"Hush, everyone else in this room is asleep." The light blue shirt is tightly attached to Zhou Zichen’s skin after encountering water. The looming strong tension in front of a woman will make her eyes drool with red hearts.

Yanxi is a woman who can’t resist this extreme male temptation naturally.
Unknowingly swallowed saliva, she put her hands around her chest, only to find that she covered her face but could not keep it.
I hate it
How can you come in without even saying hello when she is taking a shower?
The in the mind head uncomfortable YanXiKou then also ask out so.
"Little darling, I don’t think you locked the bathroom door, but you are suggesting that I want to take a Yuanyang bath." This is Zhou Shaoshao’s answer to vomiting blood
"Zhou Zichen, don’t fool people in front of the baby in your stomach." Stretching your arm, you were about to take a towel, but the other party quickly grabbed it.
"I’m really worried that after the baby is born, I will learn all your bad shortcomings." Depressed Yanxi sighed. Unfortunately, at this time, she didn’t expect that her jokes would become a surprise in the future.
Zhou Xiaojia’s demon is not only energetic, but also deceives you. It is absolutely not a draft. Yan Xi, the mother, is so angry that she slaps her husband with a pillow all day to understand that the other party has had a bad demonstration.
conduct antenatal training
Damn it, it’s too important
"Bad shortcomings" smell some teeth, and even the rhetorical question becomes word for word. "Wife, in fact, the husband has more good advantages. Do you want me to show it to you now?" Long fingers grazed the buttocks and came to she brushed the strings, twisted them slow, swept them, plucked them, a sensitive area for young women.
"No, no, no," I felt a hard thing against my thigh root Yanxi, and my hands pushed away the man’s chest and murmured
Her voice became hoarse and her speech rate became intermittent. Zhou Zichen teased herself so much that it was hard for her not to get emotional.
"What" hand gently licks each other’s red lips after a big meal.
"Here, here is the bathroom and I’m taking a shower."
"I just washed it while doing it."
Kill two birds with one stone. What a great idea
"I still can’t. I’m in my stomach."
"I asked the doctor when Xiao Guai accompanied you for the first prenatal examination. After three months, it is possible to have a safe period." On the side of the black head, Zhou Zichen outlined the outline of the little woman’s earlobe with the tip of her tongue.
"You are"
"No, but little darling, do you know how uncomfortable it is for me to hug you to sleep every night but not touch you? It’s even more painful than killing me." I couldn’t help but utter a groan. Simple physical friction can’t satisfy a man who has been hungry for a long time
Greed kissed Yanxi from eyebrows to Bata, never letting go of an inch of territory.
He loves her, he wants her, he will be gentle.
"Then you should be lighter."
"Don’t worry about your husband, I am measured."
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Early the next morning
In his sleep, Yanxi was awakened by Zhou Zichen in a daze
"Little darling, get up later, and then you can go to sleep." Grind out the cocoon, pull the big hand and cover the silk on the neck, and the man whispered softly in her ear.
"Well, it’s not Saturday today, and you don’t want to work. Why do you get up so early?" Although Yan Xi is talking to Zhou Zichen, there is no sign of getting up.
"I really don’t work, but I want to take you to the city resort."
"What?" Smell a tingle and sit up. The long hair is slightly messy. Yanxi will look extremely energetic.
"Zhou’s investment in the seaside resort in Q city has just been completed. I naturally have to personally go over to the acceptance results." He paused and continued, "Before this seaside resort, it was a small fishing village in Q city. The natural environment has not been polluted and the gas is quite fresh."
"Why didn’t you tell me last night?" The little hand tugged at the man and led Yanxi to accuse him of staring at his eyes. "And since you are leaving for Q city today, how could you be hungry last night?"
"I am a sheep and you are a wolf."
"On the other hand," an irate gills help YanXi scolded a sentence.
"Really, but I haven’t forgotten who was haunting me last night."
"Shut up, I’m going to wash up now, and you can change my laundry and clean up my life." You just blew my hair. Yanxi never admitted that insatiability people were actually her last night.
"No, Q, there’s someone there to take care of these for us." He wanted to say last night, but he was in a hurry to finish his previous work, and then he took Yanxi out to eat cake, which naturally came and went.
"If we go for a few days, will we have to come back in a few days?" Thinking of Zhou Zichen’s visit to Ban Yanxi on Monday, he lamented that this trip was really short-term.
"If it’s half a month long, it’s ten days short." A simple sentence dispelled the other party’s concerns and was elated. Yan Xiba kissed Zhou Zichen on the cheek as soon as he lifted it.
There’s no one who doesn’t like going out to play, and it’s still the kind where people receive them when they get there.
The man mainly closed the net and took the woman away.
74 chong de fa Tian
Q, sunny to cloudy is a good weather to go to the seaside. Please visit the latest chapter.
"Here we are." It takes about three hours to get here from S City by car on the expressway, so before Zhou Zichen took the initiative to wake Yanxi up, the little woman woke up consciously.
Looking at the strange scenery outside the window, although most modern cities are similar, the special humanities in each place can still be felt by others in a few eyes
For example, Q city is developing around the sea. For example, people in Q city prefer to ride public bicycles in the streets.
"It’s half an hour away from the resort just entering Q city." When the seaside resort project was still in its infancy, Zhou Zichen came to visit the site and he could say it clearly even without looking at iad map navigation.