After special secret treatment, it can also be used to refine Biluofeng, which can not only increase the suction of Biluofeng, but also increase the recovery time of Biluofeng’s attack. Although it can’t completely replace Qingmingjing, it will also increase the power of Biluofeng a lot.

Therefore, Yang Xiu has the mind to exchange it for this. In the future, refining Biluo Peak will be more attractive and it will be easier to hit the enemy.
When it was Yang Xiu’s turn to take out the exchange, he picked out some rare things from other people’s bags a few days ago. Two of them were in the suspension palace, and the green robe bodhi old zu’s "spirit charm" was used to make the monk’s mana rise by about three or four floors. Especially, there is a drawback that this kind of "spirit charm" is a little slow to display, otherwise the green robe bodhi old zu would not have been so easily broken by him.
When everyone took out their belongings, the chubby monk said his barter terms.
"I’m going to change these materials into a four-level monster beast egg and some pills that can break through the middle stage of knot Dan. Of course, if anyone gives enough lingshi to sell," Brother Wei said, he looked at everyone with a look.
"Friends that three two thousand Zhu Guo wonder if I don’t have you need animal eggs and Dan medicine I don’t know how many LingShi need altogether? A look some young monk Dan early interface way immediately
Brother chubby couldn’t help but say with enthusiasm when he saw someone asking, "These three Zhu Guo spiritual powers are all in good condition. In the early days of Dan, the monk had a great friend. If he had the heart, he would exchange each 37,000 Lingshi."
The young monk heard that although the price was a little high, it was not too outrageous, so he hesitated and took out a bag of Lingshi and handed it to the chubby monk. "I want you to count Lingshi, right?"
The chubby friar suddenly showed me a smile and gave it to Lingshi. After a little inspection, he handed the three boxes containing Zhu Guo jade to the young friar and said, "This is the Taoist friend."
Young monk carefully picked up Zhu Guo and nodded with satisfaction after carefully checking it again.
"Do you still need friends?" Slightly fat monk asked again
"How much is your demon Dan?" A handsome young man with a somber face and a tight black shirt asked Dan Zhongshi.
"Daoyou also know that the high-order monster beast Dan is special, so the price is naturally higher. Daoyou will be you if you are willing to give the four-level monster Dan."
After that, the little fat monk asked about several materials, which naturally made him happy.
However, it’s all Lingshi who went out and didn’t get what he wanted, which still made him feel less sorry.
After the little fat brother finished, it was the black brother’s turn.
【 one more at noon 】
Chapter one hundred and seventy Weird old man
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and seventy Weird old man
One said the exchange terms, most monks exchanged business, and it was really here that they wanted or a few. After all, there were so many people.
There are still one or two monks’ materials that have not been exchanged, but they have taken them back.
After waiting for a wick of incense, Yang Xiu couldn’t help but feel a shock because it was the turn of the monk who stood in front of him with "ferromagnetic poles" and came out to exchange him. This man has ordinary shoulders and is very thin like a chopstick.
His dress is also a little weird. An old man wears a few robes like a sister-in-law wolf. It’s really long. Both of them have grown up, and most of them are dragged on the surface. The stains are also east and west, which makes people feel sloppy and funny.
However, no one gave a joke or gave a different look, because he was one of the two Godsworn Dan in the audience.
See strange old looking at all light way, "I need a piece of fire monster kidney or a kind of ice and fire with the same plant material, and the higher the effect, the better. If anyone has this material, it not only belongs to him, but also can add some other more precious materials or equal-order lingshi."
The sound is often crisp and mellow, but it is old-fashioned, which gives people a kind of uncoordinated and weird.
Yang Xiu smell speech heart can’t help but fret away from toad’s kidney, which just meets his requirements and has high efficacy.
However, it is because it is the animal material of the fit period that it is too obvious for a monk of the knot Dan period to take it out, so he can’t help but hesitate whether to take it out for exchange.
After hearing this, all of you were also excited that the bipolar ferromagnetic stone was worth more than 100,000 Lingshi, not to mention that the old man also took out a 5,000-year-old elixir and a magic weapon, but everyone was also white. Since the other party had enough money to exchange it, of course, it was not just the ordinary monster’s kidney or the same material with ice and fire. Even if the monster was less, it would be equivalent to the late stage of Dan formation, and if the medicinal materials were less than 5,000 years, it would not be available to the other party.
