Bao Qi listened to a strange story with his mouth open.

Tut tut tut …
Love money, money!
In the cold owl’s emotionless narrative language, Baoqi’s eyes are also bright and bright in the dark, as if shaking with gold bars and piles of countless bills.
Colorful … Money!
She didn’t want to return to reality until Lengxiao finished speaking.
"Shout ~ no wonder so drag! If I have money, I will kill and set fire to it! "
See what she said is as cold as the truth. A finger knocked on her head, and her eyes flashed slightly. The meaning was unknown. "I forgot to tell you that these are all-according to"
"Oh, don’t knock me. I’m still dreaming. Don’t wake up!"
"Silly ya!" Leng Xiao pitied and fished her, pecked her on the lip, and then a word continued to give her money, and the blood boiling nerve added a fire to make her burn completely.
He said, "A blood wolf is his last name!"
"ah! This … is this it? "
In Lengxiao’s silence, Baoqi’s eyes widened again, and it was generally understood that she certainly wouldn’t be silly and couldn’t hear the meaning in his words. She was a little excited. She gave him a push. "Hey, we always said that the blood wolf forgot that he should have a name, too, but then again … since he is your brother, what are you saying?"
A feeling of tightness in the low smile about this thing cold owl eyes bottom floating smile.
"He likes to play extreme sports, but he lost to me! I won him back! "
I grinned at the thought of Master Bao Qi, the Blood Wolf.
Then she sighed, "My master is poor. How can he know how black you are, old bird?" Let me guess. What did you do? How can he dare to gamble himself if he is not fully sure of his personality? "
"Wrong!" In the dark, the cold owl deliberately pressed the bass to look low, magnetic and sexy. Even a sigh can hit a person’s heart. "The blood wolf has a strong personal ability, but wild at heart’s big brother threw him into the red thorn and deliberately designed him!"
So there is such a play?
No wonder she always wondered why Uncle was so cruel to the blood wolf. Other comrades can have home leave, but he doesn’t allow blood wolves to take time off. The reason is so scientific.
"alas! What a cruel brother! "
"Affection doesn’t mean doting"
"Can’t help but love? Come and spoil me! "
Smell speech cold owl lip Angle gave a smoke took her waist to hug a hug a hook fell into his arms "line drowned a drowned".
"poof! Uncle, you are getting more and more humorous! " Raise your eyebrows, Bao Qi has a lot of questions in his heart. "But then again, Brother Blood Wolf is so cruel to him that his parents don’t care why he is so dragged?"
A slap patted her little ass, and Leng Xiao frowned. "Is it cruel to be a soldier?"
"Er …" Bao Qi’s dog legs smiled and said, "No! I am the people of the motherland … "
"Come to sleep!"
I don’t want to say more about Brother Blood Wolf or Cold Owl.
However, Bao Qi’s curiosity is getting stronger and stronger, and she is not interested in Duke Zhou at all. Moreover, by intuition, she knows that her second uncle must know something that she is unwilling to tell her.
With a roll of her eyes, she found a flaw in him.
"Sec. Uncle, since you said that blood wolves are family members, why can’t you check? Why don’t you just ask him? ….. also check a fart. No, it should be said-take off your pants and fart! "
Patted her little face. Cold owl doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. "How old was the blood wolf when Mr. Zhao was in prison? What can he know?"
"He doesn’t know. His parents always know, right?"
"… second uncle!"
Leng Xiao pursed her lips and raised her to peck at her lips. Then she pulled her topic to the horizon with a sentence. "What do you want to do without sleeping?" Huh? "
Change the subject again!
A hold on his shoulder treasure and pure twist the eyebrows nasty roar "every time! Uncle, do you think I am a three-year-old child? Don’t understand anything? "
"Do you know what I think?"
"What do you think?"
"Think-slap you!"
So …
Then there were two people tossing in the darkness! What about tossing? There is joy, anger, anger, panting, scolding, slapping and cold owl’s gloomy smile.
There is something like that in Lengxiao, and it doesn’t need to be said any more. Soon, Bao Qi will be tossed upside down and forget what she really wants to say. In his many kisses, she resented and found that no matter when things change, one thing will never change, that is, Comrade Lengxiao’s man show and black heart.
There is no more lingering, there is the gentlest and most extreme lingering …
In the dark, the hard bed is small and thin, and the cold owl is tall, strong, precious and pure, and the weight of a pot-bellied slug is not light. In the long run, two people rub their heads under the bed with sweating and panting, but Nai jane doe is pregnant and can’t do anything. The little monster is about to collapse, and Leng Xiao catches his breath and pulls her over. She puts her big hands on her high belly and keeps stroking.
"Seven girls-!"
Yes! Ya gave her another nickname, Baoqi, and I was full of sweetness. "Huh?"
"Six months pregnant?"
"Well, that was quick!"
"Faster? !” The man’s unique voice is deep and sexy. After sighing, his eyes fell on her dark face, and the tone was aggravated. "Every day is like a year!"
Lift the lip angle and smile a treasure and deliberately sour him.
"It will take about seven months to have children and do months, right? Wait slowly! "