Don’t say that these people reacted that Ji Xiaotian himself felt strange and hard to name. Everything in front of him was really strange. How to refine Du E’s elixir would be so sweet was like making something delicious. Ji Xiaotian’s mouth was full of saliva, that is, he barely controlled his reaction when he was planning Xiaotian. The saliva didn’t really flow here, but at least he was taken aback and blushed half.

This is naturally due to Ji Xiaotian’s recent smell from the copper furnace, which is also the strongest in his neighborhood. Even Lu Yun and others have smelled such a sweet smell so far away. You can imagine how sweet Ji Xiaotian tastes here. Thanks to Ji Xiaotian’s calm mind and surpassing the average person’s reaction, he really can’t stand it.
Reluctantly restrained myself from covering the bronze furnace and impulsively, Ji Xiaotian continued to maintain the Samadhi fire. Now, although it is not necessary to output more immortal power to generate the Samadhi fire, it is not easy to keep the number of Samadhi fire here. Ji Xiaotian is also trying his best to recover his strength here while benefiting his second-class fairy advantage.
However, Ji Xiaotian remembers clearly that there should be an Armageddon here, even in the celestial world, but it is different from the human world. The Armageddon here is much more powerful, and it is also called the Armageddon, which even ordinary immortals practice may suffer from the Armageddon. Ji Xiaotian is refining things that go against the sky like Du E then, but he is careful and careful to wait for the Armageddon to come and resist it at any time.
At this time, you can see the benefits of refining Dan medicine in Feiyunbao, Lu Yun, because if you want him to refine it, whether it’s Lu Yun or the official fluttering, two super-class experts will gather here to watch it. If anything happens to Xiaotian, they should all help, so if you want someone to help Xiaotian, you are not afraid that Du E then will not be able to refine successfully.
"If it’s done, it’s almost done. This must be a fairy tale. I’m not afraid of what kind of fairy tales you have, and I’m not afraid of you annoying things. Have some!"
Once again, everyone was blindsided by the fact that Ji Xiaotian was clamoring there to look at the top of his head. Isn’t that meaning that he was letting Xianjie fall quickly? He was waiting here very patiently. Such an arrogant scene is still rare for everyone. No one has ever seen anyone who is so bold and arrogant about this. This is tantamount to challenging the laws of nature that are not there.
Like the celestial apocalypse, the celestial apocalypse is also a kind of law that everyone can’t understand. I don’t know when it will come. Sometimes it is because of the breakthrough in the process of uniting. Sometimes it is like Ji Xiaotian who refines some things that go against the sky. Naturally, it will come down. Anyway, it is synonymous with a death warrant everywhere. No one is so bold to face the celestial apocalypse as Ji Xiaotian. Everyone is with the deepest awe.
It happened that Ji Xiaotian screamed in this way, but also screamed in this way. People were surprised and inexplicable, and at the same time they had to admire Ji Xiaotian’s courage. Although in the eyes of everyone, Ji Xiaotian had nothing to do or made trouble.
"Rumble" as in response to Xiaotian’s cry, the thunder suddenly came in the sky. Although we don’t know where it happened, the thunder represents a fairy robbery. The meaning is different from that of the human world. There is no need to flash here. It takes a certain amount of clouds to gather thunder, which naturally appears.
As soon as the thunder appeared, it was continuous, not one or two, but two pieces. The "rumble" sounded one after another. Obviously, it was aimed at the top of the small sky to gather thick colorful clouds. In this way, the number of sudden appearance on the top of the small sky increased gradually, and the more it got up, the more it covered the top of the small sky.
"Isn’t the Caiyun robbery another Caiyun robbery? My life won’t be so bitter. Why doesn’t it seem to be different? Is it because of the mutation of Caiyun robbery in the celestial world?"
Ji Xiaotian is also a little stunned. It is the first time to see so many colorful clouds tied together. Compared with the current experience, it is nothing to see the roots in the human world. Ji Xiaotian is a little puzzled. This seems to be the same as knowing that the colorful clouds are endless. At least, there were not so many clouds and there was no such horrible thunder at that time.
Just as Ji Xiaotian was puzzled, Lu Yun frowned and thought hard for a long time. At the same time, he was scared out in a cold sweat. No wonder Lu Yun was so nervous. It is also very dangerous to face such a terrible fairy in the realm of other immortals. Now Ji Xiaotian is only a second-class fairy. Think about it. Lu Yun’s head is aching. It is there that Ji Xiaotian is threatened by such a threat.
