Hsuanchan went straight to the side of the refining tripod and hit the refining tripod, and then found out the same refining materials in the pile of materials in the corner: celestite, star crystal, black gold in ten thousand years, crack day claws, blue copper … Hsuanchan is now refining Xingyao. These are all refining Xingyao materials or wild animal stars, just like crack day claws.

Hsuanchan, a lonely and wild animal star, has been staying for a whole hundred years. He misses everything in the human world very much … and it has become an urgent task.
Pieces of materials are thrown into the refining tripod, almost filling the refining tripod with the lid of Hsuanchan, and then entering a method to start the array of refining tripod.
Refiners are not like alchemy. Hsuanchan must be carried out in an alchemy furnace to make the tripod save money and melt materials faster. Really shaping, adding array method or outside the tripod.
After the starter tripod, Hsuanchan came to sit in the central position of the abode of fairies and immortals, and he couldn’t just rely on the tripod to absorb the aura of heaven and earth to generate real fire to melt the materials inside. Wouldn’t that have to wait until next year? He also needs to continue to input the real yuan to increase the real fire
Looking at himself, I looked at him piteously. His mastery of Dan medicine also made Hsuanchan feel that Nai reached out and pointed to the side. "Go there and don’t interfere with my work. I’ll give you the medicine when I’m done."
"whew!" Xiaoman replied in a low voice to one side. Although he still can’t understand Hsuanchan dialect, his meaning can still be almost white
After three hours.
Hsuanchan’s hand flew out a ray of light into the refining tripod, and the tripod cover immediately flew up. Hsuanchan took advantage of the opportunity to probe into the gods. The tripod material had turned into a mass of dark gray and scattered light silver liquid. When he saw that the material melted, Hsuanchan took the liquid from the tripod to the front, and the tripod cover automatically fell after the liquid flew out.
According to Qing Xu’s memory, Hsuanchan controlled the dark gray liquid to change into a two-headed and medium-wide shuttle shape, and then … it was about to enter the array.
A series of lights fly out of his hand and instantly blend into the shuttle-shaped star Yao. As each light blends into the star Yao, it will shine slightly. Hsuanchan plays the tactic faster and faster, and the flashing light of the star Yao becomes brighter. When Hsuanchan plays the last tactic, the star Yao also suddenly shines, and then the light department disappears.
A small and exquisite shuttle-shaped magic weapon with a fist size appeared in front of Hsuanchan and fell into Hsuanchan’s theory from half.
Hsuanchan slightly entered a real yuan into Xingyao, and then threw it outward, which immediately became bigger. In a short time, it grew to five meters long and three meters wide, and almost four or five people could enter it.
Chen Xuan stepped step by step to the front of Xingyao, and moved his mind. On the side of Xingyao, a single-person small door rose to enter Xingyao. It was very simple and there were nine depressions arranged in nine palaces, which were to be inlaid with crystal as driving energy.
If you put nine crystal points, middle crystals and three crystals, it will be enough to shuttle back and forth in a star like the Milky Way. Unfortunately, Hsuanchan doesn’t even have a crystal to drive it now, but it’s also a way to exercise its skills! Chen Xuan comforted himself in his heart.
Hsuanchan is very satisfied with the treasure in Xingyao quality. This is his first official refining. The virtual evil sword is not a virtual evil sword. It is not bad to have such a result for the first time by relying on the hard top of material grade.
Hsuanchan retracted Xing Yao to its original size and put it aside for another round of new busyness.
This time, Chen Xuan wants to forge a set of armor, including shirts, trousers, boots, robes and belts. When it comes to the fix-true world, the real crisis and unpredictable fix-true people’s fighting methods are different from those of benzene and benzene wild animals. The endless defense magic weapon is equivalent to shooting at the gun without wearing bulletproof vests.
Four hours ago, Hsuanchan was wearing this magic shirt, trousers and boots named by him. The robes were all very simple. They were made according to the ancient costume in his mind. It was still Hsuanchan’s favorite white waist and a white ribbon. The whole dress looked very simple, but with three points of softness, seven points of heroic spirit and a little evil taste, the face and the unique temperament of the practitioner made Hsuanchan feel like he wanted to ride the wind and go free and unfettered. Hsuanchan was very satisfied with himself.
Each of the five magic weapons in the whole set reaches the treasure, and together, it can also be worth a treasure defense.
Hsuanchan wears a free and unfettered suit, but he always feels something is missing.
Thinking about Hsuanchan can’t help but touch the bar and so on. He raised his hand and immediately smiled "Yes! Hehe, what is lacking is how to attract mm’s attention and how to soak mm without a fan! "
Chapter 32 From the former
This time, half an hour later, Hsuanchan has already made a pair of Xiaoyao fans, which is called Xiaoyao Fan.
"Ha ha good! There is a treasure level. "Hsuanchan once again nodded with satisfaction and decided to fan the virtual evil sword in ordinary combat. Only in the most dangerous time can people be coveted to know that money can’t be exposed, especially in the fix-true world, a spirit weapon is enough to lead a war to let the small sects they nest let the big sects kill.
The water in the fix-true world is not deep. Without Qing Xu’s memory, Hsuanchan will surely rush into the fix-true world with a magic weapon and a virtual evil sword, and he will definitely be surrounded by people. Even if you have thousands of lives, there will be no residue left.
