"Mom, let’s go," KINOMOTO SAKURA said to Liu Ruxu.

"Good" Liu Ruxu has long promised Gu Sheng.
Three people drinking morning tea come and go, and they all think that this is a family of three, and in another corner of the lobby, Shen Ye-tong also ran out to drink morning tea. He stayed at home and really chatted, so Nellie accompanied him out.
Who didn’t expect to meet willow catkins and KINOMOTO SAKURA here, and they didn’t expect NianLia to have morning tea with Gu Sheng, and KINOMOTO SAKURA’s enthusiasm for Gu Sheng simply made him feel envious.
It’s as if Gu Sheng is KINOMOTO SAKURA’s father and he is a stranger.
"Master, that’s a wealthy family and a young lady. Shall we go over and say hello?" Nelly naturally saw Liu Ruxu with KINOMOTO SAKURA and the capable lawyer.
"That’s a former wealthy family." Shen Yetang withdrew his line of sight and turned to look to one side. Shen Shi has been listed, and he has nothing to do, so he is really a basket case.
"… is located put my foot in my mouth." Located with her head down, it’s better that Mrs. Shen is not in Shenyang these days, and the villa will be sold. Shenyang is really going to collapse.
Xiaolian is quite worried about going to Shenyang. Many servants have been laid off, and there are not many left. There are less than ten of her. The former Shenyang is very beautiful.
Especially in those years when the young master just got back from marrying a wealthy family, it was not long after she came to Shenyang to do things. At that time, the young master was so energetic, and the wealthy family was so beautiful. Many old aunts said that the wealthy family had a prosperous husband, and the young master was getting bigger and bigger in his career.
It happened that such a wealthy family was not liked by Mrs. Shen, and it was difficult for the wealthy family, who were servants, to see the past.
"with you"
"…" located don’t talk.
"What else do you want to eat? Go get it yourself. Today, the young master can still treat you. In the near future, the young master may not even be able to afford this level." Shen Ye said in a joking tone.
"Master-"located feel so sad.
"I’m fine. Go ahead." Shen Ye closed his eyes and wanted to have a rest.
Xiaolian went to get some things, all of which were Shen Yetang’s favorite food. Shen Yetang looked at them and didn’t say anything. "By the way, hasn’t your wife come back yet?"
"Not yet." No one knows where my wife has been these days.
At the same time, Mrs. Shen kept knocking at the door outside Liu Ruxu’s hometown, and there was no door next door. "Liu’s family has left and they should settle there. What do you want with them?"
"…" Go to G city? Mrs. Shen never dreamed that the whole family had left in less than a few days. Oh, that’s good. She said, will giving the money to this woman here guarantee the future of KINOMOTO SAKURA?
This woman will take the money to raise a man and a family. When KINOMOTO SAKURA grows up, I’m afraid there won’t be much money left. She must not let this woman succeed in her calculation?
She’ll go back and tell her son about it.
What a willow catkin. This scheme is really poisonous.
The man saw Mrs. Shen running away like this, scolded her, and slammed the door.
Mrs. Shen hurriedly booked a ticket, and it would be too late to get back at this time. Before she arrived, she didn’t want to come to Liuruxu’s hometown, a place where there was no plane. She really felt too much trouble.
When she was driving, she dialed a message to Shen Yetang, but it rang for a long time and no one answered.
Well, there are more scenes between Gu Sheng and Liu Ruxu these two days. When they go abroad, there will be no scenes, and then they will meet Gu Lele and Luo Ling.
☆, 151 to Kyoto
Mrs. Shen didn’t think that she was rushing back or missed it with willow catkins.
In g city, she still has some connections and Shenyang property. She used to have a coffin for herself. It was after Shen Yetang started her business and succeeded that she gave herself the purpose of preventing her daughter-in-law in the future.
These are all things that she later met with some rich wives who taught her, and she also learned several tricks to deal with her children and wives, and also learned the means from those people.
In addition, during the divorce between Shen Yetong and Liu Ruxu, Wu Peiqian transferred some property, and some property they had agreed before that Wu Peiqian would return it to her after Shen Yetong’s divorce.
So she still has some money in her hand
Therefore, she called the private detective she contacted before without getting through to her son on the way, and asked him to help her find the current location of Liu Ruxu’s family.
