Hu Yibai took a gasp and immediately forgot to continue to attack. He stared at the bodhi old zu body of Xuanjiao and was speechless.

"Life and death ring in you here! ?” Suddenly, he was surprised, angry and shouted at him, and immediately he looked up and saw a figure exactly like the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao in a cloud outside, and his figure was like a meteor and he rushed at a monk wearing a purple and gold robe.
And around the purple monk, I don’t know when there are more than 200, and all kinds of magic weapons are used to protect the monk’s body in Yuan infant period. Looking at the clouds in vitro, the demon soul is eyeing Xiao Dan one by one.
Out of nowhere, a line of monks was sent back to Yuan Zhen, and a line of Taoist priests called for hiding in the dark to sneak attack on the bodhi old zu of Xuan Jiao. I don’t know that it was actually hidden by the bodhi old zu of Xuan Ao. Hu Yibai had some doubts and cast a glance at the beheaded body of "the bodhi old zu of Xuan Ao". However, at this moment, the body had disappeared and appeared in its original place, but two more fingers were commended as glittering and translucent jade.
"Move shape instead of body? Xiao Hu, seeing this, can’t help but exclaim which is not the white net. "It seems that after this time, the bodhi old zu capability has improved compared with the original. You can’t see anything unusual at all."
Looking at the Taoist priest Tianyuan again, I can’t help but be surprised and angry that the Taoist priest Xuan Ao and the bodhi old zu actually escaped his sneak attack. He set the delivery place outside the door just to plan that if the Taoist priest Xuan really came to attack, he would give each other a surprise ring, but he was unexpectedly escaped by the other party.
Seeing each other in the blink of an eye is almost rushed to the front of him. Taoist Yuan Zhen is flustered at the same time, but his hands and feet are not chaotic. While hiding in the group of monks behind him, he repeatedly flips and prints spells. When he sees the gold ring on his wrist and disappears for a moment, he still mistakenly sets it in the rush to Xuan Ao and bodhi old zu.
However, before Yuan Zhen’s Taoist priest showed his smile, he saw that he was trapped behind the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao, and then a bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao came. At this time, his face was dark and his true colors had disappeared, showing that he was gentle and gentle, and his breath was calm and unflappable.
Seeing him at this moment, he showed a cruel color to Taoist Yuan Zhen. He gently lifted his palm and took it straight to Taoist Yuan Zhen. It seemed to be slow, but it was as fast as a rainbow, but only with the naked eye could he see the ghosting of his palm.
At this time, the "life and death ring" has been sacrificed, and the Taoist Yuan Zhen will not take it back. Seeing that he is getting closer and closer to the palm of his hand, his pupil can’t help but zoom in and feel an unusually strong suction, which makes the pressure around his body become heavier in vain, and his face is instantly turned into a reddish brown like pig liver. It seems that he can’t escape again.
However, just as the palm of the bodhi old zu Xuan Ao was about to come into contact with the Taoist Xuanzhen, an arrow with scarlet blood suddenly spouted from the population of the Taoist Yuanzhen, and suddenly it fell on the palm of his hand, listening to "scoff", which was heard from the palm of the bodhi old zu Xuan Ao and accompanied by a white flame. The palm of the bodhi old zu Xuan Ao turned into a bone in an instant with the naked eye, and even the bone palm dissipated when the wind blew.
However, even so, I can’t see the face of the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao showing the slightest pain. I can’t say that I am surprised and there is a hint of scorn in it.
Xuanjiao bodhi old zu saw each other and took back the life-and-death ring. His body suddenly flashed backwards, and his flight path was also floating and unpredictable. "Ha ha ha, Yuan Zhen’s son, you forcibly suck the life and death ring and add 1 sudden death soon. I’ll see how long you can last!" Then he waved to Hu Yibaiyi and shouted "Go!"
Hu Yibai and the bald evil ape immediately hid in the "Ten Arrays of Yin" and set up a black light to mix with those evil spirits following the bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao.
