With that, Sun Wu took Sha Wujing out of the hall and drove away.

Looking at Sun Wu’s departure from the King of Treasure, he said, "It’s a good thing for the disciple of the holy monk!"
As soon as the king spoke, suddenly Sun Wu appeared in the hall again. Tang Sanzang hesitated, "Wu, why are you back?"
Sun Wuwen scratched his head and smiled awkwardly. "I don’t know where the monster is, how can I save people!"
"hey!" The whole hall people smell speech are fainted.
After the king of Bao Xiangguo said the location of the monster’s cave, Sun Wu said, "You can entertain my master for an hour at most, and your father and daughter can be reunited!" Then he flew away again.
According to the king’s direction, Sun Wu went all the way to a cave, but the smell in this cave made Sun Wu feel a little confused. This cave not only exudes the sacred spirit of Buddhism, but also the rosy clouds of Taoism, which is even more mixed with a strong need.
After thinking for a while, Sun Wu decided not to think about it. He said to Sha Wujing, "Wu Jing, wait for the two of you to drown in the front door of the cave to draw the monster out, and then try to delay it. When I come back from the back hill to save the princess, I will meet you to get rid of the monster."
Sha Wujing smell speech nodded his head
Sun Wu made a sign to Sha Wujing and hid his figure. After Sha Wujing drew the monster out, he mixed in to save people.
Sha Wujing jumped to the front of the cave with King Kong crescent shovel in his hand. In a short time, a big monster with a yellow robe and a fierce face came out surrounded by a small demon and scolded, "Are you the monk who is noisy at my cave?" Get out of here or the king will catch your wine! "
"Yellow robe Johnson, I am entrusted by the king of Baoxiangguo to save people. I want you to hand over the princess of shame and I will leave at once." Sha Wujing said.
Huang Paoguai heard the news and thought, I didn’t bother you, but you came to break up our husband and wife. The anger was burning and I couldn’t control my eyes. I gnashed my teeth and shouted, "Let’s catch him later!"
Then he pulled out his broadsword and thought about Sha Wujing’s capture.
Sha Wujing saw that the monster was attacking and didn’t talk nonsense. crescent shovel waved his hand and Huang Paoguai fought together.
This Huang Paoguai, like Sha Wujing, is now in the late stage of Jin Xian’s combat effectiveness, but it’s also quite difficult to see two people fighting each other soon.
Hiding aside, Sun Wu saw that it was about time, so he quietly went to the back of the mountain and touched it into the cave. Most of the small demons were taken out by Huang Paoguai. At this time, three or two small demons were left in the cave to guard Sun Wu, and they found the princess who was ashamed of flowers in the depths of the cave.
Sun Wu told Princess Baihua Shame everything. Princess Baihua Shame was so happy that she cried when she left Sun Wu.
Walking to the mouth of the cave, Princess Baihua Shame really suddenly knocked down the torch at the mouth of the cave and lit it up, but it was because he was resented by Huang Paoguai for many years that he set fire to Huang Paoguai’s abode of fairies and immortals.
Huang Paoguai was at war with Sha Wujing at this time, and a little demon ran anxiously from the mountain to Huang Paoguai and said, "After your majesty’s illness, the cave caught fire, and your wife is still in it!"
Huang Paoguai turned a look and sure enough, there was a black smoke coming from the back. It seemed that the fire was not small. He glanced at Sha Wujing naively and shouted, "Don’t let me see you again! Children go back with me to put out the fire! " Then ignore them and lead the little devils back to the cave to put out the fire.
Huang Paoguai and a group of goblins happened to meet Sun Wu, Princess of Baihua Shame, halfway. When Huang Paoguai saw him, he shouted "Don’t hurt my wife" and said to Princess of Baihua Shame, "Madam, don’t be afraid of me. I’m coming to save you!"
Unexpectedly, Princess Baihua Shame heard that "which is your wife! You damn monster, you forced me to come here. I wish I could kill you myself. Now my father sent someone to save me. Will I go back with you? Don’t be paranoid. "
Huang Paoguai smell speech in the mind can’t help but feel lost. Looking at the princess with a hundred flowers and shame, her eyes are full of confusion. Yes, this woman is a princess with a hundred flowers and shame. She is no longer with her own liking. She is also the one who should wake up.
At this time, Sun Wu exploded and shouted, "Look at the monster!" Say that finish, he swung his golden hoop and went to Huang Paoguai.
Huang Paoguai is already disheartened at this time, such as pestering Sun Wu to see Sun Wu calling and turning into a breeze to escape back to heaven.
When Sun Wu saw that Huang Paoguai escaped and didn’t chase after him, he fought against a small demon. If these small demons could be beaten and killed, more than half of them were scared away.
After all this, Sun Wu went to meet Sha Wujing with Princess Baihua Shame.
A group of people went back to the palace of Bao Xiangguo, and the princess was ashamed. When the father and daughter of Bao Xiangguo reunited, they hugged each other and cried.
After all this, the king of Bao Xiangguo remembered Tang Sanzang and others’ thanks and made a banquet in the palace to entertain Tang Sanzang and his entourage.
Chapter 41 Disaster from the Door
After Bao Xiangguo accepted the hospitality, Tang Sanzang and his entourage continued to go to the west. The four of them went all the way to Tang Sanzang, and it was four years later. In the past four years, several mentoring people have also suffered a lot of monster harassment, but it was also thrilling to have two pick Jin Xian-level figures to protect Tang Sanzang.
The passage of four years has not changed Tang Sanzang’s ambition at all, and he will never stop until he reaches Lingshan.
"It’s been so long, and there’s no big move in the door. Do they really want to sit and watch the Buddhism grow stronger than the door!" Thirty-three days ago, Amitabha suddenly aimed at Tao.
"Ha ha, brother Buddha is joking. It’s not that Sanqing, the gate, has always been Pangu’s authentic teacher. If the outside world of our Buddhism is going to be prosperous by our Buddhism!" Quasi-laughs
"So they haven’t acted yet?" Amitabha asked
"What’s the matter, Brother Buddha, do you still want them to come and destroy it?"
"I also know the temperament of Sanqing, but it seems that he is based on the fact that you have not harmed his interests. Now that we have taken this trip, the Buddhism and the East have seriously harmed the old interests. If he had just arrived earlier, now he is so calm, which really worries me about his moving behind!" Amitabha Buddhism Road
"He is waiting for us to be numb before he starts work! If what I expect is not bad, that old man will attack the Buddhist scriptures recently! " Zhundong
"Oh, that brother can think about how to deal with it?"
Quasi shook his head and said, "An enemy will have means to resist."
"Alas, if it’s really impossible, you and I will help the golden cicadas!" Amitabha Buddhism Road
"This nature is not too obvious to be caught by Sanqing" quasi-way
"Then let’s wait here and watch the door move!" Amitabha Buddhism Road