The private detective is very good. When Mrs. Shen arrived that night, she gave her the address of Liu Ruxu’s new home
Mrs. Shen thought about this address and planned to go again the next day.
When I went back, Shen Yesu was already asleep. Xiaolian came out with Shen Yesu’s leftover milk. The doctor suggested that Shen Yesu should drink milk all the year round. This is a better way to get enough calcium.
"Madam, are you back?" In the face of Mrs. Shen, Xiaolian still cried with some trepidation and respectfully.
Section 154
"Well, young master is sleeping?" Mrs. Shen didn’t like Nellie at that time, but now it is Nellie who takes the best care of her son. It is not good for this woman, and Mrs. Shen is hard on anything.
Otherwise, she won’t be happy in the end if she is unhappy.
"I shouldn’t have been lying down just now," said Nellie. After all, I just drank milk.
"Well, Nelly, thank you for your hard work. You go and get busy." Mrs. Shen walked towards Shen Ye’s room without drinking her hand luggage.
At the moment, Shen Ye-tong is lying in bed with his eyes wide open and he is not sleepy at all.
Thinking about the scene in the morning tea shop when I saw my daughter, a father who didn’t even dare to show his face, the scene where KINOMOTO SAKURA jumped on Gu Sheng and sat on Gu Sheng’s thigh and ate contentedly, the scenes flashed through his mind like a shadow.
At that time, he felt Gu Sheng was more like KINOMOTO SAKURA’s father.
When Mrs. Shen pushed the door and came in, Shen Yetang was too absorbed in thinking to feel it.
"Ah Su-"Mrs. Shen cried quietly. Now she has learned to face things calmly after so many things. The impulse is that the devil will make them worse.
Shen Yetong has been miserable, and now they are losing everything in Shenyang.
"Mom, where have you been these days?" I haven’t seen Shen Mu in the villa for several days. Shen Yetang is not unaware that life is calmer without her, but it is also different.
"Oh, mom went to see her old friends and wanted you not to be so bored." Shen mother naturally knew that it was really annoying for Shen Yetang to see her.
In this life, she is the only one. She went to Liu Ruxu and KINOMOTO SAKURA either to want their NianLia to come and cheer for Shen Yesu, so that everything is going to give up Shen Yesu. She is really distressed.
In addition, Wu Peiqian and Wu Ruiou, the mother and daughter, come every day to force them to lose money in Shenyang. Finally, they get angry and go to court without saying anything.
Wu Peiqian’s mother and daughter finally didn’t come, but Wu Peiqian’s resentful eyes made her lose her heart when she left. This woman knows that there must be means and she won’t be soft at all.
"Are you? Then you are tired and go back to your room early to have a rest. "Shen Ye’s mood is not high and he doesn’t want to talk.
"…" Mrs. Shen just looked back with her eyes closed and wanted to blurt out something. Finally, she restrained herself. "Well, you should go to bed early and mom should go back to the room first."
"Well" Shen Yetang gently well.
The next day, Mrs. Shen went to Meng Xin to recommend the residential area according to the address. The management of the residential area is still relatively perfect, so that Mrs. Shen will not let her go in to find the owner until she has registered all the formalities.
Such a delay is several minutes. When she reaches the floor where Liu Ruxu is located, she rings the doorbell directly.
It was Liu Jianqiang who came to the door. He knew Mrs. Shen and his face changed the moment he saw her. "Why are you?"
"…" Mrs. Shen looked at Liu Ruxu’s eldest brother coming to the door. Liu Ruxu really took their family to give money to support her family, didn’t she?
"Willow catkins? I’m looking for her-"said Mrs. Shen, pushing the door and going in.
However, she is an old woman who can’t be a strong opponent of Liu Jianqiang. "My sister is not here. I said that my sister and your family have nothing. What do you want with her?"
Mrs. Shen can’t get in and looks a little pale. "That’s what I told her. Are you an outsider and she’s not here? Where did you go? "
"This has nothing to do with you. You have to hurry or I’ll call security." Liu Jianqiang pushed her directly, and the strength was well controlled, pushing her away from their door for some distance so that she wouldn’t fall.
"…" Mrs. Shen just watched the door slam in front of her.
I heard my father Liu coming out of the room and asked, "Who’s here?"
They just moved here for the first day. Did her friends come to see her so soon?