Taoist Yuan Zhen said where he would be willing to think of Xuan Ao and the bodhi old zu just now, but his eyes couldn’t help becoming reddish. But seeing that Xuan taught the bodhi old zu, he couldn’t catch up. He couldn’t help but take his anger out on Hu Yibai and the bald ape.
"Everybody follow me to chase these demon souls!" Simple command after a flash and a piece of xuan is intercepted in the hu yibai they headstrong face out of the ring of life and death towards hu yibai they control "xuan Yin ten humble dumped over.
See the ring of life and death flying to Hu Yibai, and they are getting bigger and bigger at the same time, and finally the whole array of Xuan Yin is set in it.
When I saw the golden light and Hu Yibai in the life and death ring, they controlled the ten arrays of Xuan Yin to produce black gas, which intertwined with each other and rubbed like grinding teeth, and the life and death ring became more and more small and white, and they could not hold on for a moment.
The bodhi old zu of Xuanjiao, who is far away, is now Hu Yibai. Their predicament suddenly stopped, but they are still unwilling to give up so many monks in the fitting period. It is still very difficult to refine the Xuanyin Ten Array, so it was destroyed by Taoist Yuan Zhen, but he did not dare to go back and take risks against Taoist Yuan Zhen’s life and death ring. Otherwise, once he was trapped by the other party, no matter how many lives he had, it would not be enough for the other party to kill him.
Thought of here, as soon as the palm of your hand turned, an arm was ten feet thick and a long chain appeared in his hand, and he immediately threw it in the direction of Taoist Yuan Zhen.
Chained with a black awn, it brought up a sharp broken sound, like Youlong’s surprise, shooting at Taoist Yuan Zhen.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen suddenly flashed a cruel color in his eyes, but when the chain came to the front not far away, he suddenly spit out a blood arrow and sprinkled it on the chain.
However, a piece of Xuan iron chain melts molten iron just like the palm of the bodhi old zu of Xuan Sect, and then disappears!
At the same time when the chain disappeared, Xuan Ao and the bodhi old zu suddenly showed a staggered face with a flush, but at this moment he was more surprised to see that the other party actually ignored the life-and-death ring and forced to spit out the violent blood gathered in his heart. It seemed that he was going to fight hard and couldn’t help but back down. The power of the life-and-death ring, he knew that if the Taoist Yuan Zhen ignored the pursuit of him, it would be met, so he could not consider Hu Yibai’s figure and disappeared in a flash.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen’s eyes are already red at this moment. Seeing that his hands are tightly holding a piece of three-inch long and two-finger wide green wood, the green gas keeps rushing into his body to dilute the red in his eyes, protecting his heart. It is a little clear, but the life and death rings that imprison Xuan Yin’s ten arrays are not loose at all, but getting closer and closer. Now the ten demon souls have a range of less than five meters.
And around the more than two hundred top-ranking monks and more than ten thousand monks rushed out of the door, but the scene of hunting for those scattered demons was not spectacular.
Most of those demon souls are in the stage of "knot Dan" and "repair Yuan" and there are hundreds of them in the infant stage. Although they are not weak compared with a repair Zhen sect, Hu Yibai is imprisoned by Yuan Zhen, and these are left behind. In front of so many top-ranking monks, they are slaughtered and sacrificed, and their fate can’t run away.
However, these demon souls are all gods with low bloodthirsty nature, and they don’t know how to beg for mercy when they die, so the scene looks a little weird
"jump, jump!" Suddenly, a burst of cloth burst from the place where Taoist Yuan Zhen and Hu Yibai were located. It turned out that the ten-pole Xuan Yin Zan finally couldn’t bear the pressure of the life-and-death ring, and the monster beast and Hu Yibai’s bald ape in the late stage of fitting were immediately trapped in it by the life-and-death ring.
However, this time Taoist Yuan Zhen didn’t have a direct killer, but put these demon spirits in his hands, and then he flew to the gate with a flash of his figure. Everyone heard a lingering sound: "Dear Taoist friends and Taoist brothers, please tidy up the environment first and leave first!"
