"You have to take into account the mood of the people. It’s not only Lao Xu who is so upset, but the whole government is taking the blame." Wu Di turned around and answered, "No, Lao Xu alone offended everyone. At present, our eyes have reached the point where we can see it."

"All right," Ling Ye nodded.
"Inform Fengbei Money Company to get out of the department as soon as possible and run to the European Union for me. Don’t come back for a short time." Wu Di undoubtedly ordered, "This matter should be done quickly because the city is ready to arrest people on a large scale."
"Cai has slowly arrived in Fengbei from the district. It is estimated that he will come in these two days." Kaushal replied softly, "I’ll let him do this for a while."
"Be sure to be quick and don’t procrastinate," Wu Di charged again. "Let’s cut off the clues and serve the North without giving them a chance to fight back."
"I’m white" Ling Ye nodded somberly.
Yuanqu Yinghua Hu tong
Qin Yu sat in a small Japanese izakaya and bowed his head, drinking sake and eating dolphin bone noodles.
A few minutes later, Fu Xiaohao came in from the outside wearing casual clothes and quickly came to Qin Yu’s side and said, "… people have just come into the house."
"How many people?" Qin yuwen
"Just himself" Fu Xiaohao wiped his forehead sweat "Catch?"
Qin Yuwen even got up and wiped her mouth after eating two chopsticks and noodles and answered "catch"
Ten minutes later.
Beside the cesspool of Qinyu toilet outside a dilapidated painting yard, I took a look at the yard with my foot in my mouth.
Less than 100 square meters of houses in this large courtyard have been subletted by four houses. At this moment, Qin Yu looks into the courtyard from the outside and it is very crowded, and all kinds of clothes are hung everywhere.
"Mom, I can’t see anything here?" Qin Yu called back and said, "Come on, let’s pay attention to Anha."
"Let’s move."
Zhu Wei shouted next to the intercom.
Exalting the main entrance of the painting was kicked by Ding Guozhen and others, and then seven police officers rushed into the wall. Qin Yufu Xiaohao, Zhu Wei and others also rushed into the courtyard with guns and rushed to the side room.
"What are you doing?"
"What’s the matter?"
Court suddenly broke into a scream.
"Superintendent, don’t move your head." Fu Xiaohao shouted, pointing to the crowd.
As soon as the residents of the hospital saw that these people were all carrying guns, they immediately squatted in their original positions.
Qin Yu a feet chuai wing door carrying a gun into the room.
A room of less than 20 square meters was crowded with five people, an elderly couple, an ordinary-looking woman, a teenager and a middle-aged man with a flustered face.
As soon as the family set the table on the kang, they saw Qin Yu and others rush in before moving chopsticks to eat.
"Chen Gang, right? Superintendent "Qin Yu waved his hand with a gun and ordered" raise your hand "
Chen Gang is stupid.
Ding Guozhen Fu Xiaohao and others rushed over and instantly grabbed Chen Gang and pressed his head "don’t move"
"Why did you hit my father!"
"What are you doing?"
The old man took the lead in reacting and stretched out his hand to push Ding Guozhen and others.
Qin Yu frowned and glanced at the house. He gently shouted at Fu Xiaohao and Ding Guozhen and ordered, "Don’t worry, let him get up."
Chen Gang held back for a long time, his eyes full of fear and said, "… I have some money in my pocket. Can you let my daughter-in-law take it out?"
Qin Yu was silent for a long time and then stepped over to Chen Gang and stretched out his hand and dug out less than one hundred dollars in cash from his pocket.
"… give it to … give it to my daughter-in-law." Chen Gang bowed her head and said, "This is the only money."
Qin Yu sighed when he heard this and answered, "You said that you are the only one in this family. What are you coaxing with?" Is the parade so good? "
Say that finish Qin Yu stretched out his hand and gave the money to Chen Gang daughter-in-law immediately waved hello way "ok, take him away".
On this night, the police officers on duty in the city almost arrested people, and nearly 50 people who took the lead in making trouble were arrested in less than three hours.
Downtown club hall
Sangong, wearing a windbreaker, hurried to Xiaoxing and said, "I’m going to Fengbei to do a very important thing. It’s necessary for you to keep an eye on the key people in Yuanqu."
"I know" Xiaoxing nodded.