Wen Zhong’s power of thunder and punishment is far less than that of thunder and punishment.

Chapter two hundred and sixty-four You’re done
Mangshan is densely covered with dark clouds, and large shadows cover the middle edge of the mountain.
When the fighting in the mountains was in full swing, there was a burst of anger, screaming and screaming, but I couldn’t see a soul when I looked down from outside the mountain.
After a while, the difference gradually subsided, and the whistling wind echoed in my ears
Fat figure standing on the edge of the cliff dancing fat short arms against the mountain wind shouted, "Second Young Master is waiting to go back with you to enjoy life."
Wen Zhong smiled and knew perfectly well that da ji had put all the people in the map of Jiangshan State.
Ying Zheng smell speech pupil with a shrink looked at three zhangs outside Wen Zhong wry smile "I was careless regret not to listen to the ghost flame words in your calculation".
"I haven’t touched my baby for many years, and I still remember when the teacher gave it to me."
Wen Zhong slightly lowered the dragon golden whip across his chest and touched it inch by inch, remembering the past and looking extremely gentle.
Glancing at Ying Zheng casually said, "Who’s going to be arrogant? Cut the gossip and fight. "
After all, it was after the brief absence of the reincarnation of the ancient wizard, Ying Zheng’s eyes were distracted and his eyes were quickly gathered and stared at the enemy’s mind. The situation of gains and losses was reflected in his mind, and he calculated the coping methods
A bloody long knife slipped from the sleeve, and the palm of your hand was slightly tight. In the depths, a sharp mountain wind passed by the first two points and could not blow half a skirt.
"Will you take the rest is just a native tile dog which can stop me! It used to be a small war, but it was nothing before meals. "
The voice fell all over the body, and the long bloody dispersion was mixed with the piercing roar and slowly forced to Wen Zhong. Ying Zheng has made up his mind to fight hard and lose everything; Won its own rescue leitian and others to opportunity.
The standard words of inheriting the ancient and the wild are in the hands of the strong.
Quietly waiting for the blood gas to approach the front, Wen Zhong waved his left robe sleeve mixed with a piece of blue light, sweeping the sun and encountering snow, which will generally melt.
"It seems that you don’t care much about these doorways. Are you really so sure to stop me?" Wen Zhong looked thoughtfully at Ying Zheng, whose eyes were full of ridicule.
Ying Zheng’s unexpected knife slightly bent over to attack the powerful and deadly spirit, but he was determined to go to war. The strong Wu clan, which is rare in the world, is so human-god, especially one of them.
"Crazy!" Wen Zhong dark scold a.
In the ancient flood land, the ancestors of witches and ordinary witches will struggle to reach the limit, which will give birth to an almost crazy fighting spirit, and their own strength will be more than 12 points, and they will even lose themselves. It is like this that Gonggong knocks down the bad mountain and causes the sky to collapse.
The way to win depends on the weather, location, people and the battle. The two strong teams are fighting each other.
If the difference between the two powers is not too wide, the fighting spirit, terrain, weapon and magic weapon are all factors that will determine the outcome.
Wen Zhong and Ying Zheng are biased towards budo practitioners. They used to punch each other to test Wen Zhong’s slight but not absolute advantage, so words suppressed Ying Zheng in the confrontation and tried to weaken the fighting spirit of the other side.
After all, Wen Zhong’s six-year-old will is to capture the other side alive, not to bomb and kill such a determined opponent as Ying Zheng, so it is difficult to let go and not to kill by mistake.
Wen Zhong, the protagonist in the slaying robbery, can’t afford to bear it for 6 long, and he can’t afford it either.
"Now you can press a serious injury by strength … but they are alive."
Feeling Ying Zheng’s rising fighting spirit, Wen Zhong will no longer hesitate to devote himself to the first world war. If it doesn’t hurt, there may be two endings. One is that Ying Zheng will die by force. Second, the Wen Zhong network let Ying Zheng leave.
I will never bow my head and fight to death
Wen Zhong, a body fighter, is ambivalent about Ying Zheng’s spirit. He appreciates it without feeling troublesome. There is only a wry smile that comes to me.
Slowly shake a self-deprecating smile. Wen Zhong’s momentum changes. Thunder hangs over his body and he is uncertain. When thunder rings, he has come to Ying Zheng, and the blue mountain dragon golden whip is flowing.