Although I was a little surprised, I didn’t think much about it. It’s important to catch these demons. These demons are all composed of ghosts, but it’s not easy to find precious materials for offering magic and magic treasures at ordinary times, so it’s certainly time to harvest when the danger is gone.
The second more)
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Out of the island
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Out of the island
These days, I have arranged for those monster beasts who came in to cultivate the abode of fairies and immortals. Yang Yougang’s ghost has not been busy. Fortunately, the fairies and immortals in Xiandao are ready-made and can be moved in with a little dust. Moreover, he also stipulated that large-scale law prohibition cannot be arranged in Xiandao, thus saving a lot of time.
After his inquiry, I learned that these monster beasts have their own waters in the sea, and all kinds of Lingcao Lingshi are richer than 6. This is partly because these monster beasts have only joined before long, and there must be some reluctance in their hearts. Therefore, Yang Xiu was not in a hurry to close these waters when he didn’t hem them up.
After half a month, the incident finally came to an end and he came to Lin Su’s abode of fairies and immortals.
These people have been looking for him several times, waiting for Yang Xiu to decide whether to go or not.
Ji Yuxin saw Yang Xiu come in and quickly said, "I don’t know what you are going to do about our affairs. Can you tell us?"
The tone is more polite than when I first arrived, and there is no flattery.
Mainly after seeing the green means that day, I was completely shocked and dared not be presumptuous again.
"Of course," Yang Xiu nodded as he sat down. "I came here this time to tell you about it."
At this moment, Lin Su, Xia Wanqiu and Lin Meng’s chamber also came out. When they heard Yang Xiu’s words, their eyes flashed with excitement. Although their faces didn’t show anything in recent months, their hearts were never steadfast. Even the cultivation was a little overwhelmed and they didn’t know what the fate was waiting for them!
See JiYuXin eyes turned with random way "I don’t know how to arrange we are going to leave us here or let us go back? Or any other method? "
Yang Xiu half squinted and rubbed his fingers around his fingers. "You all have your own sects. How can I leave you here?"
At first, I left these people here. He came to let Ji Yuxin and Xia Wanqiu come out to force them to break with the door when Taoist Yuan Zhen came to attack. In this way, the door will not focus on him. Unfortunately, Taoist Yuan Zhen stayed here for a while, but he hurried away and didn’t come yet. It is a waste of time to let these people come out and express their views.
However, the other day, he learned from Sun Liulai that the Taoist Yuan Zhen was hurriedly left that day because the Taoist Xuan taught the bodhi old zu to lead tens of thousands of demon souls to attack the old man.
For these two sides, dog-eat-dog Yang Xiu is, of course, happy to see. After all, Taoist Yuan Zhen and Taoist Xuan both have grievances with him, so he can’t wait for the situation to be more intense. If it is a lose-lose in the end, he will laugh in his dreams.
Ji Yuxin heard that Yang Xiu was going to let them go. Gu Bo’s face was not shocked. Finally, he showed a smile. "In this case, we have been disturbing people for a long time. Therefore, if there is nothing to tell them, we are going to leave today. After all, there are still many things waiting for us to do in the sect."
Yang Xiu said calmly, "Whatever you want, but before you leave, I have a few feelings. Please don’t refuse!"
"Please tell me if you can do it!" Jiyuxin immediately guarantee way without thinking
"Well, as you can see, the door is like a strong desire to rob me. For this seemingly hypocritical island, it is actually to satisfy your own selfish desires with the slogan of" removing evil spirits and defending morality ".I think everyone with a conscience and a sense of justice has the right to resist and stop it, but the other side is strong. If we rely on a single sect to oppose it, it will not have any effect. Therefore, I wonder if our factions and your close sects will jointly list the evil deeds of the door to the fix true world and give a warning to other monks who are still in the dark! Although this can’t stop the bad behavior of the door, it has finally done its part. Do you think this proposal is like this? "