"In Qianyuan Mountain Jinguangdong Taiyi real person!" Taiyi’s real person is like a sage like type.

Li Jing was naturally happy when he heard that Taiyi was a real person. He heard from his master that he was a Taoist priest and he was naturally happy to have this person to accept his son and brother.
"Is he talking about me?" The weirdo turned around and asked Yin that the Taoist priest just now felt strange to him, as if he were talking about himself.
"Don’t gift the Taoist priest to accept your acts! It may be your teacher in the future! Can teach you things! " Yin’s own business is very important, but it’s not like these Taoist priests. It’s also good to follow a master who has something to do.
However, the weirdo nodded and walked straight towards the real Taiyi. A pair of gem-like eyes seemed to penetrate people’s hearts. Excavate was frightened and Taiyi was surprised. What does this mean?
"I don’t need a teacher! You go! Besides, I won’t care if you spy on me just now! But there is no time! " The weirdo’s cold tone has no emotion.
Taiyi’s real face froze when he watched him.
Chapter 45 Terrible energy
Chapter 45 Terrible energy
Excavate’s face froze. Taiyi’s face was so wonderful that he wanted to accept his apprentice. Now he was just spying on others. This face is really impossible. Taiyi’s real heart turned up a huge wave. Is it really so good?
"Wait! How can you talk to this Taoist priest like this! " Excavate realized that he was the father of this strange man who suddenly appeared, which was indeed the case, but Lingzhu, who had just been born, had no intention of recognizing his father.
"Who are you? I remember, as if you just cut my sword! What do you want to do this time? " Lingzhu slowly raised his right hand. Taiyi’s real pupil atrophy is not true. This kind of power is really a child’s!
The powerful force made the earth tremble slightly. Excavate, this time, it was the dumb man who ate coptis chinensis. He just cut a sword, and people let himself go just now. He still has nothing to do. What’s the point of finding a pump to theorize?
"no! He is your father! Stop it! " Mrs Yin looked at this scene in despair.
Lingzhu paused for a moment, gathering strength and slowly dissipating the ground trembling. Lingzhu took a look at Taiyi’s real person. "I don’t need a master, please go!"
Taiyi’s real face is a bit embarrassing, and Mrs. Yin is relieved that she finally stopped. If she really calls, I don’t know what will happen. Excavate is even more unbearable, and she collapsed to the ground when the spirit bead dispersed her strength.
"You have great power! But I don’t think you can make it! I can make you stronger! Without powerful spells and fighting skills, there is no strength! " Taiyi reality has a face of self-confidence but anger to the extreme. This kid dares to look down on himself so much.
Lingzhu stopped and a smile appeared on her mouth. "Do you think I won’t make myself strong?"
Taiyi has a bad feeling and a strong sense of crisis.
"Then let me see what you call fighting!" Lingzhu broke out with a strong momentum, and Li Jing and others were even unstable. Lingzhu coldly watched the terrible power of Taiyi’s real right hand condense again.
The real person who can’t come to Taiyi knows what regret is this time. This little ancestor seems to have been born to fight, and he has been firmly locked in his murder.
A golden light shot out of Chentang. Excavate wait for a while watched all this. A big hole was punched in his own wall. Fortunately, no one was injured. Even if everything was fine from a spirit bead, no one was injured outside.
"It’s blocked! It seems that you still have something! " Lingzhu rose to the sky and stepped on the flame and disappeared in front of Excavate and Mrs. Yin in an instant.
"Remember to come back! Children! " Mrs. Yin hurriedly shouted that she was afraid that he would just walk away and never come back. Excavate was concerned and wiped a cold sweat.
Reality Taiyi has taken out his magic weapon, the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover. If it hadn’t just been taken out, reality Taiyi really wouldn’t be able to block the blow just now so easily.
"This is the Gankun Circle!" Taiyi real Shen said, but he never thought that Gankun Circle could wield such a terrible force. He has also seen several magic weapons of Lingzhu, and it should be impossible to make such a powerful attack.
It’s terrible to blow yourself out of Chentang with just one blow. Taiyi’s real person frowned. If that really hit him just now, it would be over.
Taiyi reality hasn’t reacted yet. Lingzhu has reached the foot and stepped on the flame.
Hot wheels!’ Taiyi reality, this time, I recall what you did, Nu Wa, and how the magic weapon was just like in his body. Now it is hot wheels, and it seems that the mixed day twill is also in his body.
This is a magic weapon that constitutes a magic weapon. The real person Taiyi also missed two things, that is, the soil and the spirit bead are a magic weapon. Needless to say, the soil is also a magic weapon.
"Here it is! Can fight! It fits! Let me see what your fight is like! " Lingzhu raised her right hand and the light of Gankun Circle bloomed again.
"Wait!" Taiyi real people really don’t want to fight with this crazy person. The Kunquan circle is too powerful and I don’t know how to fight, so I can’t take advantage of it myself.
