The big brother stood up with difficulty, clutching his chest, his eyes shining and he said softly, "Let him in!"

Ruling in the master nodded back.
Then appleton came into the palace, and behind him, he was followed by a man dressed in black robes, saints, and people who practiced the truth felt unusually sharp. From the moment the man in black robes entered the palace, they felt an evil force!
"Demonic power!"
The saints exclaimed that Huo Ran got up and looked at appleton and the black man behind him warily.
"You are an abyss demon!"
Sister Xifeng’s face was covered with frost, and the masters could not find the plane forces so simply appeared in front of them!
The big brother also showed shock and cold mountain. He didn’t expect that the abyss plane had intervened in the four continents and had already connected with appleton. He originally wanted to let the fairy temple door take the line of appleton
"What are you doing here! Not afraid of death! "
Creek phoenix up, pointing to the black man shouted at the saints are covered in murderous look.
"The traveler who seeks the door has a share, and you must be angry."
The black man Jie Jie smiled and spoke indifferently.
"A group of rats who can’t see the light will find a chance to be followed by someone’s ass and have the face to tell us not to get angry!"
Xifeng sneered and waved her hand, which made the saints take out their jewels. The jewels were dazzling and showed great true power. Together, more than a dozen saints were a very considerable force, even the mysterious black-robed people dared not wipe their edges lightly.
"You this time I took the initiative to show up to give you some luck and also want to join you."
The black man hurriedly said, "If you kill me, your master will risk being wiped out by the plane rules and forcibly come to the four continents! I have a way to help you come here! "
The elder brother spoke to stop looking at the black man indifferently. "Are you going to join us?"
"If I want to play tricks, I will kill you!"
Big Brother’s voice is indifferent to the extreme. The demon in the abyss is very cunning. No one dares to cooperate with them, but now Big Brother can take risks to make up for his mistakes.
"Don’t worry, you are looking for the door. We were partners before the door appeared."
The black man laughed happily, but his voice was hoarse and his smile sounded terrible.
"You just said that there are ways to help our orthodoxy come to this world?"
Big Brother’s eyes are burning his heart.
43 Chapter 43 "Refugees" Storm
"I naturally have a way, but this requires the cooperation of the saints."
The black man smiled mysteriously. "You must know that the door may be a corner of the universe, and my master’s other plane is looking for it. He didn’t pay too much attention to the square continent." It is better to say that my master is looking for a door on this plane than that he wants this plane to get some high-quality blood and soul. "
It is obvious that the meaning in the words of the black-robed people tells the saints that they don’t expect this plane to find the so-called "door". They prefer to find something else here that doesn’t conflict with the interests of the immortal temple door, and everyone has a complete foundation.
"I would like to hear more!"
Master elder brother eyes flashing with a divine low said
Palace saints and virgins and the black-robed people have a private talk again to discuss whether the night king has the right to listen in and is not qualified to interrupt.
The more detailed the master elder brother knows about the plan and layout of the black-robed man, the more frightened he feels, but he suspects that this is the most suitable and reliable way to let the master Taoist come.
Moreover, this method has been understood by the master elder brother, knowing that the credibility is very high, and the old method of abyss plane is not suspicious.
"In that case, I promise to bring the masters for the time being, and then I will join the masters. I hope you will keep your promise and help the immortal temple door come to this world!"
Big Brother looks straight at the black man. It’s dark inside the black man, which makes people unable to see clearly.
"Jie jie this is for sure! Demons are contractual creatures. We are partners when an agreement is reached! But I hope that the door of Xiandian will not forget to give me benefits after arrival. "
The black-robed monster smiled and said that he seemed to be afraid of the door of the fairy temple.
"Don’t worry, let the masters succeed. Those people are at your disposal!"
Big Brother’s eyes squinted slightly, which was cruel and cold-blooded.
"good! Happy! "
The black man said
"Happy together"
The big brother smiled.
Su Yu is not an omnipotent god. He naturally doesn’t know that at this time, the holy mountain master elder brother and others have found a way to make the immortal temple and the Taoist temple succeed.
At this time, Su Yu was familiar with the Taiji diagram for a while and then set about putting it away.
"I didn’t expect that this time I came to Xintian City and actually destroyed the door of Xiandian Hall to this world. What a surprise!"