There’s nothing to hesitate about. Lu Yun knows that his words have brought great troubles to accounting Xiaotian, but it’s better than knowing that Xiaotian was killed by this terrible fairy robbery. Xiaotian hasn’t reacted yet, but Lu Yun shouted, "Be careful, brother Xiaotian, this seems to be a fairy robbery in 1999. Generally speaking, there will be a serious test when he enters Jin Xian from the ninth grade fairy robbery!"
"What 99 fairy robbery?"
It doesn’t matter if Lu Yun doesn’t shout. After a shout, all the people present are dumbfounded. No one knows that Ji Xiaotian will face such a harsh test. This is really incredible. You know, Ji Xiaotian is not breaking through in practice, but just refining a little Dan medicine. Although this time, the number of these Dan medicines may be too large because of the huge copper furnace.
However, when it comes to the 99-year-old fairy tale, it’s still a bit exaggerated. At least all the people present, including Lu Yun and Guan Piao Piao, belong to that kind of dizziness that has been shocked by the current events. Don’t say that the two of them have lived for such a generation and have never seen such a situation. The 99-year-old fairy tale is not something that anyone can see if they want to.
Even if it’s a fairy robbery to kill you, it’s not to a considerable extent. It’s difficult to die in such a beautiful way. You can imagine that the fairy robbery in 1999 is waiting for a pervert and shocking everyone.
That’s why Lu Yun changed the rest of the people. That is to say, if Lu Yun’s strength had not reached the level-9 fairy peak and the horse was about to break through to the level-9 fairy, maybe Lu Yun wouldn’t even know it. That is to say, if he didn’t know the specific situation, it would be even more dangerous to plan a small day, not only to refine Du E’s elixir, but also to have a very small possibility of life.
Now, even with Lu Yunxing, it is not an easy thing to get rid of the immediate predicament, because when he heard Lu Yun’s cry, his first reaction was not to try to resist the impending doom, but to have a soft brain and a dizzy body and almost not fall down on the spot.
That is to say, Ji Xiaotian’s cool head has played its role. Now is not a time of weakness. Xiaotian should get himself out of this crisis as soon as possible. At the very least, Ji Xiaotian has to protect his own life and his own life. What Dan medicine can’t be refined? On the contrary, it is meaningless to refine more Dan medicine if he can’t save his own life.
With this understanding, Ji Xiaotian quickly recovered his fighting spirit. He is no longer blindly weak or feeling sorry for himself there. Ji Xiaotian knows that he has not thought about it, but he still tries to find a way to cope with the present situation. Anyway, Ji Xiaotian is desperate after this time, but he will not act so rashly. He must investigate the matter before acting.
"It’s absolutely impossible to fight this time, but how to fight it is also a very troublesome problem."
Of course, it’s true to say so. When listening to the’ 99 Fairy Robbery, Ji Xiaotian’s legs are still a little weak involuntarily. This is not that Ji Xiaotian’s courage is too small, but that the’ 99 Fairy Robbery brand is too big, which makes people like Ji Xiaotian suffer so much. If not, Ji Xiaotian will have such a big reaction.
My mind is turning so fast that I have to rely on my strong financial resources to resist such a horrible fairy. In addition, if I simply carry it hard by my own strength, even the strength of this secondary fairy is not enough. Look, it was directly blown into a fly ash by the fairy.
We have to find a way, and we have to find a very clever way to know that we can’t carry it hard and benefit from our own physical advantages. After that, our brains turn faster, and there is a kind of smell that is about to burn, and it is getting a little crazy.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Xiaotian rich family.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Xiaotian rich family.
Ji Xiaotian’s only idea of not turning into fly ash is to get his stuff out quickly. First of all, Ji Xiaotian chooses nature or arranges defensive array. Don’t look at the thunder in the sky, but according to Ji Xiaotian’s experience, this celestial disaster didn’t land so soon. Although Ji Xiaotian has experienced several celestial disasters in the human world, he believes that both celestial disasters and celestial disasters should be almost the same thing.
No matter how harsh the laws of heaven and earth are, they will leave a chance for people. This is what Xiaotian believes, and if he wants to find this little chance of life, can he wave his possessions and put them out in the human world for so long? Xiaotian’s gadgets are not put in array, and some materials are still sufficient.
