In the manifestation of Ren Huang’s sword, the figure raises her hand with open eyes and grasps the heavy causal line, which directly involves a new world, and the blade suddenly emerges as a channel to eliminate all obstacles.
She stepped up the twelve crowns, the cash robe, the red clothes and the ankles. Long Lin’s boots, waist rings and Kirin belts directly stepped into the passage and forcibly entered The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
Fairy air fills the air, and the semi-fog is thick. The square is quiet and deserted, and there are fairy birds and beasts fading like the edge of the fog.
"Brother Gao is close so fast, I wonder if you are aware of it …? !”
Interlaced light and shadow Meng Qi found himself in the reincarnation square, and six familiar and unpleasant sounds sounded in his ears.
I was thinking that he had found a serious problem and there seemed to be a crack around him?
There formed a passage and there was heavy footsteps, and the whole thing rumbled.
"It seems that the Liudaola people have never had such a way. Is there a strong person who can forcibly enter this place?"
Mr. Meng couldn’t help but be surprised that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma was the most mysterious and powerful person in the world in his impression.
Now it’s a little scary that someone can break in and see all obstacles.
"Dear brother, you left without saying goodbye?"
At this time, I was familiar with the acoustics, and the channel suddenly walked out of a stalwart figure. It was Gao Lan, the mad king of my sworn brother!
"Eldest brother …"
Seeing each other’s eyes is full of pondering. Meng Ji’s heart suddenly hitched. This is a bit unexpected.
It’s a little too soon to come to see this exhibition by breaking six talons …
What’s more, the biggest sign of Changle Gao’s reputation in martial arts is his outstanding appearance and tyrannical temper. If he is slightly dissatisfied, he will be angry and angry.
Big brother should not be so narrow-minded, right?
"Ha-ha, brother Xian, there is still one thing to be done before I come to see you."
Li Yu smiled and raised my hand. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma outlined what he was looking for.
Surprisingly overbearing and indifferent, Liu Dao is dead at the moment, and nothing has happened, even the floating clouds are peaceful.
Westward Journey to the World … Gradually, when her eyes lit up, she found the target, and Ren Huang’s sword figure opened a path for him to enter.
The crack closed channel dissipates the messy Meng in the remaining clouds.
"Where did you run such an old monster? It has not yet reached the’ God’s will’ return node, and the future will suddenly change. "
Deep in the mouth, a scarlet gourd dripped, turned and spit out a handful of dense flowers. Gu Zhuo, wearing a scarlet robe and a fishtail crown, was short and confused.
However, his voice did not fall, and he suddenly felt like he was staring down at himself with a pair of eyes open!
Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven I tour group headstrong king kong dog
Nature makes people predestined.
Going against the general trend and sinking, rolling around and scouring the real heroes.
"The other shore! Who is this great man who came back before or never went far away? !”
Lu pressure is a little creepy, and the scarlet gourd looks like it’s going to collapse. Generally, the whole The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is unstable, and the strongest here is just the magic Buddha who was suppressed and sealed on the other side!
Nowadays, a truly complete statue without a big door naturally makes him feel dangerous, and his body and mind are cold and numb, and his back is cold and even his true spirit is slow, and many fantasies emerge in his mind.
However, the great man doesn’t seem to care that he is staring at one side of the world, and then the golden light flashes and he disappears into the middle kingdom and washes the world.
"Is" that never sit? ! History has changed again, but there is a sense? "
Lu ya’s eyes are glazed over. He seems to have seen someone who should have been seated long ago. Isn’t the struggle of providence gone? Why did he return against the sky?
Soon he woke up from a rude awakening and didn’t dare to think much about the scarlet gourd. As soon as he turned, there was white light to make room for mans. generate stopped the cause and effect and cut off all thoughts
The Terran leader in the late ancient times, Yu Longtai, cast Ren Huang’s sword to cut off the evil spirits of the gods, and with the Terran struggling to survive, he really set the world as a leading figure!
