"What did I do wrong?" Teng always feels wronged.

"You are sitting here, you have done something wrong." To be gentle and honest, you just saw a flash in Teng’s eyes, which was sad.
Like being wronged. No, no, no
Gentle nai sighed that the day was not allowed to come.
"I’ll think about sleeping together at night."
"You …"
The mouth was blocked before the words came out.
He is very talented in this respect. If there is a competition about kissing, she thinks that Teng will probably win the championship, but she may also drag her feet.
Because she had to admit that although she didn’t want to admit that her kissing skills were put together with manager Teng, it was simply heaven and earth.
Roots can’t compare.
The disparity between two people is too great and they will lose.
Mr. Teng is definitely not angry about this matter. With him, he thinks that Mrs. Teng must have nothing that can’t be done.
"sleep well together"
"Well …"
"Good boy, good boy"
Gentle …
She wanted to refuse, but her mouth was blocked. She wanted to speak with a stuffy hum, but she was taken as a promise.
It’s so hard to be a man.
Being a woman is harder.
It’s so hard to be a woman like Teng, so hard, so hard, so hard.
Teng always winks after dinner late, and the children can’t look at it.
"Mommy and Dad, let’s go."
"Children are not suitable."
"Dad is not ashamed."
Professor Yuan and Professor Teng pretended not to be white and then took the children to play elsewhere.
Well, the meat face is as easily seen through by the children as the evening glow. The general expression of Teng is still so …
Staring at her for shame.
Those dark eyes seem to say that even those three bags know what’s on my mind, Mrs. Teng. What are you pretending to know here? Come with me to the room quickly
Gentle sat there staring at him, a little wary, and the eyes seemed to say that I wouldn’t go unless I killed him.
"Go if you can’t die."
The two men looked at each other several times. Professor Yuan came back to bring toys to the children and saw that they were still deadlocked.
"At ordinary times is not quite severe? Your wife is fat, can’t you hold it? "
Gentle and shocked, I looked up at Professor Yuan, and Professor Yuan smiled and ran away.
Tenderness is immediately thumped in my heart, and then I still haven’t recovered. Teng has always come to her eyes.