Even refining Dan medicine is the same as planning Xiaotian. Many things come from the human world. Because there is no brand in the celestial world, it is now a minimum stage. On the contrary, there are not too many kinds of things here in the celestial world, but compared with the search in the human world, this little harvest in the celestial world is not worth it. Because he has got too many good things in the human world.
"Golden mother? Xiaotian brothers actually have such a big piece of gold mother? "
It was the first thing to take out, and everyone present, including Lu Yun, kept their eyes straight. It may be a small stone in the eyes of others, but it is not only Lu Yun and the official who can see it, but they also know such a large glittering stone. It is said that the theory of golden mother can be used to decorate the law or refine the magic weapon
It’s amazing that ordinary people can see a golden mother that is one meter square and not very high in purity. Now it’s a small day. It’s ten meters when it’s taken out here. Don’t say that you have seen it with your own eyes, even if you have heard of it, you have never heard of it.
This is how Ji Xiaotian took it out casually, not to mention that the most terrible thing is that Ji Xiaotian actually threw such a golden mother to the ground and then forced the fairy force to split it hard to split such a large piece of golden mother into several pieces.
The golden mother broke the sound, and at the same time, Lu Yun felt that his heart would be broken with a piece of gold mother. This is a real waste of time. If I had known that there was such a big golden mother in the golden mother, everyone would not have let it be such a wave. You know, if a whole piece of gold mother is simply used to refine some magic weapons, it will be a great thing.
Just when everyone was still secretly complaining that Ji Xiaotian was a loser, Ji Xiaotian pulled out a few other things. When these things came out, everyone’s body language was not inferior to the four things that Jin Mu had just come to, and it was even more exaggerated. The goods in Ji Xiaotian were far beyond everyone’s imagination. If you didn’t see them with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe that it didn’t look too publicity. Ji Xiaotian turned out to be so rich.
The first of the four things is the auxiliary material with gold mother, that is, silver essence, which is even rarer than gold mother. If a certain amount of gold mother can still appear in several places where gold is produced, then this kind of silver essence is a rare thing, and a little silver essence may not appear after many tons of silver refining. This material is a kind of burning money, which results in something accidentally produced.
When people really realize the value of silver essence and want to refine such a thing, it has become extremely difficult, especially because every time a large amount of silver essence is refined, it may burn a thousand kilograms without a little silver essence, and sometimes it may burn a hundred kilograms of silver to get about half a catty of silver essence.
Such a strange result naturally limits those who don’t need silver essence too much. Even those who really need silver essence may not be willing to spend such a large price to refine such a little bit. At the end of the day, silver essence is very rare. As a result, it took Ji Xiaotian years of high-priced charging and several failures to get some silver essence.
It may not be willing to make plans for Xiaotian in normal times, but when is it now? That’s when you need to save your life. What’s the worst thing in the world? That is, people are still planning without things. Xiaotian doesn’t want to be such a fool. He would rather spend all his things before collecting and refining, and save his life.
With this idea, you can understand that Ji Xiaotian is willing to take out such precious things, so that whoever is absolutely sure in the face of the 99 fairy disaster, even Lu Yun, a fairy of this level, is so much more so. Not to mention Ji Xiaotian, many people think that facing the 99 fairy disaster is waiting for death, and it is very tragic that Ji Xiaotian will not be willing to give up a strong result.
In addition to the silver essence, Ji Xiaotian also took out three things. Although these three things are not as rare as silver essence, it is also very rare to refine and collect them. If it is not Lu Yun, their eyesight is extraordinary and they have had many years of experience in knowing treasures. Even they still can’t recognize what Ji Xiaotian took out.
These three things are blue quicksand purple English and white iron core respectively.
Blue quicksand is a little better. Although it is rare in the human world, it is still available in the celestial world. It is a little more expensive. Most people get a thousand gold coins or two when they buy it, and they don’t have credit.
It’s a good idea to take out the blue quicksand. There are so many piles in front of the small day that his face is blue as if he were in a blue ocean. I believe that if not everyone’s eyesight can be protected by the fairy power, even such a large dazzling blue can dazzle everyone’s eyes and make them temporarily lose their eyes.
According to people’s estimation, this pile of blue quicksand is at least one thousand catties in such a huge amount, even if it’s not a precious thing. Besides, the value of blue quicksand is not cheap, not to mention that it’s the whole black water city except for Ji Xiaotian himself. I’m afraid it’s the whole Xuanwei star that doesn’t necessarily have so many blue quicksand.