Moreover, these two kinds of materials with the property of fire at the same time are rare, so although they are excited, there is no population at the moment
The weird old man put all this in his eyes and couldn’t help showing a hint of nai. "Don’t you all have it?"
"Elder, please see if this thing does not meet your requirements?" Is the fat monk took out a red jade box to strange old man said
The weird old man was not happy, but he glanced at the box and refused it rudely, which made Brother Fat feel sorry.
When they saw someone taking the lead, they couldn’t help but show their own slightly qualified materials to the weird old man, but they were not returned.
As Yang Xiu also figured it out when going to exchange, the weirdo saw that all the people had put some things ranging from good to bad to let the view be impatient and frowned.
"If the monster beast is not a fire attribute and it is lower than the later stage of Jiedan, don’t take it out. It will take three thousand years for the same medicinal material to be cold and hot, or it will be a waste of time."
Yang Xiu see each other if have if look at yourself clearly know who is referring to!
However, he didn’t intend to pass the jade box containing the kidney of the toad in front of the strange old man and calmly said, "I think Taoist friends should be interested in it."
When the weird old man came to see Yang Youjie Dan, he made some repairs at the beginning. Otherwise, he just saw that he was going to take something out for himself to see, so he said that he wanted him to retreat. He didn’t expect the other party to remain in the same mood after listening to it, and he couldn’t help but expect what was in the box.
The weird old man took the jade box and slowly opened the box cover. He couldn’t help but lightly "yi" and then checked the box with a dignified face.
I saw something as big as a watermelon and shaped like a broad bean in a jade box, and it was glowing with green light visible to the naked eye, and it felt like a ripple.
Feeling the strange nature of ice and fire contained in it, the old man suddenly gasped in a gasp, but he was so excited that he couldn’t help mumbling to himself and kept watching the toad dirty from the fire.
The monks couldn’t help wondering what was in the box when they saw the strange old man was so rude, and they couldn’t help scratching their eyes at Yang Xiu with the box.
And Yang Xiu has long expected this result. After all, the body material of the monster beast in the fitting period is that the monk in the fitting period of Yuan Baby can’t easily take it out, not to mention that most of them don’t even know what the monster beast in the fitting period is like.
The strange old man checked for a while, and the excitement slowly calmed down, and his face became calm again.
Immediately put the lid of the box to Yang Daoxiu "I want these materials."
When the monks heard the news, they couldn’t help sighing at Yang with envy. Why didn’t they ask for materials from each other?
But Yang Xiu smell speech with a sneer at a way
"Don’t friends haven’t out of the box, take this thing to fool me? Besides, you have something to do with this panacea and magic weapon, so Taoist friends should not exchange it. Of course, you can buy it directly from Lingshi. "
After hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but burst into a strange language. It’s worth 30 to say less in front of the old man. I didn’t expect this ugly middle-aged monk to say enough! Among them, earthquakes can only be experienced by themselves.
And the other party can’t even look at the medicinal materials and magic weapons for five years, which makes some of them feel uncomfortable.
You know, many early scholars have one or two magic weapons for self-defense in order to save lingshi and buy pills and other herbs, and it is a luxury to have one more.
One of them, who was a little naive, quickly closed his eyes, out of mind, and silently thought, "It seems that people can’t be compared, or they will easily get angry and fall into demons."
Strange old man heard Yang Xiu words face different red and then returned to normal pause way
"In fact, this is a lot. Although the materials are difficult, there are not many people who can go to other parties. Even if they are auctioned, they just need it as much as me. Otherwise, others will have to pay a sum of money for the auction, so I have not fooled my friends."
He added, "If Taoist friends don’t have this panacea and magic weapon, I can exchange other materials for it. How about some Taoist friends will be interested?"
In fact, where does Yang Xiu know the price of demon dirty? After all, there are not many prescriptions for refining pills from these dirty ones in Xianye University.
He is aware that this is a monster beast with a different body and needs it so much that he intends to start the price. After all, this price transaction is to be able to buy an extra layer of Lingshi, which is not a small sum.
And when he comes back to Lin’ an City, his body and spirit are almost the same. He has less than two million samples, which sounds like a lot, but he can’t buy a few precious materials.
It is also true that Yang Xiu saw that the other party said that he wanted to come so sincerely. "I don’t know what other materials you have?" Weird old Yang Xiu didn’t feel happy again. "Why don’t we go there and talk alone?"