And it may be as high as 50 points to integrate the Tao of heaven and earth into the truth

And even if ordinary monks reach the tenth floor of the foundation period, but without the help of the real hun, the real element is only five or six times. It is extremely difficult to realize that heaven and earth are there, and it is almost impossible to further integrate heaven and earth into the real element.
This monk can condense Dan fire, which may be less than one point.
But now Mo Xiu feels the Tao of heaven and earth at this moment with the power of qiankun sword array.
Therefore, it is confirmed that the road to be taken in the future is kendo.
Heaven and earth are ever-changing, and everyone can feel different heaven and earth, just like practicing the earth-belonging techniques. People who practice the earth-belonging techniques are most vulnerable to the earth-belonging techniques and those who practice the fire-belonging techniques are most vulnerable to the fire-belonging techniques.
Moxiu’s most common use is that all kinds of flying swords are most susceptible, and nature is kendo.
For a moment, it seemed that the eternal kendo trace was severely engraved in the deepest part of Moxiuzhen Hun.
But in the blink of an eye, the traces of kendo disappeared, as if they had never been there.
Just now, Mo Xiu only felt Kendo at that moment by virtue of his body momentum rising to the extreme. If he wants to realize Kendo again, he needs another chance.
At this moment, don’t rest, the momentum is like an abyss, and the stars are deep. Thirty-two red awns have formed a completely independent world around you, which makes people feel that attacks have been smashed into it.
Even the purple devil moved, and his face was gone. Just now, his anger turned to calm down.
He really faced up to his strength.
"I didn’t think! You can actually break my purple magic spirit and get promoted to a higher level! "
"I don’t know whether you are promoted or not, but now you are qualified to be my opponent!"
"So I have made up my mind to refine you alive into my first statue of the dark Lord! I want you to refine your qualifications, and the Dark Oneself will also have great power! "
"Now let you see my real strength!"
Said the purple magic wrist once again took out a black Se Xuanding body magic gas immediately poured in.
"Dark busy! Now! "
Xuan Dingding Gai suddenly flew up.
Seven black Se figures flew out from Xuanding.
Look carefully at these seven black Se figures, each of which has the same appearance as the purple devil. The difference is that these seven figures have no evil meaning like the purple devil’s face, but are wrapped in black gas.
All around were hit by filar silk black gas and crackled.
This is pure and extremely black magic gas.
And each of these seven black Se figures has the strength of the Dark Lord!
"ah! The purple devil’s adult is going to move real strength! Even the dark devil’s doppelganger in the health tripod has been prompted! "
"Yes! It is said that the purple devil’s adult health tripod is filled with exhausted black devil’s breath, and nourishing the dark devil’s avatar in the health tripod can increase the strength of the dark devil’s avatar tenfold. Usually, the purple devil’s adult doesn’t move the roots of the dark devil’s avatar, which consumes the strength of the dark devil’s avatar. "
"That is, because the Dark Oneself is too important, it was this small time that destroyed a Dark Oneself, which made the Purple Devil’s adult angry and vowed to kill this person. Otherwise, how could we invite the Purple Devil’s adult to help us win the battle again?"
"But I heard that there were at most four dark avatars in front of the Purple Devil’s adult. At that time, everyone thought that was the real strength of the Purple Devil’s adult. Now there are seven dark avatars!"
"So it seems that this small strength is not bad! The second purple devil’s adult only urged four dark devil avatars to deal with a dark devil with good strength. Now moving seven dark devil avatars doesn’t mean that this person’s strength is still in the dark devil statue? "
"Hum! What if the strength is not bad? It will be refined into a black devil by the purple devil! "
A group of brothers from the Dark Devil Sect are talking about it in the Moon Tower.
At this time, the purple devil also once again prompted the seven dark lords.
"Magic gas furnace! Refining and refining! "
Purple magic body large black magic gas gushed out and condensed out a statue of black Se furnace. Black magic gas crackled in the furnace.
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Seven Dark Ones jumped into the magic gas furnace with a black light, and suddenly there was a rumble in the furnace!
"The dark one is real!"
The purple devil’s body is like a giant in the sky, and it will turn into a tall giant in the blink of an eye.
Breath will break the world.
At that time, just a glimmer of hope was kindled, and Violet Lotus swallowed at the crowd, and Se changed greatly.
They can clearly sense that the purple devil’s true hun has reached six levels when the dark devil’s true body condenses!
The foundation period is ten floors, but the real Hun has reached six levels, which is a level stronger than the Dark Lord, Black Mundus!
Black Mundus casually can wield a great power! Some black Mundus with celestial powers can even wield double powers!