After our party arrived in the small village, Tang Sike proposed to find a farmer to set the lunch place first, so that we could play without worrying about the future.

Because the small village is not far from the resort, tourists will visit the small village from time to time before. The villagers in the small village are not surprised by the arrival of Tang Sike and his party.
Tang Sike quickly selected a farmer and explained that the farmer had prepared the food around 12 noon and was ready to take everyone to the small village next to the mountain to play.
I told Towns, but I had something to do, so I went to meet them and went to the old man’s house in the village.
When I arrived at the old man’s house in the village, he was sitting in the sun at the door of a small Mazar. When he saw me coming, the old man quickly got up and greeted him.
I exchanged pleasantries with the old man and asked him to take me to the tomb.
The old man was not surprised at my suggestion. He took a shovel and locked the door, so he took me to the direction of the tomb.
The ancient tomb is located in the east of the small village, which is far away from it.
The old man who went to the tomb road told me about the existence of the tomb.
The old man said that the tomb didn’t know how many years it had been here, anyway, since his ancestors’ time.
Who was buried in the ancient tomb and when? Even the tombstone standing in front of the ancient tomb is a word tombstone.
The village has always been peaceful, and every family has a good life, but everyone in the village says it is because of the shadow of the ancient tomb.
Although the villagers don’t know who is buried in the tomb, they will burn some paper money in front of the tomb when they give their ancestors graves on the first day of October of the lunar calendar.
This situation continued until the Spring Festival
During the Spring Festival, the village was no longer peaceful. First, his granddaughter died tragically, and then another family suffered an accident, and the situation was obviously haunted.
People in the village were in a panic. They pooled their money and invited the mage to exorcise evil spirits.
The mage is something, and after a long time of kung fu, he took the villagers to the ancient tomb, saying that someone disturbed the dead in the ancient tomb and was angry with the villagers.
When everyone got to the tomb, they didn’t see any damage to it.
The mage led the people out of a distance and pointed to a big hole in the ground, saying that the grave robbers entered the grave from that big hole.
No one dared to enter the dark hole in the village. People asked the mage if there was any way to quell the ancient tomb incident. The mage shook his head repeatedly and said that he didn’t have it.
The villagers came or the mage wanted to increase the price, so he collected some money for the mage, but the mage refused to accept it and said that he really didn’t have it.
After speaking, the mage left the small village regardless of everyone’s dissuasion.
After the mage left the village, it became more and more restless.
One day, a few village counterparts drank too much wine and went to the big hole leading to the ancient tomb together by day.
There was a stupefied man yelling that he should go and see the rest of the people first. He tied a rope around the waist and continued the little one to the hole. It wasn’t long before the people waiting outside the hole saw that the rope was stretched straight and quickly joined forces to pull the rope out.
By the time I got into the hole and was pulled out of the hole, I was too scared to speak.
In this way, the situation woke up, and the others drank too much and quickly sent the little one home.
That night, the boy died, covered in blood, and the tree in front of his house was dumped.
The villagers are even more afraid, and no one has the courage to raise money to invite the master again. No one dares to tell this story casually, and no one dares to move out at this time for fear of angering the ghosts in the ancient tomb again.
In this way, people live in panic.
It’s strange to say that many tourists have come to the village during this period, and nothing has happened. The ghost seems to be aimed at the villagers. It should be true as the mage said. Anger at the villagers for not guarding the ancient tomb.
The old man sighed that the villagers felt guilty for not guarding the tomb well, but it was the ghosts in the tomb that made people angry and frightened.
After listening to the old man’s statement, I despise the ghosts in the ancient tomb
Nima was given paper money by the villagers for no reason. Shouldn’t she be grateful? However, it was because the tomb was stolen and harassed the villagers in Gu. It’s really special that people’s lives were used as dolls. Is it disgusting enough?
The old man took me to the tomb.
Before setting up the tomb tombstone, I took out the cinnabar index finger in my backpack and dipped it in the tombstone to write a big word, and then drew a circle to cross the calligraphy and painting inside the circle.
I wrapped the red rope around the tombstone for forty-four times and then gave the red rope a fast knot.
Ghosts in the ancient tomb, I’ll let the daylights out of me today.
The old man stood beside me and looked at me. Keeping silent was a little worried in his eyes.
When I was finished, I asked the old man to take me to the big hole in the grave. The old man shook his head and sighed and took me there to the big hole in the grave.
The unique smell of the tomb near the big hole leading to the tomb came to my face, and I frowned slightly and looked at the situation.
In the eyes of ordinary people, the big hole is also dark and bottomless, but my eyes can clearly see the situation in the hole.
As far as I can see, the wall leading to the bottom of the cave is stepped, and there is a ladder every other meter, which should be a grave robber to facilitate the entrance of the cave.
I asked the old man to wait outside the cave, take out the soul-eating whip in his backpack, shake hands and jump directly to the first step next to the cave.
The old man squatted at the mouth of the cave and even told me to be careful. I should continue to go out of the bottom of the cave from that ladder.
When my feet fell to the bottom of the hole, I found that the soil at the bottom of the hole was wet.
Water entering a grave is bound to destroy a grave, but even if it destroys the feng shui in the grave, it is forgivable for ghosts to come out and make people angry.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Flowers
I clenched my soul-eating whip in my hand and walked along the passage dug by the grave robbers towards the center of the grave.
According to the date of the tragic death of the old man’s granddaughter, this tomb has been robbed by grave robbers for nearly two months. I am not worried about what will happen in the tomb.
The underpass is a left turn and a right turn. Fortunately, there is no fork, otherwise I have to struggle, such as choosing a fork.
We walked a long way through the tunnel and saw rocks and arrows scattered on the ground. It should be that the grave robbers broke the trace of the machine left in the grave when they entered here.
Ancient man-made tombs usually make a lot of machines.
With the higher the status of the buried person, the rarer the buried objects are, and the more machines will be placed in the tomb. Beware that future generations will steal the ancient tomb because of their wealth.
There are hanging soul ladders, hidden crossbows, nest crossbows, quicksand, stone piles, etc. in the ancient tomb, which can be described as a five-flower gate.
Predecessors and descendants fought bravely to build tombs and grave robbers.
Although robbing a tomb is not an ordinary person’s ability, it is a technical job, and it is also a skill to eat. It is also important to work hard and have more talents, but it is despised by me.
Speaking, grave robbers are thieves. I agree with grave robbers to call them grave robbers.
The unique coldness wraps around me, and I take every step with extra care.
I kept walking in the tunnel, stepping on the center of the tunnel, not touching the sides of the tunnel, avoiding touching the grave robbers and not breaking the tomb machine.
I know the fur of the tomb machine. If I encounter the tomb machine, my life will be played in minutes.
I finally arrived at the center of the tomb, and I saw that the whole center of the tomb occupied a large area, and the pavement was a whole slate.