Blue quicksand is such an amazing trick, and then take it out. Ziying will certainly not be cheaper. Ziying, a thing in Xuanwei Star, simply has never been to another planet. Lu Yun and Guan Piao Piao know that Ziying, a thing that counts Xiaotian himself, didn’t know what it was until he got it, but what made her eyes widen after reaching the celestial world. Only then did she know that Ziying turned out to be a rare treasure.
From the appearance, Ziying and Jinmu are almost a big stone, but this stone is not gold, but a big purple stone. When it is put in front of Jixiaotian, it makes a huge noise. It turns out that Ziying is extremely heavy, and the weight of general materials, including gold, is not as heavy as Ziying. The lowest ratio of Ziying to gold is 100 to 1.
Don’t say that Ji Xiaotian took out Ziying, which is about the same size as the Golden Mother, but it’s practical. The weight of this Ziying is far more than that of the Golden Mother, and it’s dozens of times less than that of the Golden Mother. This thing hit the ground because of Ji Xiaotian’s urging the immortal power to protect it. Otherwise, this Ziying will definitely hit the ground directly and then hit a big hole deeply.
The last thing that Ji Xiaotian took out was the white iron core, which is much cheaper than the previous ones. There is no way to say where the number of white iron is very large, including the number of white iron in the human world. In this way, it is more convenient for Ji Xiaotian to collect white iron cores. Among these things, the price of white iron cores is the cheapest.
However, it is said that the white core is the white core, which grows in the core position of the white iron. A vein of white iron can produce no more than 100 white cores. Although white cores are common, not everyone can see them. Thanks to being at the peak of the human world, Ji Xiaotian has made a lot of searches after leaving, which is the only thing that Ji Xiaotian has not put out this time.
It’s not that Ji Xiaotian doesn’t want to get it out, but there are too many white cores. If Ji Xiaotian really wants to get it out, I’m afraid even Lu Yun and them will be filled with extremely horrible white cores. It’s no exaggeration to say that Ji Xiaotian has so many dry Kun rings, and more than half of them are filled with white cores, so the number of white cores is horrible.
"Fortunately, it’s not like this. If you don’t even have a preparation, it’s really bad this time!"
Heap up these things. Xiaotian’s mood is calm. Even in the face of 99′ s fairy robbery, Xiao Tian’s mind has not become chaotic. At this time, the more dangerous it is, the more he needs to calm down. Chaos can’t help himself. Being as calm as it is now will enable Ji Xiaotian to win a chance. These things that have just been put out should be Ji Xiaotian relying on one.
Calm down, calm down a little more, or not?
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Colorful
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Colorful
Xiaotian didn’t relax himself at all. After putting these materials out one by one, Ji Xiaotian urged his immortal strength to turn his immortal strength into samadhi again. But this time, it was not refining Dan medicine and making these samadhi really fire, but a unified refining of the immediate materials.
Yes, it’s refining. It’s refining to get a chance.
In addition to refining Dan medicine collar, Ji Xiaotian has a special ability to refine magic weapons, which is very difficult to learn from others in the human world. Although he usually has fewer opportunities to count, Ji Xiaotian has not let him be unfamiliar. Ji Xiaotian also practices from time to time in the celestial world. First, he has been planning Xiaotian and has not made up his mind to refine a magic weapon.
Now, the 99-year-old celestial disaster arrival Ji Xiaotian has to make up his mind. For example, he has to forge a magic weapon to fight with others at ordinary times. On the other hand, Ji Xiaotian has to be like this. If he encounters a celestial disaster, he can resist these things. After calculating the results in his mind, Ji Xiaotian will put them into practice as soon as possible.
The materials Ji Xiaotian took out were so precious and the quantity was so huge. He tried his best to urge his immortal strength to transform all immortal strength into samadhi fire meter. Little genius could barely refine these materials, but before refining, it was suspected that samadhi really torched these materials. Without such a foundation, let alone refining magic weapons, it was extremely difficult to make these materials.
"get up!"
After drinking a course, Xiaotian was initially rolled up. It was the first time to take out the gold mother. Compared with other materials, the nature of the gold mother was the easiest to be melted. The strength of Xiaotian was so strong that the second-class fairy level was only enough to cover the golden thread here and then compress all the samadhi real fire as much as possible to reduce the melting time of the gold mother.