"When can I get up? I haven’t seen my father for a long time. "

Now she really loves her and has a father in this world, but she is most sorry for her father. For so many years, she has never done a good thing except deliberately making him angry and poking him in the heart.
When children have no Le Xuewei, they realize how immoral and immoral it is to be unfilial! Dad is still in a coma, but she’s still here. It’s really wrong to toss and turn this disturbing thing with Han Chengyi.
Le Xuewei blinked, her thin eyelids almost penetrated through the purple capillaries, and she could meet clearly, and her smile was delicate and touching.
Han Chengyi felt distressed and her chest tightened. "Don’t worry, I’ll go with you when you are ready."
"Is my dad okay?" Le Xuewei cocked her head.
"Well, it’s good. The doctor says he’s recovering well. It’s unlikely that he will become a permanent vegetable. You’re not too worried."
Le Xuewei silently tugged at the tight sheets and nodded and said, "Okay, I’ll wait for Han Chengyi. Will you divorce me?"
Her voice was very light, but it gave Han Chengyi a great shock. Han Chengyi couldn’t believe it and frowned and asked, "What did you say?"
Le Xuewei gawked at him. Did he act again? He likes acting so much! Isn’t he tired? In fact, he doesn’t play as well as he does. What did he want to do from knowing him? She was like an idiot, crying and fighting, but she still jumped blindfolded, and he fell into the body and mind together.
How boring! Don’t want to say anything. Le Xuewei slowly shook her head and her face was expressionless. "Nothing didn’t catch it." She turned around and slept.
Han Chengyi’s heart is about to break. Xiaoxue is really injured, sick and scared! So be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, so insecure and don’t trust him.
Han Chengyi bent down and hugged her and whispered in her ear, "Don’t think about it, Xiaoxue. I beg you, don’t think about anything. We will never part."
Le Xuewei suddenly gave birth to an impulse to laugh from sadness. She looked at him with her eyes open and nodded, and her big eyes flickered. Because of miscarriage, Le Xuewei lost a lot of weight these days. The original baby’s fat cheeks suddenly disappeared, revealing a charming cone face.
The little girl seems to have suddenly grown up, more beautiful than before.
In Han Chengyi’s eyes, she is so attractive, and he is so fascinated, fascinated and willing to worship. He has long been possessed by evil …
Section 13
Chapter 192 Do not come clean
Ni Jun told Han Chengyi about Qiao Yuwei in the room.
Han Chengyi heard this name and frowned and smacked her lips. "Yeah … if there is nothing special, don’t tell me. Isn’t there an expert to take care of her? Isn’t the liver source also looking for it? "
Ni Jun nodded and said, "It’s natural to understand, but you’d better listen to it."
"Huh?" Han Chengyi slightly ash is there anything strange?
"Three times, there was a person who took the initiative to donate his liver. His own conditions and blood type were very consistent, but it was a pity that the match came out two days ago … it was not appropriate, but one thing was strange …" Ni Jun paused and picked his eyebrows.
Han Chengyi looked up at him and said, "Speak!"
"It’s San Shao … the hospital report shows that the dna similarity with Miss Qiao is very high, with 99.9% …"
Ni Jun said that he put the report in front of Han Chengyi.
Han Chengyi picked up the report and turned to the last page to look at the results directly … What did Junmei say with such a high dna similarity? Although he is not a doctor, he can detect some problems.
"What did the doctor say?"
"The doctor said it was strange that there are usually biological brothers and sisters who have this kind of situation …"
Both of them are silent, and their thoughts are the same. dna can’t be a coincidence. Think about Qiao Yuwei’s mother, Kang Huizhen, and Han Chengyi, with a look of disdain, saying that she once did ridiculous things undignified, and he absolutely believed it.
However, this matter is Joe’s family business, and Qiao Wandong is still lying in a coma in the hospital bed, and Xiaoxue has suffered a lot recently. Han Chengyi doesn’t want her to worry about such dirty things.
"Three little things … what should I do?"
