Xuanqi clenched his fist tightly and said, "We all parties are rushing here. I don’t believe he can stay there for a while without attacking and dispersing, so that he can be trapped there until the masters of all parties arrive."

They all saw Chen’s cold injury just now, but he can stay in it for a long time because of the earth of the flesh, but he can’t stay there all the time
When the time comes, all the troops will come. If he comes out of it, he will die!
He can think of this way, Chen Han can also think of it, so Chen Han doesn’t intend to stay in it. As early as after killing a six-robbery scattered fairy with the help of Bi Yan’s wind, he will fly in the other direction as quickly as possible. He just wants to leave some people behind with the help of Bi Yan’s wind. After all, the wind is more than two thousand miles in diameter. If they surround such a large wind by siege, there will definitely be some distance between them.
Here, spiritual knowledge can’t make the sound technique, the message sign and so on impossible, and the broadcasting distance is also very limited. If you want to contact each other, how can you make track for people who have not seen Chen Han?
When he was dripping with blood as if his skin had been pulled out, he rushed out from the other end of the 2,000-mile-diameter blue-Yan wind mass and found that he was less than 20 people.
If these people return to the United States, others can’t see in isolation here, and their vision is relatively limited. In the blink of an eye, the cold will definitely run away.
It was found that more than ten people could crustily skin of head and chase after Chen’s cold body. There was a healing saint who escaped from the same trick again and got into a cloud of smoke with a diameter of Wan Li from Yuan.
Fire, water and wind
In the corresponding description, Tu Junlong said that people who cultivate the emperor and shake the sky are extremely resistant to Bi Yan’s wind and Li Yuan’s smoke.
This time, they didn’t dare to rush in with Chen Han. It’s a pity that this group is far from the diameter of smoke and dust. Wan Li is surrounded by more than a dozen people, and everyone is about two thousand miles away.
When Chen Han randomly chose a direction and ran out to continue tracking others, there were only two left!
Chapter 39 Four-phase Evolution
In this way, the same method was used again, and dozens of scattered immortals were dumped, but he himself encountered a big problem.
"No gravity … no … no reference …"
Feel the HarmonyOS gas outside is richer and purer than before, and the cold in my heart burst into horror. "Spiritual knowledge can’t confuse the southeast, northwest and just a phone call without a goal. How can I get out? I don’t know where the 100-meter narrow escape key is now. Maybe it has reached ten kilometers and I can’t even find the way back. "
HarmonyOS gas has become rich and pure, and it is reasonable to say that it is definitely not in the same area, but has entered a deeper place.
Ten dead?
Ten dead!
Looking around, the surrounding environment has not changed much. It is almost the same as when I first came in. There are clouds and air masses, large and small, made up of fire, water and wind everywhere.
He is careful but aimless, moving in a certain direction in a straight line as far as possible, and carefully sensing the change of the purity of the external HarmonyOS force. If this direction flies straight ahead, the aura becomes more intense, and the purity theory means that the deeper you go, the opposite direction is the departure. If the purity of the aura does not change, it means that this route is parallel, so he can change the direction and retest.
Thousands of miles away, it was quiet, and several air masses trembled like toads. The frequency of trembling became faster and faster, and the shaking amplitude became larger and larger.
I wonder what’s going on when I’m cold, but it happens to belong to four different air masses, namely, smoke and dust from Yuan, pure fire from the immortal, clear fog as soon as the sky clears, and flowing wind from Bi Yan, which gather at an amazing speed towards the center and suddenly crash into each other with a loud noise.
"This is … how can this low-quality fire water wind evolve on Sunday?
As he flew back and retreated from the shock wave, he secretly shocked the theory that these thin and complicated HarmonyOS gases could not complete the evolution of heaven and earth even if they evolved into fire, water and wind.
What shocked him even more, however, was witnessing the evolution of the virtual air mass. Is it such amazing power?
Four huge air masses collided in a circle and air billow rippled like water.
The four colors of yellow, red, blue and cyan are intertwined and then merged to form a colorful and huge air mass with a diameter of more than two Wan Li.
The air mass department is haunted by a faint suction, and the four sources of fire, water and wind in the air mass are continuously extracted, which produces some mysterious and strange changes. It is cold and I don’t know what is going on inside. This change lasted for half an hour and the air mass suddenly expanded.
Chen Han couldn’t help but be frightened to disgrace and hurriedly retreat. The air mass expanded faster and faster, and it became faster than Chen Han’s imperial sword flying. He was wrapped in air mass without escaping.
Away from the yuan smoke!
Zhu xian Jing huo!
As soon as the sky clears!
Blue Yan wind!
One can make the super-order six-robbery scattered fairy disappear in a few seconds, and even if Chen’s cold body is stronger than being able to stay in the smoke and blue-Yan wind for a while, the other two can make him fall in a few minutes.
At last, he didn’t say anything about ten thousand meters!
Spiritual knowledge can’t be separated from the line of sight, the distance between enterprises is extremely limited, and there may be an evolution process at any time. When you see it, you can’t come when you want to run. The expansion speed was not so good at first, but it was much faster than flying with the six robberies and scattered fairy swords.
The fusion of the four sources produces some more drastic changes. One particle of dust weighs more than 10,000 Jin, and the pure fire can easily melt the first fairy, and the fog can also freeze the first fairy into pieces when the sky clears. The wind blows through the body like a sharp knife cutting wildly.
In this environment, even if the six robbers scatter the fairy, they will be completely swallowed up in one second, and it is impossible to leave any ashes.
Chen Han insists on three seconds at most!
Three seconds is too short for a mortal to think. However, for Chen Han, the powerful Yuan God can make him think at super high speed, and he can think of many things.
What should we do?
Just wait for death arrival?
According to the expansion speed of the air mass, at this moment, God knows how big it is. Even if he is given 30 seconds, it will be difficult to get out of the air mass.
But what can he do?
Such as resistance to four destructive sources of damage?
"Five elements of fairy inflammation! Why didn’t you think of the five elements of immortality before? "
He thought of the original five elements of immortality to resist the red beads bearing the hermetic divinity purgatory. Here, the immortal net fire is not like the attack of the fix true person, and it is not aimed at the cold weather. It is also possible to resist the other two kinds of emperor’s extremely shocking days and record the physical body for a few minutes.
Hoo …
The gorgeous flame of the five zang-organs suddenly gushed out rapidly and penetrated into the body cold and anxious.
The pure fire of Zhu Xian and the clear fog of Tian Yi belong to two pure cold and heat properties, which are different from the heavy pressure of smoke and dust from Yuan Yuan and the tearing of Bi Yan’s flowing wind. They are pure fatal temperatures. The so-called true element, immortal power and magic weapon cannot compete, but both belong to high-temperature true fire, but they can be offset.
Fortunately, even if it is a red bead, it is impossible for him to have a real fairy step, a real fire, and a real fire against a super fairy step, a clear fire and a clear fog. Although it is not completely incomparable, if it is replaced by a real fire against a person who is beyond a fairy step, a clear fire and a clear fog are far from each other.
In other words, people who are swallowed up by the four sources are not cold even if they think of this way or born to die!
HarmonyOS’s temperament here is too low, and the power of fire, water and wind here is extremely weak. This is not that the fix-true attack is not targeted.