Brick-burning, the wall of Daxing Shengsuo in the current dynasty, was made of pure brick and stone. Before the Song Dynasty, there were many earthen city walls, and some important towns made the wall made of concrete technology very strong and durable.

Brick-burning business appeared in Song Dynasty, but it didn’t flourish. Brick-making was relatively high, and this treatment was only available in important towns, otherwise the court couldn’t afford it.
Su Yonglin made great efforts to develop the brick-burning industry, build brick-burning workshops and then improve the walls of some important towns.
At present, brick wrapping in Zhongducheng, Liaoyang, Datong, Chang ‘an, Luoyang and Kaifeng has greatly enhanced the defense of these cities.
For the Southern Song Dynasty, except Lin ‘an, Xiangyang and Fancheng all had this brick-wrapped treatment, and the walls were very strong.
They have considered that the army will upgrade the siege situation of the trebuchet, and the wall will be well defended, and the blue bricks will wrap the wall. Generally, the trebuchet can’t damage the wall.
However, the explosive kinetic energy of military artillery is far more than the mechanical kinetic energy of trebuchet after direct bombardment and trebuchet throwing, which can be said to be a hole by hole.
All the shells that hit the wall broke the brick-wrapped part several times, which directly exposed the soil wall behind the brick-wrapped part.
When the brick-wrapped part is destroyed, the rammed earth city wall still has considerable defense, and the wall is quite thick, and the thickness of rammed earth city wall often exceeds the height, so it is difficult to destroy it.
However, if you want to be bombarded by artillery beyond a certain limit, you can’t say that this thick rammed earth wall won’t collapse. No one can guarantee that there will be no problem whether it is bombarded by soil firearms.
Even if it’s better than Helian Bobo’s Summer Dragonfinch City, what can it be like?
The heavy blow of artillery and iron bullets brought great damage to Fancheng Tower, which kept shaking, while the defenders of the wall were knocked out of their wits by shells and fought back at once.
Zhou Yuan’s protection left the tower and hid in an place for a while before recovering.
After recovering, Joo Won  felt that he could not go like this.
If you want to fight back, you must fight back. You can’t sit back and watch the new firearms bombard them and they don’t fight back.
He noticed that after each bombardment, there would be a good interval, which seemed to him to be an opportunity to fight back.
He took advantage of the gap to climb the city wall and watch the army formation, and found that the army did not take advantage of the shelling gap to attack the city and showed no signs of approaching.
Do you want to destroy the city wall with new firearms?
Joo Won  doesn’t know, but fighting back is necessary.
His department told him that it was very difficult to fight back because the army was too far away and the wall was close to 500 paces. Their trebuchets and crossbows might not be able to get the army.
"It’s one thing to reach it, but it’s another to fight back without fighting back. Passive beating will greatly destroy the morale of the army and must fight back! We must cheer up the military! "
Joo Won  quickly demanded that the bed crossbow crew could be launched. The bed crossbow counter-attack army fired an arrow and gave the bed crossbow crew a reward of 500 pence each.
Then, the tower and the city trebuchet unit are required to send huge stones to fight back. Every time a huge stone is fired, 500 Qian Qian will be given to one member of the trebuchet unit.
At the same time, he also knew that this kind of words could not stimulate the soldiers enough, so he promised a special person to count and take a car full of copper coins directly next to the unit, and then pay the money on the spot without delay!
As the saying goes, there must be a brave man in the four rewards. Ordinary soldiers in Song Jun just got the money, but when they joined the army to fight, they would never delay taking the money or paying on the spot. Many people immediately got excited.
There is also the possibility that the salary will be hacked by the chief executive, and even if it is exploited layer by layer, it will be 40% to 50%, even if the officers love the soldiers as much as the officers and men, they are deeply depressed.
But this time it’s on-site payment without delay!
They are not afraid of the threat of artillery terror.
The threat of wall death is also debatable.
Although the calf is still a little soft, at the sight of the whole box of Huang Chengcheng copper coins and Song Jun soldiers’ calves are not so soft and their hands are strong.
They are obsessed with [five hundred pence, five hundred pence] as if they can immediately forge strength from the bottom of their hearts, which is enough to support them to resist the fear of arms and fight back in the city.