Lingzhugen didn’t listen to him. The beam of Gankun Circle suddenly came out. Taiyi real people saw from the first moment that they had made a mistake. Gankun Circle Root didn’t come to hit people or throw them out. I’m afraid this is the orthodox way of Gankun Circle.
Now that he’s heartbroken, how does he know that Gankun Circle can still be so?
Taiyi’s real person is not a sitting ducks role. The Kowloon Shenhuo Cover is not just a defense. Nine fire dragons run out of the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover with their teeth bared.
"well! Interesting! " Lingzhu glanced at the fire dragon and suddenly came to Kowloon to form an attack. Lingzhu was shrouded in impenetrable air.
Lingzhu face can’t see a trace of anxiety, as if everything is under control. The beam of Gankun circle instantly breaks through a fire dragon, and the Kowloon Shenhuo cover instantly forms an aperture, and the power is greatly reduced. The beam is firmly blocked from the outside.
Taiyi reality is getting serious, too. This little thing is not easy to deal with. Nine fire dragons take turns to attack and actually dodge with ease. You can’t see a trace of panic, as calm and terrible as a battle-hardened soldier.
Suddenly, a beam of light broke through the blockade of Kowloon, and Taiyi’s reality suddenly took risks and dodged the blow. Gan Kun circled the beam and easily penetrated a mountain, just like smashing tofu.
"When fighting incredibly still dare to daydream! It seems that your fighting style is not so good! " Lingzhu coldly looked at Taiyi as a real person.
Mrs. Yin and Li Jing came to Chentang Taiyi, and the real person and Lingzhu exhibited fierce fighting. Fire dragons were constantly blown up, and terrible beams penetrated the peaks. Look at Li Jing. This is a monster! I hope Taiyi is all right!
Taiyi didn’t expect to be nearly hit by his dry circle just because he was distracted for a moment. That thing is no joke, even if he dies, it will be disabled.
This small attack power is not inferior to holding a magic weapon, Luo Jinxian. The Kowloon Shenhuo Cover is also a very powerful magic weapon. Kowloon Qi Qi has not been able to endure this small attack. Even if he is covered by himself, he may not be able to endure him!
Taiyi reality secretly complains about Nu Wa Niangniang. What kind of monster is this? It’s against common sense to be born with such terrible power! I really don’t know how Nu Wa Niangniang got it out!
In Lingzhu’s eyes, those ferocious-looking fire dragons are cute now. For example, do you want to hit me in this big gap? You are wishful thinking. Taiyi real people can see it, but the fire dragon can’t keep up with hot wheels!
The strangulation in Kowloon doesn’t mean anything. Is it wonderful to keep bombarding the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover, Taiyi, a real person, to defend you against each other?
Uwa Huang Tian’s face is full of smiles. "Don’t blame me if you have nothing to accept this brother!" I thought you wanted him to be stronger! I am as good as you wish! "
Lingzhu is a magic weapon and the other four magic weapons are not so simple as one plus one. It is not so simple that these five magic weapons bring about change together, and none of them are simple things. It can be said that he is the perfect magic weapon for the integration of attack and defense, and he can
That’s right, it is a magic weapon to fight, and it is better to throw yourself into it than when it is terrible to fight. You can see everything from a spiritual height and tear up your opponent mercilessly. It is a magic weapon, and it is a natural fighting ability.
Taiyi reality has suffered a lot now. From now on, there is not a flaw in it, and the Kowloon Shenhuo cover can’t cover each other. It’s the first time that he has been so wronged, and every time he wants to move, he always hides in the past.
I can predict that the dangerous root will not give you a mobile phone call. hot wheels is faster than you can call him even if you want to. It’s the first time for a real person to encounter such a passive situation. Although it’s a stalemate, how long has the other party been born!
"You seem to want to cover me up!" Lingzhu jumped out of the war circle and said lightly
Taiyi’s real person stopped. Just now, fighting cost more than a little mana. It’s a hard job to block him again and again. Mana consumption is like running water.
"I have seen your way of fighting! Unfortunately, there is nothing to show off! There’s no need to call! You can’t cover me! " Lingzhu seems to be tired of fighting like this. It’s meaningless. It’s a battle that can’t tell the result.
The reality of Taiyi looks very ugly. This little guy actually said that there is no need to call it. From just now to now, he has been tense and mentally exhausted. He has long been all over the place. The Kowloon Shenhuo cover has burned the land and cracked the Kun circle, destroying the beam and hitting the potholes everywhere. Taiyi reality is also uncomfortable.
Lingzhu turned to leave here, and there was no need to fight. He couldn’t see what the other side’s fighting style was worth learning.
Suddenly Taiyi reality disappeared in front of Lingzhu, and Lingzhu frowned. What did he want to do? There was no need to fight. What else did he want to do?
"You don’t seem to know where I am?" Taiyi’s reality knows that he has just been reincarnated, and he must not know that magic is just a magic weapon, so this smoke screen may not be able to see through it.