Sun Li laughed. "He is him and I am me, but Professor Kyle invited me to think that there must be something else that will impress Professor Kyle. If you can impress Professor Kyle, you will naturally impress me."

The horse laughed ridiculously. "That’s a lot of thanks." Kyle took out a map of Shanghai and pointed to the place with a red circle and said, "This is the site of the Twin Towers Temple that has now built high-rise buildings."
"Tall buildings?" Jiang Shang asked, what are you looking for when you have built high-rise buildings in your mind?
"Not all high-rise buildings have been built, but an ancient building has been preserved for a century. The name of the building nearby is Red House."
Jiang Shang felt a little familiar when he first heard this red chamber, and then he saw Kyle looking at himself with great interest and saying, "I also know that the owner’s name is Yuan now."
Professor Kyle said that the place where Jiang Shang immediately lived far away was the site of Shuangta Temple? !
The ridiculous horse made Sun Li feel weird again, especially when he uttered the word "far".
Kyle said, "I know that Professor Jiang Shang and Yuan Shang have a good personal relationship and graduated from Aurora University at the same time." Kyle looked at Sun Li and said, "I also know that Dr. Sun is engaged in scientific research activities, and the funds are also funded by this gentleman."
For a moment, Sun Li had a strange feeling of automatically bumping into somebody else’s gun. How did Professor Kyle find out so clearly?
Kyle said, "I want to visit Ms. Sun Li even if she doesn’t come. This may be what China people say, because you both happen to know the owner of the red chamber." Speaking of this, Kyle burst out laughing.
Jiang Shang reacted and said, "Does Professor Kyle mean to introduce us to you?"
Kyle "Yes, that’s what it means. First, the original owner of the Red Chamber may know that my grandfather’s first love fell, even though she has already died, I want to find her immediate relatives. Secondly, the Red Mansion is located in the ruins of Shuangta Temple. I want to have a look, but now the Red Mansion has become a private residence. I want to ask the owner’s permission. "Speaking of this, Kyle is very serious.
Jiang Shangdao "No problem is far from being my good friend" Sun Li stopped Jiang Shangdao at this moment and said "I wonder if Professor Kyle has any information about the Twin Towers Temple". Speaking of this, Sun Lixiao smiled and said "I want to know where this Twin Towers Temple impressed Professor Kyle"
"No problem, I’ll get it right away." Kyle got up and turned to get the information
Sun Li interrupted Jiang Shang’s words. Jiang Shang is also better than Congren’s heart. Sun Li may have thought of something. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as Kyle said.
Soon Marco brought information and his notebook.
Sun Lijiang still picked up the information and read it.
For about ten minutes, Professor Kyle said, "Now you have something that attracts me about the Twin Towers Temple."
Jiang Shangdao said, "This Twin Pagodas Temple does have its own unique place. There are three Western saints, three Taoists, bodhisattvas before the Sanqing period, and Confucius’ buildings. It also contains a remarkable Arabic style and a little Christian style. It would be amazing if the written materials are true."
Sun Li nodded and said, "I know that some temples in China are both Buddhism and Taoism, but I don’t know that these two pagodas also have places for western religions. This is very lively."
Kyle got up, and the whole person seemed a little excited. If it used to be an impassioned gesture, people couldn’t help but attract speeches, but now they are shaking, and their faces and expressions are very strange. "This is more important because you don’t know that our family has always been a Christian fundamentalist."
"However, this sect rarely flows now. To put it simply, we believe in the Trinity of Emperor and say that we don’t talk about it. At that time, this temple had some characteristics of our fundamentalism."
Sun Li said, "I see." If this is the case, it is normal for Professor Kyle to find out because of his religious beliefs, but Sun Li still has some wrong feelings in his heart, but she can’t say it.
Jiang Shang said, "The Shuangta Temple was built in Jiaqing year of Qing Dynasty. It should be from that time that the city was a port of exchange between the East and the West, not only the economy but also the culture and religion. Is the religious exchange and integration reflected in this Shuangta Temple?"
Kyle’s eyes lit up and said, "This is exactly what interests me. There are so many religious conflicts in other places, but in this magical land of China, many religious factions can live in peace. You know, religious conflicts in the West have led to wars many times, but there have been wars to meet a master in China history, but I have never heard of wars caused by religious conflicts. Even Buddhism and Taoism have had disputes in history."
Professor Kyle, a westerner can say this, Jiang Shang was very impressed by Jiang Shang’s glance at Sun Li, but now she has hardly changed her look. She asked, "Then Professor Kyle wants to start. I don’t think you want to rummage through my friend’s house to find something?"
"No, no, this time it’s actually an interview. I hope I can learn something from it," Kyle said at once
Jiang Shang nodded and said, "I’ll join him at once!"
Jiujuan urban men and women
Chapter 13 The Story of Shuangta Temple
Two days after the academic conference, Kyle Jiang Shang and Sun Li appeared at the gate of the Red Chamber early in the morning.
For Sun Li, of course, Professor Kyle’s naming himself to accompany him has its own meaning, and she is willing to see that Mr. Wang originally said that he is also his own goal. Of course, she has some doubts about what Professor Kyle said and why he said it.
It is reasonable to say that Professor Kyle wants to visit the site of Shuangta Temple. However, Professor Kyle’s respect now gives people a strange feeling, which makes Sun Li always mutter in his heart that Sun Li shows that he doesn’t judge by appearances. People who are good-looking are not necessarily upright, and people who are strange and eccentric are not necessarily eccentric. But Sun Li still can’t help it. This may be a woman-sensitive in our nature.
Jiang Shang succeeded in Lianyuan and said that he would visit early this morning.
Before the three men knocked at the door, Kyle sighed first, "Look, there are modern skyscrapers on both sides and behind them. It’s such an old-fashioned building. The Red Chamber is lonely and aloof. Professor Jiang Shang, you are an unusual friend."
Jiang Shang once told Professor Kyle that the Red Mansion is the site of the Twin Towers Temple. If he knew that he and Sun Li had asked Professor Kyle far away, he pretended to be inscrutable and said that he had his own information channel. When Kyle said this, Jiang Shang did not ask the facts. Some archaeologists did have an extraordinary network of contacts.
Jiang Shang knocked at the door very quickly, and it was far from grinning at the door.
Jiang Shangdao said, "Professor Kyle is coming and Dr. Sun Li."
Kyle taught me to throw a horse and said, "Hello, sir!"
Far nodded enthusiastically. "Hello, Professor Kyle. Your Chinese is really good."
Far away, I noticed that the French scholar had a slight baldness in his head and a slight hemiplegia in his body. Half of his face was twisted, as if it were a clown’s face with a little laugh and a little sneer. Far away, I saw Sun Li and quickly greeted her. "Dr. Sun is here!"
Sun Li said, "Professor Kyle is coming over, and I have something to talk to Mr."
"Inside, please!" Far hurriedly way
Let the two men and one woman into the living room and divide the two sides into seats.
Professor Kyle has been staring straight since he came in. As soon as he sat down, he said, "What a bother!"
Far "it’s okay, Jiang Shang and I didn’t say that his friend is my good friend". Just then, Fang Ya came out with his head down. Fang Ya is a standard big family girl. Come and make tea for several guests.