Most of the demonstrators were also ignited, and some people were wearing masks and holding iron bars more than one meter long and smashed them everywhere.

The van quickly drove into the fork in the road, just less than 100 meters ahead, and ran across the street again. The leaders of the hundred people rushed over wearing masks, caps and thick military coats with all kinds of five-door weapons.
The car police officer’s scalp was numb, and the co-pilot police officer immediately ordered, "Pull over and stop, don’t move …"
"The police are arresting people again. Fuck them."
"None of these dogs have a good thing."
Several leading marchers went crazy at the sight of the police van. They suddenly smashed the van by raising their weapons with more people on their side.
"Don’t move, don’t move. We are responsible for escorting criminals, not arresting people. Stay back." The co-pilot police officer immediately took the bus and set up his gun.
The seat in the middle row of the vehicle looked dead, and Wu Tianyin’s eyes suddenly recovered. He slowly raised his head and stared at the police officer on the left side, who also took out a gun and shouted at the crowd marching outside the car.
The emperor gave Wu Tianyin the front door several times, but at the last moment, he gave him another path to life …
The co-pilot officer was sweating and yelling, "Back off or I’ll shoot."
Although the demonstrators had no guns in their hands, they surrounded the van intensely, but at the moment they were afraid to rush to carry weapons. The men confronted each other.
At this moment, Wu Tianyin suddenly looked up and elbowed the left police officer’s head directly.
The police officer suddenly rolled over and hit the door.
Wu Tianyin suddenly bowed his head, handcuffed his hands and grabbed the gun from the police officer’s hand. He shouted hysterically, "I can’t live if I don’t resist when I pass by!"
Voice Wu Tianyin awkward hands clutching a gun scarlet eyes aimed at the police head.
Several shots were fired and blood splashed on the car. Wu Tianyin’s life was from here at half time …
Chapter 47 Get out of trouble and turn back
Escort car
As soon as the gun rang, more than five police officers turned their heads and looked at Wu Tianyin in amazement.
Wu Tianyin leaned hard to the left. The dead police officer blocked half of his body. "Fuck your mother and twist your head for me."
"What did you say when you stepped on the horse?" The police officer on the right asked incredulously.
Very abrupt, two shots went up, and the police officer on the right side was killed by Wu Tianyin’s eyes without blinking.
Car all instantly panic body unconsciously leaned back to aim the gun at Wu Tianyin.
"I told you to turn around. Can’t you hear me? Huh? !” Wu Tianyin suddenly shouted, "I am a mortal, and the whole death is worth it."
They were shouted by him, and their brains were buzzing, and their hearts were empty. Because Wu Tianyin had a gun in his hand and had decisively killed them, they did not consider the consequences after watching it.
"Do you dare to spell one with me? Dare you? !” Wu tianyin pointed a gun at the co-pilot officer and asked him to drink slowly.
At the sight of Wu Tianyin’s propaganda, the police officers were stunned and did not respond.
"You dare not? Dare not turn your head in the past "Wu Tianyin potential to gun.
The policeman cowered back and shouted, "I’ll kill you if you shoot."
Wu Tianyin leaned out of the car through the elbow of the corpse and locked the door. He gritted his teeth and shouted, "They are not even dogs and dicks. Do you dare to fight back if I shoot him?"
"Hit the car and fuck them."