Han Chengyi put the report away and put it in the drawer of the main desk and ordered, "Don’t say anything first. My father-in-law is still unconscious. Xiaoxue can’t worry about Qiao Yuwei’s search for liver source, and then expand the scope, increase the reward and find the liver source as soon as possible."
"Yes," Ni Jun promised and said, "Miss Qiao is in a bad mood and her condition is very unstable."
Han Chengyi shook his head with a slight shrug at Meifeng, saying, "I’m not an expert who told me and didn’t ask them to have more snacks. Give her whatever she wants. You don’t have to report it to me afterwards. Xiaoxue is very insecure now, so be careful when speaking and doing things."
"I know three little things."
Recuperating in Banxia Villa, Japan and South Korea Chengyi have been with Le Xuewei, but he always has things to deal with, and it is impossible to really never leave.
Le Xuewei has been lying in her room, but I haven’t seen Su Lejun these days. She has left the city and returned to the country. Unexpectedly, Han Chengyi went to the room for a video conference this afternoon, but Su Lejun walked into the master bedroom.
LeXueWei leng slightly taken aback.
Su Lejun smiled lightly, and Dan Fengyan had a hidden meaning. His arms were on his chest and he came to Le Xuewei. "Why do you see that I am so surprised that I have already left?"
"Sister-in-law, what can I do for you?" LeXueWei didn’t answer frowned slightly.
"Hum …" Su Lejun shook his head and approached Le Xuewei. She could see that the corners of her eyes and lips had climbed fine lines, but she was still a very beautiful woman. "It’s okay. I just came to see if you heard that you had a miscarriage. Oh, how could you be so careless? Ah, our Korean family is just a thin mother … It’s just that our mother-in-law has been looking forward to the third child having two more children. You see, it’s a pity that this child has been gone for weeks! It’s your first child, too. Didn’t you notice? This first three months of pregnancy is the most dangerous! "
Listening to Su Lejun’s words, Le Xuewei’s frown is getting tighter and tighter. She is so hypocritical. What is it that Su Lejun hates her so much when she comes to see her jokes?
"Sister-in-law, you don’t like me so much, but you don’t come to see me. Aren’t you angry when you see me?"
Le Xuewei raised her head and looked directly at Su Lejun. She didn’t please her mind now. It was because she was Han Chengyi’s eldest sister-in-law. Now that she and Han Chengyi are in jeopardy, she doesn’t even care about Han Chengyi. Will she care about her eldest sister-in-law?
The attitude has changed 1 degree since Su Lejun first arrived.
Be LeXueWei so harshly ask Su Lejun and some have no reaction to come over a glaring grunted "good temper? How did a miscarriage make you lose your temper? I’m telling you, I’m the eldest housewife in the Han family, and you’re the third housewife. You have to understand the rules! Yes, I don’t like you and I hate you so much that I can’t let your horse get out of Han’s house! "
LeXueWei also you’re welcome to cold hum "eldest sister-in-law this words you don’t tell me that I don’t want to stay in Korea’s home, if you have the ability to tell Han Chengyi that he refused to let me go anyway, what can I do? I am also very troubled. If my eldest sister-in-law can let Han Chengyi let me go, I really want to thank you! "
"You …"
Su Lejun quickly recovered his strength and smiled at his mouth. I didn’t expect that the loss of the child would have such a great impact on Le Xuewei and Han Chengyi’s feelings! Good. Everything is going in the direction she expected. Now we have to add a torch to drive her away from Han Chengyi completely!
Otherwise, Han Chengyi will kill her if she breaks her finger again!
"Ah, it seems that you are very angry with the old! I advise you to relax, old three … That’s it. What’s the long-term effect on women? This is in the city in the country, but his women are more … "
Su Lejun hypocritically sighed and sympathized with Le Xuewei.
Le Xuewei closed her eyes impatiently, and her face sank. She pointed to the marching orders. "Sister-in-law, don’t tell me that it’s nothing to me. I’m tired. If it’s nothing, please go out!"
Su Lejun opened his mouth to say something, but the door was pushed
Han Chengyi came in with a painted gold tray in his hand and said, "Xiaoxue went to drink a cup of tea and just brought your soup. Have you had enough sleep?"