When I hit the fan, I saw five big words "Happy World" written on one side and a pair of beautiful women bathing on the other. The fog in Tu Tu is so misty that people can’t see it. Even the appearance of the beautiful woman is blurred. You can see that it is a peerless beauty. The whole picture is full of seductive and fascinating breath.
One or seven words "absolutely" next to the beauty map, Tianmei is my family, I play house together, and I live in the same family every night.
The whole fan contains all the beautiful women who dream of freedom in Hsuanchan.
Hsuanchan so smartly shook his Bai Yugu free and unfettered fan smelly fart and looked at the corner with a complacent face. There are not many materials left … It’s a pity that even a treasure can’t be refined.
After pondering for a long time, Hsuanchan decided to waste all these materials and make them into a burst charm by imitating the charm and adding the characteristics of disillusionment, that is, just like the bombs in the secular world, the charm is changing rapidly
The principle is also very simple, that is, the five kinds of attribute materials are not equal to each other. After the five-point materials are melted, they are put into a specially adapted five-element array, which will destroy the balance of the five-element array and then throw it out … Bang! It will have a similar effect of rapid change, and it may even disturb the aura of the surrounding world to interfere with the opponent’s purpose
In less than half an hour, Hsuanchan made thirteen of these special spells, which he called disillusioned baby. The remaining materials were not enough to refine another disillusioned baby. It was really left for Hsuanchan to decide to leave them in the wild animal star "Living with My Heart".
They are called such charms and disillusioned babies because they are so beautiful. The translucent sphere has two thumbs, and there are five kinds of colorful fog flowing in it, which respectively represent the five elements of aura. Such a beautiful little thing, Chen Xuan, who wants to see it, should not be wary, right? Although every practitioner will have a sense of danger, every slight negligence in the battle can be fatal, and the disillusioned baby is likely to be the fatal baby of Hsuanchan’s enemies and the life-saving baby of Hsuanchan.
But now Hsuanchan doesn’t have the leisure to experiment and disillusion the baby’s power. The expectation of leaving the wild beast star has gradually evolved into an urgency, and Hsuanchan is also more eager to appreciate the novel world of the fix-up world. First, all those exotic flowers and fruits in the small cave are refined into elixirs. Besides, it’s not too late to really try it before leaving the wild beast star.
See Chen Xuanjin in and out and an alchemist Xiao Man’s eyes lit up immediately, but I clearly remember that Hsuanchan did this when he gave it an alchemist. The little guy suddenly walked back and forth excitedly for two laps, but immediately forced himself to stop and wait for Hsuanchan to refine the Dan medicine. It seems that he has learned a little!
Hsuanchan is not worried that Xiaoman will steal his alchemy materials after seeing his alchemy. According to his observation, Xiaoman is not interested in these alchemy raw materials at all. Dan medicine is his favorite. When he sees Dan medicine, Xiaoman will show his’ crazy’ side.
A day later, all the materials were finally refined into elixir. At this moment, Hsuanchan was too tired. For two days in a row, the alchemy and refining device consumed a lot of his energy. Although Zhenyuan could quickly make up for it, his mind was not so easy to recover.
However, Hsuanchan can’t wait to leave. Immediately, a newly refined Dan medicine, Hsuanchan, meditated on the spot for two days to consume his skill.
This time, an alchemist, Chen Xuan, made a total of rejuvenation pills, Ziyang Yulu pills and a lot of miscellaneous ordinary pills. The pills have the effect of rejuvenation, and even if there is a breath left, they can save you. Even if there is a soul left, it will temporarily help you save your life and let your relatives and friends sometimes find ways to save you. It is the best elixir in the repair world, reaching the level of pills, and Hsuanchan has also refined three.
Ziyang Yulu Dan is a medium-grade jade bottle that supplements the truth and restores the skill. Chen Xuan has refined more than 20 pieces and put them in two medium-sized jade bottles.
And for Xiaoman, the lowest-grade materials that Chen Xuan specially designed are refined, and the materials that have not been refined are also specially wasted. A small bag of multiplier is made, and two or three hundred pills of Dan medicine are filled in it. It is also very convenient to take out one when the waist is to be fed.
Three days later, Chen Xuan woke up from her meditation and couldn’t help smiling. "I didn’t expect … it was a surprise to break through to the middle of OBE so soon!"
Ten years of sword-refining, Hsuanchan’s continuous consumption and supplementary practice in Zhenyuan is actually approaching the mid-term of out-of-body experience. In the past two days, the giant wolf battle and alchemy and refining device have further enabled the practice to break through to the mid-term of out-of-body experience. In fact, there is nothing strange about Hsuanchan himself, and his performance is also very indifferent. In the past three days, he has been consolidating and repairing most of the time. If he is not in a hurry, he really wants to practice for ten days and a half, and he will finish the consolidation! Now it seems that there is a separation and it has consolidated in Xingyao.
Crack day beast original
Chen Xuan came here again with Xiao Man.
While flying in Hsuanchan, I tried my best to search for the trace of crack day beast, and soon I found a crack day beast who was drinking water by the pool in the middle of Yuanying.
Yes, he is looking for an’ old friend’ crack day beast to experiment with the power of disillusionment baby.
Hsuanchan’s figure faded into oblivion, but it was "Disillusionment with Heart"
Normal flight has seen "Disillusionment with Heart", which shows how anxious Hsuanchan is now.
For a moment, Hsuanchan quietly appeared on the head of the crack day beast. Without foreplay, he threw out an disillusioned baby without hesitation. As he approached the moment, an urgent noise rose in his heart.