Yang Xiu didn’t expect Bai Zhi to be so wordy at this time. Finally, when he finished his words, he didn’t delay immediately. He waved his hand at the statue of Bai Zhi behind him and waved a sharp and abnormal aura. He heard a scratching and the statue was immediately smashed.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-six The confrontation
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six The confrontation
The idol is broken, and there is also a pool of blood and rain from the inside.
When Yang Xiu saw that the insect monster was getting closer and closer, he defended the dark blue cassock to the maximum extent without waiting for the blood to be scattered. Find out if there are any strange things in the fragments of these gods.
Scattered blood drops in his protector XuanGuang immediately by protector XuanGuang steamed clean and did not produce any other accident. Seeing this, Yang Xiu immediately felt at ease and boldly searched among these idol fragments.
However, before he could find anything, the Yin ‘lin insects surrounded him, so he had to fly away from them and search among the remains of the idol.
So after another wick of incense, when Yang Xiu drank the last drop of Wan Nianling liquid, he finally found a small dome with a millstone in the wreckage of the idol.
The dome is covered with various runes, and the lines are colorful and pressed on the wreckage of a huge idol, but it has not broken.
Lying with this huge egg, there is also a face-sized black iron coupon engraved with dense symbols, which are both like words and patterns. However, at this time, Yang Xiu also took the iron rolls and eggs into Gan Kun’s hands without looking closely, and then rushed to the passage in the mouth of the dragon statue.
Those Yin’s worms are identified with Yang Xiu’s silence in the channel.
Bai Zhi didn’t go first and said immediately after seeing Yang Xiu fly into the channel, "Well, don’t worry about it now. These Yin’ worms are afraid to enter this’ blood witch curse channel’."
Yang Xiu smell speech looking back, sure enough, when those Yin’s insects want to follow them into the channel, the monster reappeared and roared at the group of Yin’s insects. Yin’s insects suddenly became too scared to enter the step.
See what Bai Zhi said is true, and he can finally breathe a sigh of relief. If those Yin’s worms keep coming, he really has no confidence to get rid of them before the reiki runs out.
For a moment, the head monster disappeared, and the passage in the dragon’s mouth also changed into a disorderly and orderly wall.
"You just said this is called" blood witch curse channel "? What’s so special? " Yang Xiu heard the name of the channel, and then he tried Bai Zhi to get through the specific purpose.
"Didn’t I just say that witches should never take an oath when they leave here? The way you just got through is actually a ceremony when they take an oath. If anyone breaks the oath in the future, they will be cursed." Bai Zhi suddenly stopped moving forward and looked at Yang Xiu with a faint expression.
"What will happen and I didn’t swear anything just now?" See Bai Zhi Ma will discover the mystery. Yang Xiu also decided to offer a cold way outside Bai Zhi’s post.
"But I want you to swear now, and the effect is the same." Bai Zhi saw Yang Xiu look alert but didn’t care or said slowly
"What oath will always tell the secret here?" Yang Xiu’s face flashed a scorn, and he wasn’t busy talking about it now.
Bai Zhi smiled faintly. "Ha ha, of course not. Since the robot has been refined by heaven, what does it matter to me if you don’t say anything here? I want you to swear to take me away from here and kill me after leaving this witch tomb. What about the monster egg and the artifact you just got, which are our witch things after all? This condition is not harsh. "
As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at Yang Xiu’s reaction, but he was disappointed. Yang Xiu still looked pale and said, "Do you think I will promise you?"
Bai Zhi face a cold gloomy way "you don’t know after entering this channel can leave here? If you don’t promise and you can’t guarantee me, I don’t need to tell you how to get out of here, so we’ll be stuck here together, and no one can get out, so I believe you will promise. After all, there is no need for you to be trapped here for life. Of course, if you are confident that you can practice here until you fit in, you can also break the ban here and go out. "
"I think this is why he is so scared in front of your face." Yang Xiu thought to himself and was relieved.
In fact, he had expected that this passage was not the final exit. After all, this Gucci tomb could not have a forbidden guardian, or even it would have been pried open by others long ago, which could have been left until now, so it was no accident to hear what Bai Zhi said now, but he was worried that the old monster still had other means, so he still tried to say.
"What do I want to spend with you here? Since I know how to get out of here after soul searching has searched all your memories. "
Bai Zhi smell speech ha ha smiled. "I’m sure you won’t. You should also know that although I’m in a state of soul now, god knowledge is not something that you can fix for me now, so that the soul-searching technique can gain memory at most, which is only three or four layers. Are you confident that you can find the method of opening this channel in this three or four layers of memory? If you really want to gamble, then I will recognize it. "
Yang Xiu seems to really agree with what Bai Zhi said. "What other conditions do you have? You have to wait for me. I just can’t hurt you. You have other requirements!"
