"My Lord, it seems that I have just passed here."

There is a big stone in front, which is scary all the year round. There are many gullies on the surface, which looks like a beast with a big mouth from a distance. Of course, these are all naturally formed. This is a desert island with no traces of people living there.
Lin Feng stopped to look at this big rock, and I was a little impressed. Others simply sat down and rested. It is easy to get lost in this strange place. It is definitely a terrible thing. Not everything is caused by ghosts because of different terrain or some special environment. When you walk, you will find that you unconsciously go back.
"Go again"
This time, Lin Fengliu especially tried to keep a direction at that intersection. It was strange that the big stone appeared again after walking for almost an hour. The strange scene in front of him was "strange". Lin Fengfa made it clear that the specific reason was careful enough to walk back again. Is the desert island dominated by his mysterious power?
"Did Miss Cheng find anything?"
Cheng Ying has been behind the windson shook his head "nothing special is a little more stones"
It suddenly occurred to Lin Feng that there was nothing wrong with the island except trees and stones, and the stones were very similar in size and shape. Suddenly, an idea came to mind: go straight ahead and you will see almost the same stone after every walk. Is there a way to do this?
Lin Feng drew a mark on the surface of the embroidered spring knife, and each person’s knife strength and way were imitated by different root methods.
The group continued to walk for a while, and once again, they saw a strange-looking stone. Lin Feng quickly passed by. There was nothing wrong with the stone surface. Although it was full of ravines, it was a pity that there was no scar left by himself. That is to say, this piece is not the same as the root once encountered.
Why are there so many almost identical stones in such a strange valley, and each piece is very similar in position? If this is a desert island, are these all generated by natural forces, so it is not too strange.
"Let’s leave here tonight and immediately after dawn."
It should have been after midnight when calculating, and I haven’t heard the water all the way. It’s also unclear how far I can go out. I can stop first and wait until dawn to find water. When I can’t, I can stay in the boat for a day at most. If I can’t go back, everyone will face the dilemma of no water to drink.
One stone moved, and then another one. It was not a stone, but a robe with a special veneer. The color of the robe and the stone was almost the same. The island was dim, even if it was found in the same way, who were these mysterious invisible people?
The sky is bright, the sun is falling from the surface, and Lin Feng jumps from the stone. At this time, it has been found that the position of the big ship on the shore should be located on the two mountains of the island. "Let’s go and watch your feet."
The group set out again, and with the deepening of the island, the fog became more and more heavy, so the environment was unfavorable to Lin Feng and these people, and their sight was greatly affected. Unless they were close enough, the root method found out.
"One after the other"
Windson back told a one was stuck one less person Cheng Yingyuan has been behind windson others only disappeared Cheng Ying.
"Miss Cheng, where are you?"
Windson shouted several times in a row, but there has been no response. This is troublesome. Instead of finding someone, Shui lost one. If you go to Cheng Ying, you will spend a lot of energy. You can’t leave her alone on a desert island.
"Who saw Miss Cheng last?"
"I just passed that big stone and I didn’t find it."
Where the hell did Cheng Ying go? It is extremely dangerous to discover something novel or leave for some reason, not to mention whether anyone on the desert island meets poisonous snakes or other beasts.
Really has been followed by a big stone when suddenly stopped to watch windson and his party go far and quickly hide behind the big stone. What is she going to do with her back down and her hands down? What are you doing? Suddenly she took off her clothes and squatted down.
People have three urgent windson. These people are all big men. Cheng Ying, of course, can’t hide behind and want to secretly solve it. After that, he can’t remember the fog rising in front of his pants and ran a few steps forward. Where are those figures in windson? They suddenly cried out.
At that time, the distance should not be far. Lin Feng shouted Cheng Ying, but he didn’t hear Cheng Ying shouting Lin Feng. These people also didn’t notice that the desert island was weird everywhere.
"There seems to be movement in my adult’s face."
Windson gave ear to the sparse sound, which didn’t sound like the falling leaves on the ground. Now we can’t consider so many explanations. Suddenly, a black shadow came straight to Windson along the sound direction.
It’s very fast, and the mouth is open, and the forest air doesn’t retreat, but it turns into a moment. The waist embroidered spring knife sends out a scream sideways, and the huge black shadow falls completely. It should be a bear’s chest position and his front paws are cut by a sharp embroidered spring knife, and several rolls quickly disappear into the fog.
"How can there be such a big guy?"
"Be sure to find Cheng Ying as soon as possible, and no one can have an accident."
Black bear appeared and Lin Feng was worried that Cheng Ying was a girl after all, and she was alone in the face of such a beast. She almost didn’t strike back. I thought that the foot accelerated behind her, and the Royal Guards walked through the forest quickly with the acceleration of a line of people. At that moment, Lin Feng’s figure disappeared, and the trunk slowly cracked behind her, and she looked at Lin Feng and his party in the fog with malicious eyes.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five Terrible surgery
Cheng Ying walked slowly and leisurely, instead of being nervous about windson. Looking around from time to time, he didn’t realize the immediate danger or was born with such a personality. A big snake spit out a long core on the disk and greedily looked at the prey.
