"Ahem …" Liu Yichen looked at Jiang Zhuomu with a clear cough.

Jiang Zhuomu immediately picked up chopsticks and stuffed the fish into his mouth. Suddenly, he was hot and he coughed fiercely.
"Assistant Jiang, drink some water quickly. You eat slowly. No one will rob you." Sue got up and prepared to pour a glass of water for Jiang Zhuomu when she finished.
Liu Yichen grabbed her "I’ll come"
Jiang Zhuomu’s leg and stomach shook. Did manager Lu pour him water? Did he hear right?
Lu Yichen put a glass of water in front of Jiang Zhuomu and said, "Assistant Jiang eats slowly."
"Good" Jiang Zhuomu tremulously picked up a cup and drank saliva. When the spicy strength went, he picked up chopsticks and ate slowly. He was going to drink saliva after eating a few mouthfuls.
Sue looked at him at night and said with a smile, "Assistant Jiang likes Sichuan food very much, too." It’s not like someone eats with her every time he comes to eat.
"It’s … Mrs. Lu." Jiang Zhuomu’s hot forehead was covered with sweat, so he took out a paper towel and wiped it.
Liu Yichen peeled shrimp glanced at Jiang Zhuomu didn’t speak.
Half an hour later, Sue rubbed her belly. "Today is really full."
In a second, the man’s palm fell on her belly and gently rubbed it for her.
"Thank you, husband!"
Liu Yichen raised his eyebrows and "said these two words again"
Sue vomitted to stick out late feeling small tongue smiled.
Knock …
There was a loud noise across the street.
Both of them watched Jiang Zhuomu, who was sitting opposite, fall to the ground.
Sue got up late and took a sniffle at the corners of her mouth.
Liu Yichen followed him and jumped his eyelids and took out words.
Twenty minutes later, Jiang Zhuomu was embarrassed to sit on the back of the bed with a needle.
Sue looked at him with a frown in front of her hospital bed and asked, "Assistant Jiang, why don’t you say something about eating Chili?" How stupid this person is, knowing that he is allergic to Chili peppers, he still has to eat hard. He seemed to eat more than her at the dinner table just now.
Jiang Zhuomu’s face broke out in many rashes due to allergies, which will be red by Sue’s late love.
He doesn’t want to eat either, but manager Lu is eyeing him and he dare not stop eating.
"I … I didn’t know I was allergic to Chili," said Jiang Zhuomu’s novel.
Sue’s Late Love "…"
After the doctor came in to check, he said that he could leave the hospital after hanging two bottles of water. Remember not to eat Chili again after that.
"Honey, let’s go. The doctor said that Jiang Zhuomu is fine. He can just go back after the injection."
"Yes, Madam President, you should go home quickly. I’m fine." Jiang Zhuomu chimed in.
Sue glanced at Jiang Zhuomu. "Well, Assistant Jiang, you have a good rest. Let’s go first."
"Goodbye, Mrs. Lu" Jiang Zhuomu waved.
Liu Yichen took Sue’s evening package, and they went out of the ward and stepped out of the room. Liu Yichen stopped. "I forgot to tell Assistant Jiang that you should go to the ladder first and wait for me."
"Good" Sue took her bag from his hand and walked towards the ladder.
Jiang Zhuomu was brushing his mobile phone with one hand and was startled to see manager Lu suddenly push the door and come in.
"Lu … always Lu …" Why did you come back when you left?
Section 24
"Well, is it better?"
"… much better." Why didn’t manager Lu just leave and come back to ask him if he was better?
Lu Yichen went to the bedside and looked at him condescendingly. "Since you are much better, you should remember not to be a light bulb when I eat with Mrs. Lu. Don’t you see that your head is very bright today?"
Why doesn’t it light up? His face is red and rash now.
Liu Yichen finished and left.
Jiang Zhuomu nutty nutty turned out to be manager Lu’s revenge on him.
Disliking him disturbed their world.
Su Kang arrived at the appointed place at nine o’clock the next day, sitting in his bag and looking at the contract.
This time, he must turn over, and when the money is raised, the pb project will continue to be constructed and the business will be opened, and the Su family will leap to a new milestone.
At 9: 50, the door was pushed.
A man in a handmade black suit came in. The man took his sunglasses and glanced at Su Kang’s mouth and pulled "Su Zong".
Su Kang got up and said, "Hello, are you Manager Zhang of Z Investment Company?"
"Nice to meet you!" The man stretched out his slender hand and looked at Su Kang.
Su Kang busy holding walked over and said, "please sit down."
The man unbuttoned his suit and sat down.
Su Kang is busy pouring tea for the other party. "Manager Zhang, my assistant has told you about our company, right?"
"As I said, I think it’s already decided that Mr. Su will come to me."
Su Kang pushed the teacup to the man. "Manager Zhang is a frank person, and I like to cooperate with frank people." Then he handed the contract to the man.
Zhang Huan took it over and glanced at it. Su Kang "Sorry, I don’t agree with your contract. I have asked my lawyer to draw up the contract. Look."
The man said and clapped his hands.
The door was pushed into the same man dressed in a black suit and respectfully took out a contract from his briefcase and handed it to the man with both hands.
Zhang Huan took it and handed it to Su Kang.
Su Kang suspicious glanced at manager Zhang took the contract and looked up.
After reading it, he angrily threw the contract on the table in front of him.
"Manager Zhang, aren’t you taking advantage of someone’s danger?"
Manager Zhang casually took the cup and took a sip. "Sue, don’t say that. Everyone is a businessman. It’s natural to do things that are beneficial to them. Besides, this contract can be written in vain. You must repay the loan from me in two months at a time, or you will convert Lushi shares to me at the market price."
Su Kang is getting darker and darker.
Manager Zhang giggled, "Manager Su looks at you and scares me. I’ll give you another suggestion. The contract is very clear. If it’s not enough, you can make a loan and pay it back. It’s the same when you have money."
Su Kang’s mouth shook. "Why do you want to help me?"
Manager Zhang raised his eyebrows and corrected, "Mr. Su, you are wrong. I told you that I am a businessman and I will certainly do profitable things."
Su Kang took out his pen and hesitated and never fell.