He also didn’t dwell on the fact that Qingluan’s wings flashed and people were already outside the BRICS attack, while Bai Ouqing and Li Junhe came and took them away.

But Yang Xiu also faintly in to see if the other party really dare to hit Bai Ouqing mind.
Seeing that the two men were about to be smashed into patties, the BRICS suddenly stopped when they were about to touch Bai Ouqing’s head.
And at this moment, I saw the friar’s body at the beginning of the knot Dan blasting at the BRICS Bai Ouqing. After catching Bai Ouqing, I ignored her screaming and Li Junhe roared a palm and then stunned Bai Ouqing and took it away.
Li Junhe saw that Bai Ouqing was taken away by the friar at the beginning of the knot Dan, and his eyes were bloodshot, and his body was suddenly red. Then he showed an war potential from his body and saw him as fierce as a tiger with a strong blood gas. He flashed at the friar at the beginning of the knot Dan.
At the beginning of Jiedan, when the friar saw that Li Junhe was just trying to catch Bai Ouqing during the practice period, Gen ignored his thoughts, and just protecting himself from the dark light would make the other side unable to stand it.
But I don’t want Li Junhe to be so imposing. It’s like a drawn sword. This kind of pressure makes me unprepared and can’t help but shake.
Because he had no precautions against Li Junhe in advance, he was beaten by Li Junhe.
The palm of your hand was heavily bombarded at the beginning of Jiedan, and the long shield was actually a shaking sound, as if it had withstood it. Suddenly, at the beginning of Jiedan, the friar was shocked to hurry up, and the spirit force was on the shield, which made the shield stable again.
Just when he was looking for the culprit, he saw that Li Junhe was actually stunned after hitting the shield with his hands, and he himself immediately fell down. The blood was broken and the blood was winding.
When the friar arrived in the early days of Jiedan, he ignored it and wanted to be taken away by Bai Ouqing.
Li Junhe hit the palm of his hand, and Yang Xiu was shocked in his eyes as much as the friar at the beginning of the knot Dan. I believe that seeing a friar in the practice period almost broke a friar in the knot Dan period, and it is impossible for him to remain indifferent to his defense.
But then, when he saw where the friar was going to escape in the early days of Jiedan, he was shocked by the pressure in his heart. A bullet of "blood tooth thorn" suddenly turned into a lotus flower and shot at each other.
Although each other with Bai Ouqing, but also keep an eye on the movement around the blood teeth stabbed out at the same time, he is now immediately or command the shield behind him to continue to escape.
Listening to ""piercing the shield with teeth, but it’s still because Yang Xiu’s repair is not enough now, and the tooth spur should be powerful and too different from the other party’s repair.
Seeing blood, the tooth thorn was stuck and the shield did not pass through.
Then he took back the bloody tooth thorn, but the other party would not pay attention to it.
See the early knot Dan friar quickly took out a scarlet symbol and posted it on the blood tooth pricking blood symbol. Although the blood tooth thorn was shaken in the symbol by Yang Xiu’s psychic drive, it could not get out.
And just then, at the beginning of the knot Dan, the friar just heard the retreat shout and immediately stopped fighting with Yang Xiu with a shield and quickly retreated behind him.
Blood tooth thorn and Bai Ouqing were taken away. Where would Yang Xiu be willing to follow Qingluan’s wings even when people leave, and the wind hammer was also rolled to that person by the size of more than ten feet.
And the monk who was fighting with Bai Zhi just wanted to escape, but he was immediately stopped by Bai Zhi’s flicker, and he couldn’t get away when he roared at the giant stick.
Before Yang cultivate one’s morality, the friar saw good and flew to Bai Zhi, and joined the fray to besiege Bai Zhi with the friar in the middle of Jiedan.
Bai Zhiran is not afraid of a giant stick swinging left and right to block the other two people’s attacks. Instead, it can pose a certain threat to them from time to time.
Even if the other party doesn’t fight with each other, they will fight and retreat.
Yang Xiuji can’t help much if he loses the chance of sneak attack in this battle, so he can command the wind and fire hammer to help Bai Zhi harass an opponent, but it doesn’t show much.
He also secretly considered whether to release the ghost king, but seeing Bai Zhi did not fall into the wind, and according to this situation, the two men would not be able to escape for long and they would be tired of coping.
Therefore, after thinking about it, forget it. There is no need to expose it and wait slowly. The main reason is that the injury of the Ghost King has not been healed and it has hurt its vitality.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Bald evil apes
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Bald evil apes
The two men beat and retreated in this period, and Yang Xiu finally took advantage of their hurry-scurry and an oversight to take back the blood tooth stab.
At the same time, in the gathering place of Minstrel monks, I saw several flags and compasses distributed in the jungle for dozens of feet.
They sat cross-legged, and God seemed anxious about what he was waiting for.
Brother Tian’s eyes suddenly pointed at the demon of the buttonwood tree. "Brother Hu has four monks who are fighting and are flying to our side. They will be here soon."
Brother Hu suddenly got a surprised eyebrow. "Brother Yu’s horse will draw the bald ape. What can I do if these people are surprised?" How about those people? "
Brother Tian, "There are three periods of Dan-knot and one period of foundation."
Then I heard him say, "It’s not good that Brother has attracted the bald ape. What shall we do now?"
Brother Hu thought for a moment and said, "Don’t worry about people yet. Our horses are hidden and we can’t let bald apes see the abnormality."
When all the people arrived, Brother Hu told them to scatter and hide in different directions, and those dense compasses disappeared as if everything had never happened.
However, the two men were chased to a jungle by Bai Zhi when they smelled incense.
At this time, their attack in Baizhi has also been dwarfed.
I heard that the monk in the middle of Jiedan shouted "abandon" to another person.
Another monk heard the news and nodded, but when Bai Zhi’s giant stick came, he threw Bai Ouqing at the giant stick and took Bai Ou as a shield.
Bai Ouqing also just woke up from a coma and immediately screamed when he saw this situation.
Bai Zhi saw Bai Ouqing flying towards the giant stick because he didn’t go to Yang Xiu to tell him, of course, he didn’t dare to play hard
But at this time, the stick potential has been old and can’t be closed.
What a Bai Zhi didn’t panic when he saw this situation. When he saw a binge drinking giant club in his mouth, he suddenly missed passing Bai Ouqing and smashed it into a deep pit.
And Bai Ouqing was firmly caught by him and was in shock in his arms at the moment.