If you want to make a launch, the income of Lin’ an people will be six times in five days, that is, the living standard of the people in the Song Dynasty is the highest and the salary is the highest. The income base of Lin’ an city people is also a family’s monthly expenses.
This temptation is hard to resist for the big soldiers.
So much money can only be paid for a long time at most?
Do you want to let go of such a good opportunity?
Fight! What don’t you call?
So the city Song Jun began to fight back.
Chapter 154 They were forced to their own destiny.
Just at this time, Chengtou Song Jun, who was in the gap of the third round of artillery firing, seized this opportunity and began to fight back.
They shouted slogans, exhausted their strength to give strength to the three-bow bed crossbow, and then the sledgehammer slammed the bed crossbow and the huge crossbow roared out.
Almost a group of people in the trebuchet group tried their best to eat milk and drink together, dragging the rope desperately and throwing heavy stones or igniting firearms out to let them fly freely
The crossbow fired a big arrow, the trebuchet threw huge stones and lit firearms, and Song Jun’s counterattack looked huge.
As they fought back bravely, Joo Won  began to fulfill his promise to complete a shooting, and 500 pence was directly given to you on the spot to count the money without delay.
When the soldiers got the money, they immediately put it away and blushed with excitement. They immediately began to prepare for a shooting. Everyone was as happy as the children who received a large sum of lucky money and red envelopes during the New Year.
Because they are happy, they move quickly, very quickly and efficiently. When Gao Jun prepares to shoot, they are ready to launch again.
Then they roared together and fired big arrows and stones.
Then I looked at the beadle who were counting money, staring at their hands, and their minds were full of money without him.
Because of this encouragement, Song Jun’s counterattack began to become sharp, but there were no eggs.
The trebuchet root can’t throw stones and lit fireballs to the military station, so it’s meaningless to fall halfway directly.
The crossbow is a bit interesting, commanding and flying far away.
But the problem is that the crossbow can’t aim at it at all. Whether it can be hit by luck or not, its main way is to shoot and nail the city wall to give the soldiers a foothold, and the secondary way is the long-range strike.
Seven long arrows, more than two meters long, roared out and then drifted away from the original direction. Finally, they were close to the position of the military station, but their positions had deviated to grandma’s house, and finally they flew very low and fell to the ground.
Don’t say it’s meaningless, it can be regarded as a vain attempt
However, it still has some significance for the army.
The military discovered the long-range emplacement of Song Jun through this shooting, and found that Song Jun, the head of Chengtou, was fighting back, so the gunner of the artillery group kept observing with clairvoyance and made simple mathematical calculations.
The artillery position is about 150 feet away from the wall of Fancheng …
The wall of Fancheng is about twenty feet high …
The wall of the city wall is about twenty feet wide …
The muzzle of the general gun was raised from the horizontal fire, and the range was once raised …
In order to improve the accuracy of artillery firing and make the mathematical model of trajectory calculation more accurate, Su Yonglin introduced the concepts of angle and coordinate to give the counting officials coordinate knowledge, and also made a protractor himself.
He can still vaguely remember that the mathematical calculation method depicts the angle and gives this concept to the DPRK officials, who then bring the angle and coordinates into the mathematical calculation model of artillery firing
As a result, the officials feel that they have gained insight into the secret of artillery firing.
In their experimental base, they measured and recorded a series of data of artillery firing.
A large number of calculations have also been made on the weight of propellant and the range of shells.
The range change caused by muzzle elevation is also measured and recorded.
The data of the whole artillery firing phase were summarized and recorded into a set of tables by them. After a lot of test firing and data recording, the concepts of shooting gate and sight were introduced into the military artillery group, and gradually a scientific concept of artillery firing was obtained.
Compared with different types of artillery and shells with different weights, the weight of gunpowder needed to be fired is calculated, so the gunpowder fired by military artillery is customized by professional cars, weighed by special personnel, and the error is minimized and sent directly to the gunner.
The artillery group also set up a professional observer holding a clairvoyance meeting to measure and estimate all the data before the war, and guided the launch, which greatly improved the firing accuracy of the artillery.
After each launch, they will also observe the shooting results and then adjust the launching position and angle of the incoming launch.
Other members of the artillery group are responsible for adjusting the artillery to the best position recognized by the observer and then launching it.
This series of processes can be said to be quite scientific, and it has reached the peak of the scientific process of muzzle gun launching in the era of sliding bore.