There are six people in Bai Zhongshan’s gang, most of whom are elderly. It seems that it is really a last-ditch effort for talents to come here.

There is also a group of nearly 10 people. Although there are high and low repairs, there are many faces. It should be that it will not be simple after experiencing wind and rain.
One of the other monks attracted Yang Xiu’s special attention.
That man, like Yang Xiu, is also a black robe with a decent veil. He stays in a remote corner alone, but his body is wrapped in dark red fog. At first glance, he is a monk who cultivates magic power and magic way, and he is still not shallow.
He also saw Yang Xiu looking over and couldn’t help but stare coldly without any feelings.
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu smiled at the masked monk and turned his head away.
He forgot that he was wearing a gauze in the cloud, and no matter what his expression was, no one could see it.
Then there are monks who come here, not many hours, but only three or four people
In the evening, another one-armed monk came to the top of the mountain, but it caused a discussion-Yang Xiu also recognized that it was just a short time before the wonderful Zen master.
Yang Xiu had learned from the mouth of the ghost king that two people, Tianshi Man and Taoist Hua Lian, were killed at that time, but he didn’t expect Miao to come from a dead tree in spring. This was some trouble because Miao Jackson’s glaring arhat was just able to restrain Tiangui. If he entered water curtain cave, it would be greatly bad for Miao Jackson to fight.
It seems that many people here know Master Miao. When Feng Linsheng pointed at Master Miao’s broken arm, he was surprised and said, "What happened to Master Miao to make you like this?"
"It turned out to be a benefactor," Miao Zen master sighed when he saw Feng Linsheng. "Alas, it’s really a long story. We met the ghost king in the cold swamp, and it also controlled that one day the poor ghost monk could lose an arm and get his life. It was lucky that many monks who were together at that time were physically injured."
"The ghost king! Ghost? " Feng Linsheng and other monks were surprised to hear the two talking.
Feng Linsheng also said something strange to Miao Zen master, "It’s beyond our ability that the master can get away from the heavenly ghosts and the ghost king!"
At this time, the wonderful Zen master saw and Jiman sat in a corner. The expression in Yang Xiu’s eyes suddenly became rich. He was so shocked that he forgot to answer Feng Linsheng’s words.
Miao Zen master didn’t know what would happen after he left first, but after he came out of the cold swamp, he met Mrs. Meng, who also escaped, and learned everything about the afterlife from Mrs. Meng.
Knowing that Yang Xiu was stared at by the ghost king, he already thought that Yang Xiu could not come out alive, but now it is more important to see a man who has been sentenced to death alive than he came to water curtain cave first, so how can he not be surprised and lose his normal state?
Seal Lin Sheng see in the eye also with wonderful Jackson eyes see Yang Xiu is the mysterious masked man couldn’t help heart move gently cough a little suspicious to wonderful Jackson asked.
"How master know the masked monk? Can you introduce a "
Miao Zen master once heard this, the horse resumed its normal color and said flatly
"The poor monk once met him, and he also wore a veil to talk about not knowing the poor monk. Go ahead and say hello. Excuse me!"
Miao Zen master then hurried to Yang Xiu.
Because they didn’t do anything to protect their conversation, Yang Xiu also heard that when he saw Miao Jackson coming, he couldn’t help but get up and say first
"It turned out to be a wonderful Zen master. It’s great to see the master here."
Although Yang Xiu was a little annoyed at that time, Miao Zen master fled alone without saying hello, but after all, the situation at that time could not blame him, so he still showed enthusiasm in his exports and his face lit up.
Master Miao waved his sleeve with one arm and asked with one hand. He was a little surprised. "I didn’t expect that benefactor Yang had gone to the benefactor first. It’s always surprising!"
"Where is the first step?" Yang Xiu also said vaguely.
"On that day, Yang benefactor will not blame me! But I can listen to what Mrs Meng said about the afterlife, but I deeply admire Yang’s ability to get away with it. "
"Master, what is this? I don’t care about people. At that time, the situation was critical. If I were the master, I would say that I have been lucky enough to come out. How can I blame the master?" Yang Xiu said eagerly, although he couldn’t help it.
"Isn’t Mrs Meng coming?" Yang Xiu was afraid of his wise men after fast asks.
"Mrs. Meng is the elite brother of Dandingmen, and there will be a lot of Dan medicine. She got it as hard as we did, so she came here to pick some rare Lingcao for transplantation." Yang Xiu heard a faint envy in the wonderful words.
It is true that if Dan Ding’s younger brother has a certain influence, there will be no shortage of Dan medicine. It seems that Mrs. Meng is the kind with strength
"Isn’t this benefactor Yang going to introduce me to the old woman?" Wonderful Zen master jokes
"Bad manners. Bad manners. This is the law I met when I first came out of the cold swamp. Everyone Ji Daoyou went hand in hand because they were all coming here. This is Yuanjue Cave, a wonderful Zen master with unfathomable Buddhism. I want you to know one." Yang Xiu introduced them to the two.
Jiman also cooperated with the light way, "I have seen Master Miao!"
"It must be extraordinary that Ji donor’s array method can be praised by Yang Jushi. It was really embarrassing just now."
Wonderful Zen master heard that Jiman was an array mage, but there was a flash of extraordinary splendor in his eyes. Although everyone knows the array method, it can be called a "teacher" but it is rare. Many advanced array methods are controlled by various sects, and ordinary monks have less access to it, let alone master it. Therefore, wonderful Zen master also saw that Jiman only built the foundation in the early days and still looked at her with new eyes.