There are many enmities in the providence, but now he has dared not think about what will happen when he returns to the present world.
"What about me?
Eldest brother is not going to beat Lord The six great divisions in the wheel of karma when he calls, is he? "
For a long time, the square didn’t wait for the six tones, and Munch was lost in thought.
He’s a little confused. What about six lanes? Where’s big brother?
Why is he the only one left …
Just thinking of Mr. Meng sighing faintly, he took out a piece of spiritual jade and took a bite to eat it. This nutrient moistened his flesh.
The heart of heaven and earth can’t go any further
At the same time, travel around the world.
Li Yu came to hold high the sword of Ren Huang, and saw Jinxia’s water wave spreading, overlapping and overlapping everywhere, and meeting at two o’clock and then being apart. Only the illusory long river of time flows quietly day and night.
As she stepped out, the light and shadow staggered up and down, and there were ripples around her, as if the lake had been stirred. When it stabilized, there was already a fairyland.
The sun is shining here, and the sea of clouds is loose and steady, which makes people seem to be walking in the sky. Fairy birds, beasts, spirits, grasses and exotic flowers can be seen everywhere. It seems that the era of ancient mythology has come to this day.
In the center of the fairyland stands an ordinary palace, which is recognized by three methods but can understand itself.
This place has its own morality, its own rules and its own way!
"I’ve seen four people now, and this may be some kind of reflection."
Li Yu smiled and felt that this name was quite predestined.
The ancestral world, Taiyi, gasified and cleared up three major veins, and the first ghost soil, thought of climbing and not falling, created the method of three corpses and nine insects; It is also the fate of the old moral Buddha in the ancient times that the great red god of the ancient times fought side by side; When undertaking Ren Huang’s past, I naturally met this oldest person since the beginning of time.
The fate is wonderful.
"Tai Qing Yi Mai Yin Jiao Tong has seen Ren Huang"
Accompanied by her footsteps, the wind came out of the palace gate and a child in a silver robe bowed down.
"How is the Buddha?"
Li Yu silently looked at this ancient palace in the past, and the overlapping scenes became more and more solid.
"If’m had told Ren Huang to come here as a welcome."
Say that finish silver horn boy half body make please posture.
"It’s been a long time since ancient times."
Ren Huang sword to a faint sigh two people through the heavy diange came to a simple and elegant room.
Right in the center naturally attracts attention, just like the manifestation of "world foundation" and "avenue root"
There sat cross-legged an old man with a crane hair and a child’s face. In front of him was embroidered a pair of black and white fish of yin and yang, which were wound into a Tai Chi diagram. The eucalyptus was as ordinary as ordinary people, as if heaven and earth were in natural operation.
The oldest person on the other side of the world, the moral Buddha in the 13 th Qing Dynasty
The silver-horn boy bowed his head and went out slowly, then closed the door.
"The return of Taoist friends is gratifying, and the terran will be happy."
A moment later, the light of the divination fire jumped slightly, and there was a crack, and the old man’s eyes were half closed, old and unusual.
"Yesterday, such as yesterday’s death, today’s various such as today’s birth."
Ren Huang sword in Li Yu’s hand flashed out of a figure, and cascading intercourse gradually stabilized behind the triple outline, and the moral Buddha sat face to face.
Hearing this, his eyelids lifted slightly and he added, "Does he say that honor, disgrace, life and death are fixed?"
"Anyone who asks for happiness or misfortune is a sage’s word; If it is said that the fortunes are only dictated by heaven, it is secular; There is a chance for life in the sky, so’ people will conquer the sky’ "
Li Yu responded that a pair of eyes also turned heavy on children, who are sages and emperors, and whose qi activity is becoming more and more grand and majestic. The meditation platform echoes the extreme people.
"Friends said that they were still similar, but the weight was not the same.
So what about them? "