"Friends can rest assured that I am not greedy and annoying. I want you to promise me that I just came out and asked me to tell you the way immediately without saying anything." Bai Zhi saw Yang Xiu finally showing signs of letting go, and his face was calm and his face could not help but show a smile.
"Then how do you want me to swear?" Listen to Yang Xiu with a faint tone, but I don’t know that he is laughing at the bottom of his heart at the moment.
It seems that Bai Zhi has thought about this for a long time. At this moment, he said without thinking, "I know that what you monks care about most is that you can build a road or re-enter reincarnation after liberation. Therefore, you must swear that after you take me away from this witch tomb, you must let me go immediately without interference and give me the egg and witch utensils. If you break the oath, you will not only be able to take a step further in your life, but also be stunned and never re-enter."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven A witch’s tomb
"Good" Yang Xiu said it again without any hesitation according to what Bai Zhi just said.
"How are you satisfied with this? Do you want me to give you that egg and utensil now?" Yang Xiu deliberately disgruntled way
"Don’t believe you keep your oath to speak" Bai Zhi heard Yang Xiu say it again accurately and finally completely relieved, so now he doesn’t want to be stiff with Yang Xiu again.
The two men left in silence, and it took about a wick of incense to get to the end of the passage.
At the end of the passage, there is another wall. Yang Xiu doesn’t do it alone. He looks indifferent and looks at Bai Zhi.
"I’m like this. Do you think I can play? Or let me tell you the way. Come on." Bai Zhi saw Yang Xiu as a disdainful person. I couldn’t help but smile at your appearance.
"There won’t be any curse, will there? Is there any oath to me now?" Yang Xiu frowning a impatient look cold way
"There is no curse on the heart of this forbidden machine." Bai Zhi Yang Xiu was still upset about getting through something just now, so he immediately explained.
Then Bai Zhi told Yang Xiu in detail about the opening of the wall.
No, it means when and where to shoot one hand, and where to shoot the other hand, which side should be heavier, which side should be lighter, which side should be slower and which side should be faster
The whole story is actually not much simpler than the law. If it is not a monk, his memory is far better than that of ordinary people. Yang Xiu is afraid that he can’t remember it for a while.
After all the methods mentioned by Bai Zhi were fully rehearsed in his mind to confirm that he was wrong, he came to the wall at the end of the passage.
After a slow and tedious beating, I heard a "chirp" in vain from the wall where he slapped.
But for a moment, he felt that a heat wave came to the wall, and then a passage appeared. The passage was divided into two sides, one side was the direction of the heat wave, and the other side did not know where it led.
"Which way?" Yang immediately looked at the white asked
"This way" Yang Xiu see Bai Zhi refers to the direction of the heat wave.
Just about to fly forward, he heard Bai Zhi say, "But after going in here, the flame at the bottom of a volcano is very fierce, and it is even more terrible after being reinforced by the ancient wizard array. But fortunately, the head of the cave is far from the fire, and the toad is dead. Now the degree of the fire is equivalent to the Dan fire in the Dan period, but if you don’t have a magic weapon to avoid fire, you may be reduced to ashes in a moment."
"Then why did you say it now?" Yang Xiu tone is quite bad.
After all, the oath has also come to this Bai Zhi, and now it is quite a pit that makes Yang Xiu jump.
Bai Zhi heard Yang Xiu’s responsibility and didn’t tell whether it was a smile. Instead, there was an expectation in his eyes. "Don’t Taoist friends really have a magic weapon to avoid fire? There is also such a way to go out. "
With that, he showed anxiety. It seems that he can’t be expected to do anything.
Yang Xiu looked at the heat wave in the distance, and the mouth of the cave looked a little broken, rain or shine. I want you to remember that Yang Xiu is pregnant with both sexes. One is the main attribute of soil, and the other is the auxiliary attribute of fire. Therefore, when he was practicing "Five Elements Dun", he not only practiced soil dun but also practiced fire dun together.
However, although he knew how to escape from fire, he heard Bai Zhi say that the flame of the volcano was comparable to the Dan fire in the Dan period, and he was not sure whether he was like a fish in water or a roast goose now, so he hesitated whether to give it a try.
Two people seem to hold here at the moment quite a bit stuck.
But at this moment, the two suddenly felt a shake in the back passage and then suddenly calmed down.
However, Bai Zhi looked at it, but his face changed a little bitter, saying, "Heaven should have finished refining robots and Taoist friends. Is there any way to go out or wait for Heaven to master the law prohibition of Wu Tomb, but there is not even this passage?"
Zhigongtian has been refined into a robot, which also makes Yang Xiuding determined to try fire escape. But looking at Bai Zhi, he couldn’t help laughing. "Then how are you going to get out?"