"Hertha is simply a body and brain problem! Now they are one goal behind. If they want to take a point away from El sardar, they don’t have much time … Maybe they are really satisfied with scoring a goal at this time! It’s pathetic! Such a team wants to avoid relegation? I still think the second-division B League is more suitable for them … "

"Coach China is too excited. He shouldn’t rush to the players to celebrate with them, but he should calm down and tell them that there are still ten minutes left in the game … but maybe I’m asking too much. After all, coach China is a inexperienced rookie! Maybe this goal made him more excited than the players. I wonder if he fainted happily! "
After the referee urged Chang Sheng to say to the players gathered around him, "This goal is definitely not accidental. It’s not that we got lucky! If you want us to keep playing like this, a goal will come soon to all of you … "He looked at everyone.
"I don’t care what you think of me personally, and I don’t care how you plan for your future. At least in the last ten rounds of the league this season, we are in the same boat. I ask you to temporarily put aside your differences and prejudices. Qi Xin will work together! If you have any grievances, wait until the end of this season to calculate the general ledger! I’ll wait for you then if you still want to settle accounts with me. "
With that, Changsheng waved his hand and the team finally dissolved.
Watching the players run back to the stadium always wins, and slowly strolling back to the coach’s seat.
When he returned to the coach’s seat, he saw Manuel Garcia looking at him with a smile.
So he also smiled at Garcia.
"Congratulations on the birth of the first ball in the five-round league," Garcia told him.
Changsheng shook his head. "It’s still early, Manuel. Let’s congratulate you after we win this game!"
Manuel Garcia was frightened by the winning words.
Rudy Gonzalez laughed next to him.
Winning twist a head looked at Rudy Gonzalez Gonzalez stopped laughing and turned supercilious look.
Changsheng ignored him and said to Manuel again, "Don’t you believe it, Manuel? Why don’t we make a bet? "He laughed." If we win, would you please invite our team to dinner? "
Garcia looked at the young man who was twelve years younger than him. He just liked Chang Sheng.
One has a vision-it can be seen from him that Golka is not a genius and pushes plug Passareira; Ability-this can be seen from the results of the youth team after he coached the youth team; Have courage-you can know from his courage to do things right with the fans and media in Hertha area, Golka; There are means-from his conclusions in the first team; The most important thing is that there is momentum … What will happen to the young coach? He can’t say, but he is envious.
So he laughed "Good! If you can win osasuna! I invited the team to the best restaurant in Hertha for dinner! "
"It’s a deal!"
Two people simply high-five agreement.
Rudy Gonzalez looked at the two men as if they had won the game … He snorted heavily in his mind.
He doesn’t believe Hertha can beat Osasuna in the away game. He is confident in his ability. If he can’t save the team, then he can’t always win!
After the game resumed, Hertha followed the constant winning requirement and made tireless interception in midfield.
And the three strikers still don’t defend themselves, and they keep cruising in front of the Osasuna line, just like sharks following slave ships.
Popovich was watching the players in Osasuna. He found that the China coach said that Osasuna seemed to be really stunned by this goal, and the players seemed a little absent-minded
And coach Osasuna didn’t make any adjustments on the sidelines. Maybe he thought even a goal ahead was enough for them to win Hertha.
But … This is our chance!
Striker Popovich, wearing Hertha No.10 jersey, was experienced and saw the key at a glance.
Think about what he said to him before winning a game. Now he feels that beating Osasuna in the away game … seems to be nothing difficult.
But he can see the opportunity, but he has to wait until the football reaches his feet.
Now he can swim in the frontcourt, so he always looks at the backcourt and looks at himself in the backcourt. He sets his sights on a young man.
Carlos Campo is the young man who just assisted him.
Is it a trick for him to plug the ball quickly after breaking it?
Unlike because he is too fast and skilled, he made this move directly without any adjustment or thinking.
It’s like repeating it several times.
Popovich is suddenly curious about his new coach. He wants to know what the new coach has done in Team C …