Then Wu Tian became a rich man. He bought a new villa and became an otaku. His parents traveled around the world and sent gifts every week. They came back every year to celebrate the New Year together until more than two years later. Today, Wu Tian feels that this kind of life will last forever.

Wu Tian recently played a game called Thousand Fantasies. This game is a hodgepodge of wizards, fix the true, dragons, knights, knights, mountain gods, land emperors and jade emperors.
In a game, because of the betrayal of his teammates, Wu Tian learned a truth that being a man depends on himself, so he taught himself a trick to save you by using five brains.
Five people are a team with a minimum of less than five people, but they still have team experience bonus, but they can only participate in activities if they join a team. When Wu Tian is betrayed by his teammates, his teammates will go to class during the game. Even if Wu Tian tells him to give him 100 thousand to stop going, it is considered a lie, and then the shortage of personnel will automatically eliminate him.
Wu Tian’s five roles are as follows
Pangu 99999 is the only professional tank in the team of extinct gods;
I’m poisonous. Don’t touch my 99999 level, the only occupational taboo controller’s remote output;
Hacked to death the opposite five lazy pigs, the 99999 special professional Notre Dame wet nurse;
Lonely, 99999-level special professional summoner cannon fodder;
The only professional card master of melancholy pig class 99999
The most powerful of the five accounts is the melancholy pig, and one can fuck him. The four numbers are also the ones that cost the most money on Wu Day. Ten thousand RBs can be hit one-on-one and group-on-one, and milk can run almost omnipotent and strong in every aspect.
Now Wu Tianzheng is fighting with the universe master Hongji.
Hang yourself in front of Pan Gu Hongji to reduce injury and add blood. buff can’t move. Wang and mocking skills hold Hongji’s main attack and absorb most of the damage.
I’m poisonous. Don’t touch me. I gave five characters a list of buff, mostly at the expense of others, and then started a continuous state skill, which turned ordinary attack energy balls into test tubes. Every test tube hitting Hongji will cause waves of yelling.
Hacked to death, the five lazy pigs across the street are all injured by one person, but the damage is reduced by 95% due to passive Notre Dame constitution, and the blood volume is restored by 20% every second due to passive gratitude, but it is immortal.
Loneliness evokes a number of long-range summoning creatures, shooting cold arrows, laser cannons and nuclear bombs from a distance, fully demonstrating the diversity of thousands of illusions and summoning a nine-claw golden dragon, and then constantly releasing dragon-shaped light waves to hurt Hongji.
In front of the disconsolate pig, there is a middle school that keeps flying out of various skills, such as fireballs, ice swords, flying swords, lollipops, etc. There are some injuries to Hongji, some flying to the other four character armor or becoming shields, and some directly replenishing blood to the eyes.
Because of rb charm, Wu Tian’s five numbers can defeat Hongji with a one-on-one fight, which is different from the time. How many games are just like bitching, so she needs money in place and can pose in any way she wants.
All five numbers hung up. Wu day turned and stood up, walked into the kitchen, took a bottle from the refrigerator and returned to his room again.
After 20 minutes of boring fighting, it finally ended. The last attack of Hongji’s melancholy pig, the 1×1 explosion, covered the whole screen.
Set the automatic pick-up function, and the disappointed pig will collect all the equipment in an instant, and a series of ding-ding and unified display indicate that these equipment are extremely.
Shift work is divided into ten steps, ten steps are the worst, nine steps are the best, and it won’t ring when you get something below nine steps.
"Congratulations on the melancholy pig’s bone. I’m poisonous. Don’t touch me. Cut down the door. Five lazy pigs are lonely. Beat the universe’s main reward territory. Kahongji universe rewards the universe’s main title."
A unified message fills the whole device, and a few rows of Chinese characters occupy every gamer’s screen. This is not an exaggeration, but the font is so big that the screen is filled with these words.
"Holy crap, this game is meaningless at the end." Several players expressed their feelings about the territory card. Everyone knows that the territory keeps producing all kinds of resources, the types and quantities of which are comparable to the sum of the players, and these resources are owned by one person, although it is quite right to precipitate when necessary.
Just as several players lamented Nai’s condescension, Wu Tian discovered something that made it difficult for him to be interested.
That’s a delivery door, and it clearly says that the second element dominates the palace. There is no doubt that this is something similar to the new map, that is, Wu Tianliu doesn’t want Wu Tian to abandon this game and send it out specially. After all, Wu Tian is the biggest gold owner of this game.
Wu Tianxin is very, very, very white, but he still clicks the delivery door. Yes, he will continue to play.
It’s not because the game is fun, but because there are some empty feelings, just like watching a good play and seeing the ending, there will always be some disappointment in my heart, and I always want to keep watching what happens next and I always don’t want to give up.
When the delivery door was just opened, it was dark in the arched door, and the delivery door became bigger and bigger until it appeared where it should not appear, that is, before Wu day, it had become round.
Wu Tian feels a little bad, but everything is late and turned into a round door, which has swallowed up everything in Wu Tianhe and the whole room.
Chapter 2 Island
The blue sky explains that this is a place different from the earth. The blue sky is a marginal Wang Yang sea, and there is a strange island in this Wang Yang sea.
The island of Fiona Fang is a few hundred meters away from Yiyang, and there are more than 100 coconut trees growing sparsely. The island environment is very suitable for coconut trees. Coconut trees can say everything when they fall with full fruits.
There are three coconut trees growing together at the seaside, and there is a teenager in his twenties, Wu Tian. Perhaps the teenager has the role ability of melancholy pig, Wu Tian.
Wu Tian was lying beside a coconut tree, and there was a coconut shell staring at it. As a result, I felt a little uncomfortable, not because of the salty sea breeze, but because I was away from home.
Although I fantasized about crossing into another world, I was born with a strong homesickness when I really crossed.
In my mind, I flashed out the idea of unification, and a light curtain appeared in front of Wu Tian. Yes, I don’t know whether to project the iris or directly map the light curtain in my mind. It is unification, and Wu Tian brought unification from the earth.
The panel is Wu Tian attribute.
Name Wu Tian
Professional card dominance
Grade 1
Health 1/1
Magic value 1/1
Power 1