Cheng Ying doesn’t know the danger, but it is a giant poisonous snake, which is not only highly toxic but also surprisingly fast. Once an attack is launched, it will directly kill its prey, even if it faces an opponent several times larger than itself.
In an instant, the serpent curled up from his face and pushed his body to the limit. Cheng Yingleng was stunned. It should be that he realized the danger on his head. In an instant, something climbed out of his shoulder to meet the serpent.
The giant snake fell to the ground and kept rolling. It was a small black snake that bit the head of the giant snake intensely. Cheng Ying waved the small black snake to quickly return to the palm of his hand. "Thanks to the little baby, whoever dares to bully me will come out and help me teach him a lesson."
Cheng Ying touches the little snake’s head and seems to be able to understand his master’s words. He keeps nodding and quickly drills into Cheng Ying’s body. This is Cheng Ying’s terrible place. His brother is carrying all kinds of methods. This kind of thing is worse than poison and can act according to his master’s instructions.
"It’s interesting that this woman will be very fond of leaving it to the general."
Cheng Ying emerged from the shadows with two people who were still invisibility. Strange to say, the first time it was a stone, and the second time it was a trunk. These people seem to have the ability to change their body color at any time, and their camouflage is excellent.
"got it"
Cheng Yingshen squatted down with a pat and waited until two cyan centipedes approached quickly. Before the other party could react, he bit his ankle directly.
"What’s the matter?"
"It seems that something bit my foot."
"Me too."
The two men were shocked when they showed their figure and pulled their pants. The ankle position turned blue and black, and it was swollen and high. There was a possibility of poisoning and it was extremely toxic.
The woman in the forest laughed and the two men pulled out their waist weapons. "Who came out?" It was a very crude boast, but it was certain that these people were not facing the people.
"It’s me"
Cheng Ying came out from the inside. At this time, two cyan centipedes lay on her shoulders and her head tilted high, which seemed to be like a demonstration. "Who are you? What poison did it give us? " My feet are getting itchy and numb, and I suddenly feel nervous.
"It should be the girl who asks you why you are sneaking behind me."
How did you find it impossible to see through our invisibility?
Cheng Ying nodded. "Yes, I can’t do it, but it doesn’t mean they can’t do it." Cheng Ying’s finger gently clicked on the centipede’s head, which should be a compliment. Like the green snake, the two centipedes are full of pride.
"I see."
The two men are unwilling to show their faces and don’t want to end up bad. These two humble guys are just looking for opportunities to seize Cheng Ying and see Cheng Ying’s control of the method. If you give this woman to the general, you will get several awards and honors.
"Unless you do as I say, you will die at any time." Cheng Ying didn’t want to kill people, but wanted to scare one and two people behind him in this way, and also find out the identity of the other party.
Two people at the same time issued a sneer at "physical death magic hermit death is a high honor" almost at the same time, two people rushed to the position of Cheng Ying, and Cheng Ying was scared to retreat repeatedly. The only thing that can be done is that once the method is used again, these two people will die.
Cheng Ying didn’t choose to face two strong men with sharp swords. Once they were approached by each other and suffered bad luck, they would quickly read the spell with their hands closed, and they would suddenly stop when they approached Cheng Ying.
The feeling of being bitten by that leg after losing consciousness spread rapidly and fell backwards with unwilling eyes. This is the first time that Cheng Ying has killed people. In the rules of the altar, it is absolutely not allowed to let Cheng Ying breathe a sigh of relief unless he is in danger of life and death. It is terrible to think about finding Lin Feng quickly.
"Miss Cheng"
Lin Feng kept shouting, but Cheng Ying didn’t respond. Cheng Ying seemed to hear something brightening up. There was nothing wrong with Lin Dage’s voice "Lin Dage I am here". The fog surged and Cheng Yingru shouted Lin Fenggen’s method to hear it.
"It’s not the right way for adults to find it like this. The island is too big and it’s not clear which direction Miss Cheng went."
"Keep looking and find water as soon as possible"
Water can’t be less and people can’t be lost. This is the principle of forest air. You will never give up a brother easily. The situation is that Cheng Ying, a great beauty, is swaying in the fog and lurking in the mysterious island.
Cheng Ying ran desperately and shouted desperately to find Lin Feng alone. At this moment, she finally realized what fear is, not fear of death, but fear of never seeing the person she wants to see again.
As Cheng Ying ran forward, she suddenly stepped on it, followed by the rope playing. At that moment, Cheng Ying’s hands violently raised the centipede in her sleeve and quickly climbed out. As she read the spell, the ground sounded a sparse sound.
A few people came out of the fog and looked at the fallen woman. "This woman killed our two brothers."
"It’s very interesting to die. It will be very heart-warming to take her back to dark wizard."
"What a beautiful beauty! It’s cheaper for the black spirit."
A cold hum, the first person appeared from the fog. At that moment, everyone stopped and disappeared. Cheng Yingfang gathered dozens of poisonous snakes in an instant, and a small blue snake was surrounded by snakes like a king.
"It’s interesting to inform the black spirit to find a way to solve these things."
When one person turns around and disappears, Cheng Ying is hoisted around. A dozen men dressed strangely should always hide in the fog. Cheng Ying is very windson. Every move of these people is under the control of the other party.
"Don’t let this little trick make us helpless."