As a result, in the end, everyone didn’t know what the so-called "creating a new record" meant.

So the media gradually formed such an opinion
That is, winning constantly means scaring people. In fact, he has no plan to "set a new record" at all.
Everyone is played by him.
But what’s the point of him playing with everyone like this? I can’t see the meaning after all.
Maybe there’s no point in coming. It’s just that he’s full and has nothing to do …
Pity for those journalists and editors who have been tossing this topic for several days. They were fooled around and ended up drawing water with a bamboo basket!
A group of reporters and editors swear in private, which is always better than talking about shame and moral integrity.
Although Chang Sheng has always talked about shame and integrity, the media really wronged him this time …
Changsheng kept the Italian media busy for several days and became the focus of the media for several days.
This has to make people feel that the influence is always better than now.
In Rome, this influence is also presented in the most intuitive way.
There are many advertising posters of China enterprises and brands on the streets of Rome, which belong to different China enterprises, but they have one thing in common, that is, the protagonists in the advertisements are always victorious!
Different looks and temperament always win!
Some Italian media exclaimed that this was an economic invasion of China.
Changsheng nature is the vanguard among them.
China enterprises broke into the European market with the golden signboard of Changsheng and made frequent appearances in front of Italian consumers.
While winning often leads to fame and fortune.
With the endorsement of advertisements, he can take these advertisements and publicize himself in turn.
Changsheng has now become a "phenomenon". He is the most famous China in Italy. Italians don’t know who China president is, but they can’t help but know who Changsheng is.
After Changsheng led Lazio to win the first triple crown in Italian football history, the Rome municipal government awarded him the title of honorary citizen of Rome.
This honorary title means winning in the eyes of Italians.
No matter how much you hate him, you can’t deny his achievements.
And his position is the accumulation of these achievements.
The media criticized him as a controversial figure, but they did not deny that the ratings and sales of these media were driven by speculation and constant success.
The fans of the Rome club hate Chang Sheng and often curse him, but they also secretly fantasize that if the old Sensi had not driven Chang Sheng away, the team that monopolized Serie A and won two Champions League titles would be Rome now …
Fans of other teams, such as Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan, will also be unhappy with winning, but they also secretly expressed the hope that the club can give more strength to bring winning to coach their teams.
When Changsheng is their enemy, they want Changsheng to die, but they all want Changsheng to be with them …
Before a Champions League group match, Lazio also have a fifth-round away game against Chievo.
Because three days later, it was the Champions League group match against Werder Bremen at home. Lazio had a big rotation.
But even so, Lazio’s rotation team still won the new season with a small victory over Chievo away from home.
After the game, Chievo coach Pioli said naively, "We can’t do anything if we touch Lazio. They are so powerful that they are simply not our earth team. We can’t do anything … Although they rotate a lot, we can’t do anything …"
The head coach kept repeating the sentence "We have no choice" at the post-match press conference.
Now is the internet age, and everything you want is broadcast quickly on the internet.
Some busybodies put this video of his post-match press conference on the Internet.
Some ghosts and animals managed to re-edit the video. In the video, Pioli kept repeating "We have no choice" with the rhythm of music.
Don’t say it’s really a bit of rap music
As a result, this video became a hit, and more people joined the spoof adaptation of Pioli’s post-game press conference video.
"We can’t help it" has also become a popular phrase in Italian network, which has been quoted by many people.
For example, guests in a TV program quoted this sentence to express their anger at the inefficiency of the government. "We can’t help it. Of course we can’t help it. If we could, we would have solved it long ago, wouldn’t we?"
Others adapted the song "We can’t help it" and made it into the top ten best-selling songs on the Internet …
Pioli didn’t expect that his mantra at the post-game press conference made him unexpectedly popular on the Internet.
He is also very resistant to this. "What can I say? I also have no choice … "
Pioli and Chang Sheng won’t win much in this matter.
Three days later, the winning team welcomed Werder Bremen at home.
This is the first Champions League home of the season at the Rome Olympic Stadium.
It is also packed.
Lotito’s heart was bleeding when he saw this scene on the rostrum.
Fortunately, the design drawings of the new stadium have come out, and it is not far from breaking ground.
This time, China gained a lot for Lotito. He successfully got China to sponsor the new stadium. Of course, the price was to transfer 15% of his shares to the China consortium.
Lotito is a businessman. He naturally gives up 15% of his shares in exchange for the business and residential development around the new stadium. That’s the big money …
Now, when the design drawings are approved, the new stadium will officially break ground.
Lotito trembled with excitement at the thought that the day was not far away.
Lazio are also in good shape at the packed Rome Olympic Stadium.
Players especially like this kind of stadium full and feel that playing in this atmosphere makes them feel in good shape.
Lazio, in good shape, won a great victory at home!
Lazio blast Werder Bremen.
The third place in the Bundesliga last season is simply vulnerable in front of the Serie A champion!
Lazio scored seven goals in two Champions League group matches and didn’t lose a goal!
This performance has made the whole of Europe focus on them.
"Defending champion Lazio’s two group matches proved that they are still strong contenders for the Champions League. As everyone said after the group draw, there is no team in this group to stop Lazio from qualifying for the first place in the group … Lazio proved this."
"The winning team is in a very good state, which is really incredible. Generally speaking, after winning the triple crown, the team will have a low state because the players will lack motivation … but let’s see if Lazio has such a situation! I admire him very much because I don’t know how he did it … "
“4! Lazio killed Werder Bremen mercilessly at home, but we can’t. This is the victory of Italian football over German football. You know, there are three German players in Lazio’s starting list in this game, and they are important contributors to Lazio’s 4-win victory … "
Media all over the world are scrambling to report and comment on the game.
European bookmakers also adjusted their odds.