Sue looked at Li Ailing at night. "Didn’t you ever want to tell Cold to tell the truth?"

"Have you ever thought about it?" Helen put a glass and looked up at the ceiling. "If he doesn’t have a girlfriend, I must say it, but now he’s …"
All three women were silent. Sue was a little agitated and poured the wine in the cup into her mouth.
Look at Helen and say, "Go and tell Han Zhi that you are pregnant with his child now."
"eh?" Helen looked at Sue with a frightened face.
"Don’t you have to wait until he marries someone else before you tell him? And how long can you hide it?"
"Yes, Helen, I agree with the idea of late love," echoed Li Ailing.
Helen twisted the juice glass around, frowning and bowing.
"The worst result is not that he is unwilling to take responsibility. Anyway, you are ready to be a single mother. Just let him know, huh?" Sue looked at Helen at night and said seriously
Helen looked up at two people Sue late love with Li Ailing nodded at the same time.
Take a deep breath. Helen put a glass of "OK, I’ll talk."
As soon as Helen’s words fell, she took her hand and went to the bread. She was afraid of her for a second and regretted it.
At the gate of Yan Muqing’s bag, Helen said with a bitter face, "Let me think about it again."
Sue didn’t give her a chance to refuse, and pushed the door. "Don’t think about it, the more you think about it, the more entangled you are."
Three men in the bag looked up at the door at the same time.
Cold to see Helen corners of the mouth sobbed this tigress disappeared for a few days and finally appeared.
Helen also wants to be an ostrich. Sue dragged her into the room and went straight to the cold. She sat next to him and said to Yan Muqing and Liu Yichen, "Let them talk alone in our building and listen to Aileen sing."
Yan Muqing patted the cold shoulder and followed Liu Yichen and his wife.
Cold to inexplicably glanced at Yan Muqing his eyes how to look at him like an idiot.
He’s an idiot. He’s smart, okay?
The cold left in the bag caused Helen
Sue gave Helen the music in her bag when she left in the evening. She put her hands on her legs nervously and grabbed a skirt from time to time. Her hands were sweaty.
Cold caused Helen to be nervous. "Hey, Tigress, I haven’t seen you for a few days. Why are you so nervous?" After that, I also sighed in Helen’s ear.
Helen blushed like a man, even her neck was red.
Seeing the cold makes me happier. I can’t stop laughing. What’s going on today? Let’s tease him.
First Lu Yichen, then Helen. Today must be remembered as a memorable day!
Helen was even more embarrassed by his smile. She nervously picked up the glass in front of her and took a swig, forgetting that she still had a child in her stomach.
Sue night feeling they sat in front of the booth after a few buildings. It was still the Chinese New Year when Yan Muqing left them a few places. Li Guodong arranged this table for the guests to sit at other tables early.
Li Ailing was a little nervous and went to the piano. This is the first time that Yan Muqing has heard her sing since the New Year.
She didn’t know what she was nervous about. Anyway, when she saw Yan Muqing sitting on the stage, her legs trembled when she walked.
Taiwan guests are watching her and waiting for her to play and sing at this time every day.
Took a deep breath at the piano. Li Ailing put his hands on the keys and the crisp music flowed from her fingers.
Section 354
Finally made this decision.
I don’t care what others say
I want you to be equally sure.
I’d like to go anywhere with you.
I know everything is not easy.
My heart has been reviewing myself.
I am most afraid that you will suddenly say you want to give up.
Love really needs courage.
To face the gossip
I want you to be sure with one eye.
I love is meaningful.
We all need courage.
To believe that we will be together.
Crowded I can feel you
Put it in my hand. You really mean it.
If I am strong
Will accidentally hurt you.
Can you wake up gently?
Although I am too anxious, I am more afraid of missing you.
Sue is listening to the song quietly with her support in the evening. Every time she listens to Li Ailing’s singing, it is a pleasure. She can always sing the right song according to the situation. Today’s song is for Helen. Unfortunately, she can’t hear it in the bag now.
Suddenly, Liu Yichen held her in her arms and whispered in her ear, "Don’t you think this song is very suitable for us, especially today …"