Chapter 19 Meet an old friend
It’s night in Feng Linsheng. Several people decorate the law. Several people rest cross-legged.
Feng Linsheng gently coughed at Miao Jackson and said slowly
"I saw that the master was a little uneasy just now when he faced the monk named Yang. Can you tell us something about him that can make the famous’ black-hearted Buddha’ among the monks in the construction period!"
Several other people also have a curious face and keep an eye on Master Miao.
Hearing Feng Linsheng call him "the black-hearted Buddha", the wonderful Zen master also changed his face flatly.
"Seal layman remember just now I said how my arm was destroyed. In fact, donor Yang was there at that time, and Mrs. Meng, the Yin and Yang Zongtianshi, the animal husbandry Zhai Dibai and Liu Qing ‘an Hua Lian Taoist Tianshi were the first to be physically injured. Then, Taoist Hua Lian came to Mrs. Meng, and she was lucky. At the last minute, the ghost was urgently summoned back by the ghost king. At that time, donor Yang was beside the ghost king, and because the flying degree of donor Yang was not shown at that time, he was not left alone to join him at the end. Fa hurt the ghost king, so when he fled, the ghost king followed him all the time. We all thought it was impossible for him to come out alive again, but I didn’t expect to see him here again before the poor monk. Isn’t it surprising? Will I care! "
Everyone here gasped after listening to it.
That call green bamboo girl is confused way
"Does he have any special achievement method to escape quickly? He can still defeat the ghost king, and there will be a ghost one day. Even if Godsworn Jiedan has no suitable magic weapon to deal with these two ghosts, it is not a simple matter."
Miao Zen master added, "In fact, at the beginning, we also speculated that he was deliberately lowering the pressure to come in to join the Buddhist monk in the Dan period, but now that he also needs a dead tree, he said that it should not be."
Feng Linsheng analyzed, "It is definitely impossible for a ghost to defeat a ghost. I estimate that he should have a particularly powerful escape method. If not, he was the last one to escape from the entanglement of the ghost king. How could he have arrived so long before the master? Not a quarter of an hour! "
"I also think that the analysis of sealing friends has a great possibility. At that time, in water curtain cave, the posture is fast, but it won’t take much advantage. We are not too worried." Speaking is a sacrifice to the valley. Xiao Rang is black and cold, and his words are also full of Shaqi.
However, Feng Linsheng has always been prudent and cautious. "But it can’t be careless. Just now, that old ghost of Bai Zhongshan should also invite Brother Yang to join the alliance. Since Brother Yang didn’t promise, there must be something to rely on. After entering water curtain cave, let’s not rush to see the situation with Yang first, and then decide if he really has any powerful means, we will unite again."
"One more thing, is that female monk with Yang an array mage? Law disposal time is too long and water curtain cave is so big. Others don’t know where it will be silly to go in! Besides, she’s a monk in the early days of building a foundation, and her name is Yang Zong. She won’t bring such a burden for no reason, will she? " Sitting on the side of the thousand-machine-burial monk Blackwood also said
"She’s a monk in the early days of the preconditions, and there are only one or two magic weapons at most. We’re not here to be suspicious. Anyway, when we can’t get into water curtain cave, it’s natural that everything knows where so many concerns come from." Xiao Rang’s face was impatient and he closed his eyes and practiced meditation.
When Master Miao heard this, he smiled and said, "It’s still that benefactor Xiao has great wisdom. I’ve consumed too much aura today, so I’m sorry to have to recover now!"
Miao Zen master said that he was also taking a corner and ignoring everyone to practice alone.
There’s no point in the discussion that the remaining four people see Master Miao and Xiao Rang practicing on their own. Feng Linsheng finally said to the remaining few people, "We should always play it by ear every day, especially for that brother Yang, so you can’t be careless about other people. Well, let’s have a rest and keep a good mental day so as not to make mistakes."
One-night talk
The next day, at the edge of the pool, all the monks have woken up in the practice and put away their own laws in the evening. Everyone got together.
Yang Xiu fought with the Ghost King yesterday, consuming the gods’ knowledge, and so on. Jiman put away his law and came to the pond together.
When all the staff arrived, they met Feng Linsheng, Bai Zhongshan and a tall burly man with a latosolic red face before them.
Feng Linsheng gently coughed when he saw that all the people were quiet, and Lang Xiang said to the monk, "I think everyone has already understood the rules for entering water curtain cave. Here I wake up again. If anyone is willing to quit now, it will come if they enter water curtain cave days later, but there are two kinds of results."
Now that they have come here, of course, they have made all the preparations. It is just a routine for someone to quit Feng Linsheng.
Seeing that no one is going to leave Feng Linsheng, he continued, "Since everyone chooses to stay, I won’t say more about going in once, but don’t let anyone go in alone or waiting will be attacked by everyone."
"Wait" just when Feng Linsheng was about to leave, suddenly a sound came from not far away.
They look like a man and a woman, two monks coming side by side in the late period of preconditions. What Yang Xiu saw was an accident. It turned out that these two men were none other than Liu Suiyun and Mei Lanying. I don’t know if those monks who came in with them had already been in trouble.
Liu Suiyun said to the crowd, "I’m sorry we’re a little late."
"You two are also planning to enter water curtain cave?" Feng Linsheng looked at has entered two ways.