The narrow passage is exposed, and Lin Sisuo frowns slightly. Only one ship passes through the passage, and the normal direction turns on the way. Should Athena and Cletina leave the ship to explore? I’m afraid there are still traps ahead.

Think a little about Lin momo’s idea of leaving the ship to explore in person. If there are some traps, relying on Phantom of the Opera and Yunlu’s killer weapon can be hard to break through. Brother Wu’s fighting power alone is insufficient.
Phantom of the Opera pushed through the fog and advanced rapidly. The incarnate son was worried that there was a zerg firing cannon light to open the way, and the cannon light reflected the channel. There seemed to be no ambush and dangerous things.
Be careful of the ship that has sailed for thousands of years. The captain of the Star Cruises believes in this sentence. Lin momo makes the deep eyes spy.
The disturbance in the mysterious building is very strong, and the blind eye can see clearly the range of 150 meters in front of the ship, and even if there is something hidden, it is difficult to detect it. Harley needs to cheer up and make full preparations.
To Lin momo’s surprise, Phantom of the Opera and Yunlu quickly passed through all the way and the two flagships came to a semi-circular hall. This hall is much smaller than the hexagonal hall. It is even more shocking to see many insect lines engraved on the wall. There are thirty-six four-meter-high white obelisks standing against the wall.
"There are many obelisks" and the crew exclaimed.
The products of the obelisk Zerg have always been treasured by the light Federation and various families, and the fleet that found the obelisk not only won fame, but also got a lot of money.
Lin momo and Mu Wanhua show up at home. If they just meet an obelisk, they won’t make everyone gaffe, but when they see 36 obelisks, their meaning becomes different.
Thirty-six obelisks appeared at the same time, which is an absolute prehistoric example. They got together and said that this place is more important to the Zerg than imagined, and then they associated with 50 thousand golden-winged king worms and encountered them after entering the building. The crew immediately realized that this might be a key historical moment, and their fleet stumbled into something amazing by mistake.
"Yi is that we have mastered the zerg mother pattern and told Mu Wanhua that the obelisk will be compensated after we collect it back." Lin momo looked at the surrounding walls and got excited.
There is a mother pattern of sinking blade in the spirit’s son. In those days, Xiao Han made efforts to learn a kind of zerg mother pattern. If this mother pattern is derived, the zerg characters can be deciphered.
Phantom of the Opera lifted the armor plate on the left side of the hull, and 36 pioneer robots filed out. Although the obelisk was heavy, it was enough to be carried by these robots.
Lin momo feels very uneasy. There are so many obelisks nearby. It is impossible to have no guardian power. Mu Wanhua is also ready to fight. Once something bad happens, he will immediately coordinate.
After the robot scans the obelisk, there is nothing wrong with it. The worm lines on the surface of the obelisk flicker, which seems to tell a lot of secrets of the Zerg. After bringing them back to the obelisk, the charm will be further scanned and wrapped by magnetic energy.
At this time, a white figure appeared in the circular hall, and the horse’s energy coercion immediately made the Phantom of the Opera and Yunlu bow down by half a meter, and Harley reacted quickly to the blaster.
"Boom!" Baiying abruptly endured the gun light and did not move. What a zerg!
As white as jade, the body stands upright, and the white shadow is covered with a layer of bright crystal armor. On the theory that six tentacles hang down and tremble slightly, from the perspective, this creature is full of beauty.
The bright beetle is very beautiful, but compared with the white shadow in front of her eyes, the white shadow of the village girl is yi tooth, which is very humanized, with confusion and fear in her eyes. It seems that she has finally made up her mind to suddenly spread white light.
Go out and carry the obelisk pioneer, the robot department crush the Phantom of the Opera and Yunlu, and the energy shield is twisted and deformed under heavy pressure. Does this white shadow have the power of the zerg overlord?
Volume 15 Insect robbery! Seven strong get together Chapter Insect Post
"Competitive ray-wrapped spider silk jet" Lin momo shouted at first sight that Phantom of the Opera suddenly released a worm turret and sprayed many crystal filaments at Shiro.
This is the last killer weapon of Phantom of the Opera, and the exquisite screen has become swinging, defeating the red storm and breaking through St. Martin’s Cathedral, and the means department has run out. If you want to show off, you need to accumulate means again.
When the crystal silk arrived, it changed from transparent to crimson red silk, which immediately entangled the white shadow. However, the worm turret did not stop, but kept firing crystal silk around the white shadow. A strange red cocoon was forming.
Of course, Baiying won’t give in easily. During the process of spraying crystal silk from the turret, it constantly launches a collision and activates the body to attach bright crystal armor, but the extremely strange impact of red crystal silk is decomposed and bounced back.
