A few minutes later, Zhong Yingtian came to this group of people with Dragon Nets.

"This is the sacred territory of the Dragon Kingdom. Leave as soon as possible or you will be at your own risk."
Zhong Yingtian has an irresistible majesty. This group of foreigners dare not face up to many people with their heads down.
The crowd stirred up again, especially when they saw the special steel knives in the hands of hundreds of dragon net members. Less than 30% people were pushing outside the crowd.
The steel knives in Dragon Net’s hands are made of special alloy materials. Although they are ineffective, they cut iron like mud, which is not a problem.
"Don’t be afraid, everyone."
At this moment, Zao Guohua Yuanjun came out again.
He walked to Zhong Yingtian with a smile and his eyes scanned. "Zhong Yingtian?"
Don’t say it’s okay. When it comes to this name, 50% of foreigners have a deep fear in their eyes.
"If we were afraid of you before, but you were seriously injured 30 years ago, even if you recovered not long ago, how do you want to make up for it in these days?" Hua Yuanjun smiled and said
"Oh, Zhong Yingtian was seriously injured 30 years ago. After so many years, I was afraid that he would fix it, even I couldn’t, right? Ha ha … "
"That was really scary. It turned out to be a false alarm."
The foreigner who had already taken a few steps returned to the team again.
Fifty percent of foreigners are laughing and laughing there.
The mocking appearance made Dragon Net members’ fists thump and kill their faces.
They’re waiting for orders. They need a "kill …" They’ll rush into the crowd and kill everyone.
It’s better to be defeated than to be alive.
Zhong Yingtian looked at these people calmly with his eyes fixed on Hua Yuanjun.
Not angry and self-defeating, Hua Yuanjun stopped laughing, frowned and showed a serious look
"Warning for the last time that the territory of Dragon Kingdom is sacred and inviolable, we will continue to stay here at our own risk," Zhong Yingtian said.
The laughing crowd is quiet.
A person can be so calm in the face of ridicule from several people unless he has extraordinary strength.
Didn’t he get hurt thirty years ago? How can your eyes be so calm? Isn’t he hurt?
"Ha ha …"
Hua Yuanjun laughed when everyone was confused. "Zhong Yingtian, do you really think of yourself as a Decepticon? You, you were thirty years ago? "
"I don’t even deserve to give me shoes without looking at you."
Chapter 152 Fuck [Nine More]
Hua Yuanjun is arrogant and ridicules whatever language is good at Zhong Yingtian.
Talking can bring the dead back to life.
Muhai hides in the dark and looks at Zhong Yingtian’s calm look, but he can’t help but wear it up. After this calm, he can be even.
A few meters behind Muhai, where Alice is in a white dress, people can find her as if she were empty.
Muhai was surprised to see this and opened his mouth for a long time before he recovered.
I can’t believe that Alice has become so powerful!
This kind of strength makes Muhai look beyond the dust and continuous shooting horses can’t catch up.
"Old thing, do you want to be the enemy of the whole world as a small dragon country?"
"Here I advise you to go back immediately and hand over the ruins. I can consider letting you go."
Hua Yuanjun raved against the guest host.
Arrogant appearance makes Dragon Net members angry to the extreme, and the steel knife in their hands has been buzzing.
Hua Yuanjun held his head high and didn’t notice the group of foreign faces behind him.
Behind Hua Yuanjun, everyone stepped back and separated him alone.
"Ah …"
Muhai shook his head slightly when he heard these words, but he showed a sad look.
The price of arrogance is death.
When Zhong Yingtian heard these words, his mouth was raised. "So you miss my whole enemy?"
"Long Guo? ! I mean, can you represent the dragon kingdom? " Hua Yuanjun said
"Good, good."
Zhong Yingtian said and turned around.
Hua Yuanjun couldn’t help but feel elated when he saw Zhong Yingtian leave.
Suddenly his pupil contracted and his face showed a look of disbelief.
In his eyes, you can clearly see a man with a pale golden light coming rapidly.
Hua Yuanjun didn’t resist even when he came, so he was held by the other side and couldn’t move.
"Well …"
Hua Yuanjun’s eyes are wide open and he keeps struggling, and his mouth is screaming.
It’s not just Hua Yuanjun who keeps his eyes wide open. Many foreigners also keep their eyes wide open and stop closing their mouths and stuffing an egg.
Grab Hua Yuanjun with one move?
Has Zhong Yingtian been injured?
If Zhong Yingtian shoots at himself, can he deal with it?
At the thought of these, their backs became cold, and their brains became numb and they began to retreat.
Treasure life takes priority over life.