Wen Zhong’s self-created skill name-"Wind and Thunder Leading" has been perfected for many years since it came out, and the "wind" is as fast as a set of footwork. "Thunder" is the fury of power. "Introduction" is a kind of skill.
Ying Zheng’s first encounter with Wen Zhong was caught off guard, and it was too late to flicker to avoid it. He hurriedly raised his hand and Wu Dao was ready to parry.
The emperor’s crown should be whipped and the bead curtain scattered. Wu Dao finally screamed in front of the golden whip, and the violent gas strength shook off Ying Zheng’s bun and flew freely behind his head.
Wen Zhong drank the dragon’s golden whip lightly, and the mine snake contracted in the knife whip, and the thunder was extremely compressed, and it was white and harsh.
Then suddenly exploded.
The gloomy day suddenly returned to its original state at dawn.
Ying Zheng’s right arm is sore and numb, and the pain in his mouth is almost unbearable. He can’t hold the nod in his hand and the violent mana invader rages endlessly, and the blood spurts out and the body falls straight.
This Ying Zheng knows that Wen Zhong’s strength is far better than that seen in the celestial world.
I don’t know what the mountain law is. Ying Zheng dare not despise it. Is it easy to catch Ghost Flame, Leitian, Wang and others?
Falling to the height of Cuiyunfeng halfway up the mountain, Ying Zheng is strong and steady, and seriously injured. In this eye, Shenguang is still high in fighting spirit and keeps a close eye on Wen Zhong’s every move without any slack.
Long hair scattered, bloodstained, the eyes of the emperor of Kyushu, who had previously been in a terrible mess, became more and more determined and unyielding in his brow.
Even if the sky is overwhelming, it will not reduce the fighting spirit in the chest. This is a witch!
"Kill him while he is ill."
Wen Zhong experienced in fighting and gaining an advantage by surprise will naturally not easily give up waiting for his opponent to regroup, so Wen Zhong scoffed.
Like a shadow, it sweeps straight and stands upright, showing the top of Mount Tai, taking a clap at the top door.
Dragon Golden Whip … Worried about accidentally smashing Ying Zheng’s head.
"There is no possibility of evasion."
Looking at his opponent Ying Zheng’s heart, he secretly complained that his right arm was still sour and numb, but he only crustily skin of head and clenched his fist to meet him with a "cannon"
Ying Zheng, who was seriously injured, has been kicked out of the open by the power of heaven and earth.
"It’s done!"
Feeling that Ying Zheng was slightly weak, Wen Zhong smiled, but his palm was full of strength without spitting, and he pushed Ying Zheng to the ground with pressure.
Boom a loud noise, dusty Ying Zheng half body was abruptly smashed into the ground by Wen Zhong. It’s just that if it weren’t for this place, it would be far more knowledgeable than afraid.
"Do it!"
As Wen Zhong drank the formula printed in da ji’s hand, the bondage came from all directions and pestered Ying Zheng to drag him into the Lingbao world to suppress it.
"ouch! ! !”
Ying Zheng’s face was twisted and suddenly he howled and looked fierce and violent, and he couldn’t find any sense of grandeur. The fighting spirit had completely buried him.
Fighting and destruction is at this time in Ying Zheng.
The injury miraculously improved, and most of it slammed into the hands of Fang Wen Zhong. Wu Dao waved wildly and struggled to get rid of the shackles of the country and the country.
Da ji’s mana is still shallow, even if the ambassador treasure can’t resist it. Ying Zheng saw his body pull up inch by inch and soon broke free and jumped up.
"It’s just that minor injuries are also injuries, and serious injuries are also undead."
After landing, Wen Zhong secretly sighed and rubbed his body again, but if it wasn’t for 6 long, he ordered Ying Zheng and Wen Zhong to capture them alive. At this time, he would surely disdain to make moves again, even if he made moves, he would try his best to live or die.
This is a respect for a strong man. This unyielding will alone is enough for Ying Zheng to win the respect of Wen Zhong.
Gold-blue double-color Guanghua flashed and waved Wu Dao at random, and it will fly far away and put away the dragon golden whip. Wen Zhong held Ying Zheng’s arm with a pair of thick bronze palms, and a turn-over knee pressed against his opponent’s back to firmly suppress him on the ground.
The bright blue mountain is like a python wrapped around Ying Zheng.
Ying Zheng was out of his mind and wounded like a wild animal, and his legs could not stop beating against the earth.