Lin momo saw this scene with peace of mind. It’s very rare for the red storm to collect thunder spider silk. It’s a specialty of Jinlanxing Hornet Star. It’s afraid of high temperature, but it’s still good to occasionally make the trapped lock strong.
The exquisite light screen leaves a killer weapon, and the spider silk wrapped in thunder is not so fierce. It is the white shadow that doesn’t understand the characteristics of this material. The more the impact is, the tighter it is, and once the cocoon is formed, even if high temperature is applied, it doesn’t matter.
Little white shadow gave a cry, and then all the breath was temporarily sealed. After a while, a lot of black metal barrels were played from Phantom of the Opera, and gas smoked crystal cocoons were released from the barrels. That was Lin momo’s preparation of weakening agents.
Of course, a small amount of weakening agent is not worth it. However, even a prison cow with a weight of more than ten tons of weakening agent has to collapse. Worse, many rare substances are mixed in the ingredients to ensure that the description function of the original formula is several times stronger.
Previously, the pioneer robots sent by the charm son to carry the obelisk suffered heavy losses, but it doesn’t matter. This time, the charm son sent a higher-level watcher robot.
Thirty-six obelisks must be included in the cabin, and besides deciphering the worm marks on the tablet surface, they can also get some other benefits, such as the bonus of the record list.
After the Star Cruises get the obelisk, the accumulation speed of points in the record list can be slightly increased.
For example, when Phantom of the Opera got the first obelisk, the accumulation speed of points in the record list rose by 1%, and after getting the second obelisk, the speed rose to 1.5%, and then the third obelisk was added by 2%. However, it is more and more difficult to find the corresponding number of obelisks, and it can continue to be added. Even if the adventure guild launched the hope value system, the record list still has a lot to do because it can exert coercion on the battlefield.
Thirty-six obelisks were put into the cargo hold. When the magnetic field wrapped them up, the eyes of the Phantom crossed the vast data stream. Since then, the integration speed of Phantom’s accumulated record list will be 5% faster than that of other star cruises. In fact, the Phantom’s record list has successfully crossed the fourth floor and been promoted to the fifth floor.
It is the record list that is open to the fifth floor in the hands of Lin momo. The record list generates an ace magnetic card and has changed. The magnetic card has changed from a four-star state to a five-star state, and you can get extra benefits from the adventure guild.
You know, the hope value reaches 10,000 points, and there is no record list. It is more honorable to open it to the fifth floor. What’s worse, the Phantom of the Opera has recently won 36 obelisks, and it will be much smoother to move forward to the sixth floor of the record list than his star cruise ship.
In addition, the fifth floor of the record list can subdue most elite star cruises. When the B-class star cruises face the Phantom of the Opera, the strength is directly weakened by 30% to 40%, which is equal to the instantaneous slide to the C-class. This is coercion.
To Lin momo’s surprise, the Phantom of the Opera was included in the 36 obelisks, and at the same time, the expected value rose sharply again, from 15 thousand points to 19,220 points, and the breakthrough of 20 thousand was just around the corner.
Through this battle, I can feel that the closer the hope value is to 20,000, the more difficult it is to rise. Lin momo makes the incarnate son simply estimate that if he wants to reach 30,000, he must kill more than a dozen blazing ghosts, which is difficult to complete even if he works hard.
Lin momo is still very happy in the face of both hope and record, but there is a more important thing waiting for him to do, that is, deciphering the insect pattern of the obelisk and uncovering the secret of mysterious architecture.
The obelisk stored in the cargo hold was stimulated by magnetic energy, showing a lot of information. The screen of the main control room suddenly showed a decoding schedule, which quickly rose from one percent to fifteen percent.
"Tick tock!"
The deciphering continued, but when the progress rose to 70%, it was stuck. There was another zerg mother pattern, and the alternate narration of the two zerg mother patterns made a lot of information difficult to understand.
"No way! The Zerg encrypted the obelisk, relying on our mastery of the mother grain to decipher the one-sided real information that touches the insect robbery, then we can learn. "The incarnate son sighed with some regret.
The light screen lists all kinds of information. Lin Sisuo’s thinking has long been deeply involved. This mysterious building turns out to be a Zerg post, which is responsible for receiving and handing orders issued by the ancient mother emperor. There are absolutely no more than 300 galaxies in the whole out-of-bounds like the post.
The obelisk carries a lot of information to every post, and the main attack direction of the Zerg has not been deciphered after the insect robbery will come one year. It is very remarkable to know when the insect robbery will come.