After four people returned to the police station, they still had someone check what Li Hao said. As soon as they got the root, no one knew what was going on. To investigate the identity information of the deceased, Zhang Zhihao came along.

"Cheng team, I found this when I was investigating the identity information of the deceased. Do you see it?" Cheng Man held out his hand and took a closer look at the information. "The deceased came from other places and came two months ago."
"I met the deceased and Li Hao two months ago, which means that the deceased just came over and interacted with Li Hao, and then two months later, he came to the point of talking about marriage." Zhang Zhihao finished his eyes and skipped some incredible.
It seems a little too soon to know about it.
If it wasn’t love at first sight, how could you get married so quickly, although this marriage certificate has not been obtained yet …
But it’s still too soon, because this marriage is the grave of love. If you get married early, won’t it be a mess of your feelings? Does the deceased really want to get married? Or is it strange that Li Hao wants to marry a wife for whatever reason?
"Is their relationship progressing too fast?"
"Listening to their working colleagues said that it seems that the deceased took the initiative to pursue Li Hao and hooked up with Li Hao as soon as he came, regardless of whether Li Hao had a girlfriend." Zhang Zhihao added that his eyes moved slightly. "I heard that …"
"What?" Cheng Man asked some press a way
Zhang Zhihao immediately cleared his throat. "I heard that Li Hao had a girlfriend at that time, which means that the deceased was a mistress."
Little three?
It took two months to drive away the original match! It’s amazing. Is the deceased too skilled or is it because Li Hao is not good for everyone?
"It’s actually a mistress, so have you heard anything else?" Cheng Man turned and stared closely at Zhang Zhihao’s eyes and tilted his head and asked, "What else do you ask besides this?"
"I heard that Li Hao dumped the deceased, and then the original resigned sadly. It seems that he left the city and said that he would never come back, leaving Li Hao alone to die."
How can you die alone when you have a mistress?
It seems that this original match has never fought a third party, and it is also a poor person, but it is better to recognize Li Hao’s true colors early and find his own man early than to regret it later.
That woman was lucky to die … I don’t know what caused her death.
Cheng Man sank his eyes and thought for a while, then added, "You should check the identity information of the deceased again, whether she came to this city alone or whether someone came together."
Zhang Zhihao turned and walked without hesitation. Cheng Man added, "If Zhang Zhihao can’t find anything, remember to come back early and call me back and have a good rest. You should go away with Li and stare at Li Hao."
Just now Xiang Wen and the wolf have gone to take over Li Yuanzheng and went back to rest, but Li Yuan still has to take over, but he can’t go alone because it seems that this thing is a bit weird and it is too dangerous to talk alone.
And that text message seems a little too strange
Cheng Man’s eyes suddenly lit up and stopped Zhang Zhihao. "What is Li Hao’s former shift?"
Zhang Zhihao stopped at the door and turned around. "Cheng’s former class in a restaurant seems to be living there, but he did everything while living and went to find a temporary job in a factory not far from life."
"I heard that he lost a lot of money over the years, and then just when he was going to marry the original match, the deceased had a good wedding, but he didn’t want to make such a thing, so I left first!"
Words Zhang Zhihao ran out seems to be very urgent appearance Cheng Man four people flashed a bit thoughtful and then turned around as if something was going to burst through the water.
Gu Jingke corners of the mouth slightly moved, "Muming and I went to check if there was any"
"Then Qi Shaochen and I will go to the factory there." Cheng Man ordered the first four people to go their separate ways quickly.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke went to the raw shop and asked, "Do you have a mobile phone card here?"
A student came over and looked at them suspiciously, then said meanly, "You’re not here to eat?"
This posture should be that you can leave without eating. He has no time to wait on people!
The interests are really heavy in front of these people.
Gu Jingke twitched a red bill from his wallet and put it in his hand. "Do you think you earn more if we eat or if we don’t eat?"
The student skillfully came to the side and grabbed the red coin in his hand. Then he smiled and said, "I don’t know what you two are going to ask?"
The saying that money can make ghosts swallow and grind can really be well shown at this moment!
Mu Ming smiled coldly in his heart, but said nothing. Looking at Gu Jingke and talking to this student, he was born because of money. His attitude has changed a hundred degrees, which is really a bit surprising.
This makes people have to sigh that this is really the most attractive money. If Gu Jingke doesn’t come up with money to estimate that this student will be kicked out of the store, for one thing, he will not take care of the business, and for another, he will ask questions without money, which is estimated to be the least favorite for them.
Mu Ming pinched his finger gently on his arm to make himself come to my senses. Gu Jingke smiled and asked, "I don’t know where there is a phone card here. I want this card because there are some things. Do you know?"
Born since dare to take the money is naturally able to answer it.
He rolled his eyes and asked suspiciously, "I don’t know why you ask this?"
"I said I had something important. If it wasn’t for something, how could I ask you?" Gu Jingke chuckled and sipped coldly at the corner of his mouth. If the average person certainly couldn’t find his cold eyes, Muming could see them.
This man doesn’t want to go here when the waves are here again.
"There’s a grocery store not far ahead. By the way, that store is a car that comes out during the day and goes back with it at night. Go straight for 300 meters and then turn around and you will see it."
Gu Jingke left Muming after he swept his eyes.
The student looked at the back of the two men and was quite crossed. "It’s so cool to get a hundred dollars like this. If I could do this every day, I wouldn’t be washing dishes in this broken place!"
After that, he reached out and patted his thigh with a bitter face. "That man just looked so rich. If I had known I should have made a good hole, a hundred dollars would definitely be nothing to that man, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so generous to take out the money!"
Damn it, this psychological regret is terrible!
Sheng almost hit the wall, but fortunately he resisted the impulse. Then he turned to look at the store and resigned himself and went in.
While Muming and Gu Jingke walked quickly to the living place. Cold eyes swept their eyes and really found a mobile shop. When they walked over, they found Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man coming from the side.
After four sad glances, Qi Qi went to the car.
When the boss saw four people coming, he quickly asked, "I wonder if you need anything?"
These four people should be rich when they are dressed. They should come to him because they want cards. Otherwise, how can they respect a shop like him!
In a few seconds, the boss looked at four people clearly, which made Mu Ming gently remind his lips. The boss is also an old fox …
"We need something. You must have a boss here. We want you to be very clear." Cheng Man walked over and the voice was very cold and light, which made the boss laugh as soon as he started.
Of course he knows!
Then he asked gently, "I wonder how much you guys need?"
"How much can you give us?" Cheng man counter-question 1
"Of course you give a number!"
☆ There is a stalker at the end of 266. Who is that?
It turns out that they accidentally caught such a boss. It seems that there should be some means. Otherwise, how could they say such a thing?
Cheng Man sneer at tilted way "we want to …"
The boss quickly pricked up his ears and was afraid that an accident had missed important words. A hook at Muming’s corner of his mouth seemed to be moving again. For a long time, the boss’s corner of his mouth was stiff and his face was full of meat. A few laughs were uglier than crying.
"Officer, I dare not do it again!" The boss crying is to know the identity of Cheng Man. Cheng Man smiled coldly and held out his hand and patted the desktop. "You never dare again. Then cooperate with us to do one thing. Of course, if you don’t do it …"
"Do it! Police officer, I will do it! " The boss should take root directly, regardless of what is going on. Obviously, he is afraid to the extreme. Muming smiled lightly beside him, so that people simply don’t want to enter the police station, which is much better than some people.
Gu Jingke also chuckled and waited for Cheng Man to continue asking questions. This place is really suitable for doing such business, but it’s all illegal business. It’s not serious to look at the grocery truck.