Kong Xuan is getting faster and faster. When the Virgin is not careless at this time, if it is broken by the other party, it will be out of luck for yourself and others to get away.
"It’s still a little short!" Kong Xuan’s chest kept fluctuating and anxious, which made his body bear a huge load. Even his monster body was faintly unable to bear such a strong burden
Even so, Kong Xuan is still crazy. It is necessary to make that strange force field react, but the Wanxian Array cannot be broken from the outside.
Thirty-three days ago, the old gentleman sighed, "Let’s retreat. There is no chance of winning. This time they won."
Yuan Tianzun’s face is not very good. He was the first to be broken in the large array of twelve mixed elements. It will get worse and worse if you call again. It’s better to retreat.
Tongtian hierarch nodded, and he didn’t want his efforts to go white.
Explain that there are two E Lai Wentian hands, E Lai, not the original Di Xin hand, E Lai, but a big traitor in Fei Lian, who Wentian called his hand E Lai because of his amazing strength. Here is my mistake. By the way, please ask for some tickets. If you have tickets, please give them some! thank you Li Zhan’s salary address is changed from Li to Gang … Gang Kou Yang … 😯 … Please contact Lu Fazheng!
Chapter 10 Mentoring Dialogue
Da Gui, Yin Jiao, Erguiwu and others are taking refuge in the official family. First, others are the wrong king and the second king who are trapped in the Shang hut.
"What should I do now? The pursuers will arrive soon! " Fang Bi fuels that they ran to the store in a fog and hid, but the scouts followed them here.
"yeah!" Shang is also when you are sad. He didn’t expect that even if he was away from Chaoge Night, he couldn’t avoid these disputes. It’s sad and lamentable. Now that the king and the two kings have come, he can’t care, but how to manage it is a problem
ShangQingJun see business look a face of anxious what happened to hide in this time "dad! Let the king and them run away quickly! Slip away from the back! "
Shang shook his head. "I don’t think this place has been monitored by scouts at this time. I’m afraid these scouts have already informed the people behind. I’m afraid the big team will arrive soon. I don’t know who the pursuers are!"
Just then there was a roar from outside, and the enemy had arrived.
"Impact to kill forgiveness!" Di Xin drew the dragon and phoenix sword and pointed it at the hut. He was completely crazy.
The merchant suddenly moved. This is the king. The king came to kill the two temples in person. What the hell is going on? What the king wants to do? The merchant suddenly got up and rushed toward the door. The king actually came in person. Shang Qingjun quickly followed.
Di Xin brought people. Where is the dinking nursing home that can stop hundreds of people from rushing in instantly? Di Xin waved his dragon and phoenix sword and looked at the massacre with a grimace of a grin.
"Stop it!" Businessmen rushed to the gate and roared, Di Xin immediately looked back.
Di Xin’s face changed slightly when he saw Shang. "Isn’t this the old inheritance? It turned out that you hid them and you should be guilty!"
Dragon and phoenix sword coldly pointed to the business, but he couldn’t see a trace of fear. He didn’t understand what the king was doing.
"Your majesty, please wake up. You are ruining the Shang Dynasty!" What happened to the king of business career? He’s changed completely over the years. Since he came to the northern expedition, the king is no longer the former wise king. Today, he wants to kill his own son. He is not white. What’s going on?
"Don’t worry about him killing me!" Di Xin rushed over and he didn’t care about this old thing. Now he knows he’s going to kill those two kids, so he’s done. At that time, he can do whatever he wants again. Di Xin is bloodthirsty. This old thing is too in the way. Kill it first.
Heart-saving dad! "ShangQingJun a face of panic Shouting Di Xin follow Wen Zhong martial arts natural divine power amazing straight to the business, the king and two kings are behind Di Xin bloodthirsty eyes clearly see in their eyes.
"Hey!" The other one holds the dragon and phoenix sword in Di Xin. Shang Qingjun struggled to resist Di Xin’s sword. "Shang is in shock. Looking at the daughter in front, when will her daughter know martial arts and can stop the king?"
But who is Di Xin? He’s a war-hardened figure. He can kick Shang Qingjun’s dragon and phoenix sword and wave it again. He feels that his neck is cold and suddenly he has no consciousness.